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Powers and Abilities Super strength
Vulnerabilities A brass nail dipped in sugar water and bullets.
Appearance Human body with the head of an insect.
Episode(s) 14.06 Optimism


A musca is a hybrid between a man and a fly. Little is known of them and until 2018 it was unknown if they actually existed due to no actually having reported hunting one and the creatures mostly keeping to themselves. Every hundred years, a musca is born that is known as a "bad egg", when a male fails to find a mate and ultimately abandons its community. The bad egg then begins to use people's bodies to nest, binding them together with a viscous goo. As a species, musca appear very community minded, who mourn the loss of their own, included a "bad egg."

Lore states that stabbing a musca with a brass nail dipped in sugar water will kill it, however convential means such as bullets and blades appear to be effective in killing them.


14.06 Optimism