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Name Olivette
Actor Teryl Rothery
Location Needham Asylum
Occupation Witch
Grand Coven High Priestess
Episode(s) 10.16 Paint It Black
10.21 Dark Dynasty


Olivette is the High Priestess of the Grand Coven.


10.14 The Executioner's Song

Rowena successfully asks Crowley to help her get revenge on Olivette, however while Rowena is planning what they will do to her, Crowley is called away by the Winchesters, who tells Rowena her revenge on Olivette will need to be put on hold.

Olivette in her new home.

10.16 Paint It Black

As a present to his mother, who has been taking out her frustrations with Crowley on his court, Crowley kidnaps Olivette and presents her to Rowena bound in iron chains to do with what she will. The two bicker and trade insults towards each other, with Olivette pointing out how far Rowena has fallen to resort to consorting with demons, but Olivette's smugness is soon stripped away when Rowena reveals that her "spawn" as Olivette had put it, is now the King of Hell.

As Olivette's sits chained to a chair Rowena begins to beat on her, hoping to gain information on the whereabouts of the Grand Coven's cache of spells and potions. Olivette's tells her that the Coven is a pale shadow of its former self due to centuries of witch hunts and persecution, engineered by the Men of Letters. They took all of the Coven's secrets and shipped them off to heavily warded bunkers around the world. After getting all the information she could from Olivette, Rowena begins a spell to finally kill her. As Olivette begins convulsing and coughing up blood, Rowena stops the spell, coming to believe that killing her is too good for her. Rowena decides to turn Olivette into a hamster which she now keeps with her in Crowley's lair.

10.21 Dark Dynasty

After Crowley learns that Rowena has gone missing, he goes to Olivette -- who is still a hamster -- and tries to dig up some dirt on his mother. After Olivette goes on about how terrible Rowena is, Crowley gets her to reveal that Rowena has or had a demon lover. When Crowley asks if she has anything else to give him, she gives him the name of a boy Rowena knew when she went on the run.