Officer Ed Colfax

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Name Ed Colfax
Actor Justin Reinsilber
Dates  ???? - 2011 (killed by Aaron Birch, with the Staff of Moses)
Location Easter, Pennsylvania
Occupation Police officer
Episode(s) 6.03 The Third Man


Locusts emerging from Ed Colfax's head.

Ed Colfax is a police officer in Easter, Pennsylvania. Sam and Dean go to question Ed after his partner and another police officer are killed in strange ways. When they find him, he is in full uniform and calmly scratching the faces off of all the photographs in his home. They question him and learn that the two dead police officers and Ed have something in common: a "kid with no face and a planted gun" named Christopher Birch. Ed believes that they are each suffering divine retribution for their part in Christopher's murder. Before Sam and Dean can learn anything else, Ed collapses, dead. Sam removes Ed's police hat and finds a hole in the top of his head from which locusts emerge.

Ed was killed by Aaron Birch, Christopher's brother, using the Staff of Moses to inflict him with the plague of locusts. His partner was liquefied, his meat, bones, and other tissues changed to blood, and the other police officer was so covered in boils, inside and out, that his airway was blocked and he asphyxiated.