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The Buick Special Deluxe from 7.11 Adventures in Babysitting.

In season seven, after Leviathan!Sam and Leviathan!Dean go on a killing spree (while driving a '67 Impala) causing the real Sam and Dean to become America's 2nd most wanted criminals in 7.06 Slash Fiction, Frank Devereaux advises the boys to lock up the Impala to avoid detection. According to Jim Michaels: "We refer the weekly cars to as this weeks "P.O.S." Car -- Piece O Shit... LOL! They are very cool cars that we make look bad..." (Source).

The season seven DVD and Blu-ray features an outtake from 7.06 Slash Fiction where Jensen sings along to Air Supply's "All Out of Love." Billed as guest starring in the video is the P.O.S. car - a Pontiac Acadian.

In the following episodes the boys drive:

Jeff Budnick is responsible for obtaining cars for the Show.