Neil (Djinn)

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Name Neil
Actor Chris Patrick-Simpson
Dates  ???? - 2018 (killed by Dean Winchester)
Location Claremore, Oklahoma
Occupation Djinn
Episode(s) 14.05 Nightmare Logic


Neil was a djinn who was enhanced by Michael and tasked with laying traps to lure and kill hunters. After poisoning Patrick Rawling -- making it appear as if he had a stroke -- Neil assumed the identity of a nurse, where he slowly took Patrick's blood while waiting for hunters to fall into his trap. One male hunter is known to have fallen victim before Maggie was captured by him. Neil appears to be part of the offshoot djinn who feed off fear, though because of the modifications to his powers, he doesn't leave behind a blue handprint on his victims.


14.05 Nightmare Logic

After Sam and Dean are found snooping in Rawling mausoleum by the groundskeeper, they are brought to the house where they meet Neil, and tell him they are with the Historic Preservation Society, something which causes Neil great excitement. When they start questioning him about the house, Neil tells them he is only a nurse for the home's owner, Patrick Rawling, who recently suffered a stroke.

After Sasha Rawling is chased from the attic by a vampire, she and Neil are given "the talk" by Sam and Mary, revealing that they actually hunt monsters and that there is one on the grounds, dashing Neil's hope that the home would become a historical site.

As Dean waits with Sasha while Sam checks out the attic, the two visit with Patrick, who is being attended to by Neil. When Dean notices the blood bags hanging around Patrick, he realizes it is similar to the rig he was hooked up to by a djinn previously, and after sending Sasha away he pulls his gun on Neil who gladly reveals himself as a djinn. At first Neil believes that Dean is Michael, checking up on him or playing some sort of game. But when Dean tells him Michael is gone, Neil approaches Dean, telling him how Michael enhanced him, allowing him to actually pull out people's worst fears, and ordered him to make this trap for hunters. As Neil keeps approaching, taunting Dean that he doesn't have the right weapon to kill him, Dean shoots him in the knee. Stunned for a moment, Neil descends on Dean, telling him he won't hurt Michael's favorite "monkey suit", but is curious to see what sort of nightmares are in Dean's mind. Placing his hand on Dean's head, Neil's glee soon turns to horror and shock at what he saw. Dean grabs a bookend and proceeds to bash Neil's head in. Bloodied and lying on the floor, Neil tells Dean there are dozens more like him with traps set up for him and his family before Dean delivers a killing blow, and shoots Neil multiple times for good measure.