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Name Nora
Actor Sarah Drew
Location Housatonic, Massachusetts
Occupation Student
Episode(s) 5.12 Swap Meat


Nora and her two friends Trevor and Gary dabble in black magic as a hobby and end up hearing some information about a reward out on Dean's head. Trying to get the reward they hatch a plan and cast a spell which has Gary and Sam Winchester switching bodies to try and hand Dean over to a demon.


Nora possessed by a demon.

5.12 Swap Meat

After kidnapping Sam who is in Gary's body, Trevor summons a demon to collect their reward which Nora is very worried about. The demon arrives and possesses Nora and then kills Trevor then heads over to the motel for Dean and Gary. The demon ends up being exorcised by Dean and Gary collectively and leaves Nora's body. When the Winchesters arrive at Gary's house Sam tells him that it isn't witchcraft that Nora likes, it's him.