Nicki Aycox

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Nicki Aycox

Nicki Aycox played the possessed Meg (aka Meg!Demon during season 1 of Supernatural. She returned in Season four as the ghost of Meg.

  • For Jared, Nicki's performace was one of the elements that made 1.22 Devil's Trap memorable. :Every time I think of Nicki Aycox, I think of the scene after she's been exorcised, and she was sitting there dying. This feels so unprofessional, but I remember during her coverage, when we laid her down on the ground and she was sitting there telling us 'Sunshine Apartments' or something like that, I remember totally breaking character and just looking at her like, 'Man, she's good!' I remember just watching her like, 'Jeez, this girl can act.' So it was real fun to have her around. Plus, she's cool, she's another sweet girl.S1Com


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