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Powers and Abilities Super strength
Vulnerabilities A brass nail dipped in sugar water or conventional means.
Appearance Human body with the head of a fly.
Episode(s) 14.06 Optimism


A musca is a hybrid between a man and a fly. Little is known of them and until 2018 it was unknown if they actually existed due to no one ever having seen the creatures, as they mostly keep to themselves. Every few hundred years, a musca is born that is known as a "bad egg" -- this is when a male fails to find a mate and ultimately abandons its community. The "bad egg" then begins to use people's bodies to nest, binding them together with a viscous goo. As a species, musca appear very community-minded; they will mourn the loss of their own, including a "bad egg" who has left them.

Lore states that stabbing a musca with a brass nail dipped in sugar water will kill it, however conventional means such as bullets and blades appear to also be effective in killing them.


Musca as it appears in lore.

14.06 Optimism

After multiple people have gone missing outside of Memphis, Tennessee, Charlie Bradbury and Sam Winchester stake out a bus stop where all the prior victims were last seen and come to the conclusion they are possibly dealing with a musca. While waiting they witness a man, clad in a black suit and a black beekeepers hat obstructing his face, get uncomfortably close to two elderly women at the bus stop, prompting them to leave.

Later that night, the man returns and Sam and Charlie witness him abducting a man and carry him off. They give chase, find a door covered in goo, and enter the building. Splitting up, Charlie locates the bodies of the other victims in the musca's nest, and finds that the man who was just taken is still alive. The musca surprises Charlie and throws her down, rendering her unconscious as he attacks Sam. As Sam tries to fight back, Charlie regains consciousness and stabs the musca in the back, allowing Sam to get his gun and shoot him in the chest, killing the creature.

After Charlie and Sam leave with the musca's last intended victim, members of the musca's former community arrive with a stretcher to mourn and carry him back home to be among his people once again in death.