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Name Osiris
Actor Faran Tahir
Dates  ???? - 2011 ("deactivated" by Sam Winchester)
Location Deearborn, Michigan
Occupation Egyptian god
Episode(s) 7.04 Defending Your Life


Osiris is an Egyptian god. He selects people and then confronts them with things that they feel guilty about. He can see into a person's heart, and if they carry more than a feather's weight of guilt, he sentences them to death, in a manner reflecting their guilt. He commands ghosts or spectres to carry out the sentence.


Osiris appears in pharonic robes, carrying a crook.

Powers and Abilities

  • Ability to command the spirits of the dead, causing them to become vengeful spirits.
  • Ability to transport people.


  • Being stabbed with a ram's horn disables him for a couple of hundred years.


7.04 Defending Your Life

Osiris is operating in Dearborn, Michigan. He sits in a bar - Neal's Tavern - and listens to the stories people tell the bar tender. His first victim is Matthew Hammond, who ran over a ten year old girl Elizabeth Duren while drunk and killed her. He has been sober for ten years, and sends flowers to her grave each month. He is killed by a spectral car. The second victim Christopher Fisher, had been involved in dog fighting, but for many years worked at an animal shelter. He is killed by a spectral dog.

Sam and Dean find traces of red dirt at the crime scenes, and trace it to a local apple farm. On the way there they come across a distressed man called [Warren. Recently released from jail for a double murder he committed thirty years ago, he tells them that he has been put on trial under bizarre circumstances. He draws some symbols he remembers.

Osiris as he appears in lore.

Sam and Dean leave Warren inside a circle of salt, but he breaks the ring and the ghosts of his victims kill him.

As Dean leaves Neal's Tavern, Osiris takes him. Dean finds himself in the barn on the apple farm, in chains. The barn is decorated with Egyptian statues, and Osiris sits on a gold throne. Sam arrives and insists on defending Dean. Osiris call Jo's ghost as a witness, and tries to get her to say it was Dean's fault that she became a hunter and ultimately was killed. Under cross examination by Sam, she agrees that it was her father who was the motivation behind her hunting. Osiris next calls Sam as a witness, similarly charging that Dena is responsible for bringing Sam back to hunting.

When Osiris reveals that it not what he thinks, but how guilty Dean feels that is being judged, Sam puts Dean on the stand. He challenges Dean's thinking, pointing out he was not directly responsible for any of the things he feels guilty for. Osiris asks Dean whether he wants his sentence, or a last witness to be called. Dean - afraid that the witness will be Amy Pond the kitsune Dean killed against Sam's wishes - asks to be sentenced. Osiris condemns him to die and releases him.

Sam goes to find a ram's horn, which Bobby has found will lay the god to rest for a couple of centuries. Jo appears at the hotel where Dean is staying. He has protected himself within a ring of salt. Jo is being compelled to kill Dean in a manner reflecting how she died. Dean tells her he feels guilty for getting both her and Sam into hunting. Jo refutes this, and tells Dean he carries too much weight for things that happen. She turns on the gas on the stove and then breaks the window so that the salt line around Dean is broken. As she takes his lighter, and prepares to ignite the gas, she disappears, because outside Neal's Tavern, Sam has defeated Osiris.

Osiris in Lore

Osiris is an Egyptian god, who is known as the King of the Afterlife. He is traditionally depicted with a crook and flail. Unlike Anubis, Osiris does not reside in the Underworld.