Oliver Pryce

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Name Oliver Pryce
Actor Richard Newman
Occupation Psychic
Episode(s) 10.17 Inside Man


In the 1950's, young Oliver Pryce performed as a psychic everywhere from carnivals to Atlantic City as "The Amazing Pryce." It was during this time that the Men of Letters learned of him, and began training him to control his powers up until the 1958 massacre. In the present, Oliver prefers to live alone and away from other people, as hearing the thoughts of everyone around him is unbearable. Oliver also described himself as an atheist, until his meeting with Sam Winchester and the angel Castiel.


Poster advertising "The Amazing Pryce -- the 10 Year Old Psychic."

10.17 Inside Man

After being denied access to Metatron by Hannah, Sam and Castiel devise a new plan to get him into Heaven by making contact with Oliver Pryce, who was being trained by the Men of Letters to control his psychic abilities in the '50s. Once they arrive at his home, Oliver quickly shows off his psychic prowess by reading Sam's mind (however due to Cas being an angel, all he is able to see is colors). After reading Sam's mind to see what would happen if he refused to help them, he quickly decides to get his "crap" for the séance.

Once everything is set-up, Oliver asks Sam for a personal effect of the deceased, so Sam produces one of Bobby's hats from his bag. All three then gather hands as Oliver begins reciting Latin, which causes the flames on the candles to rise, until he is finally able to make contact with Bobby Singer.