Motels: Season 4

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A room full of motel room dividers in the Art Department

The places Sam and Dean stay during each episode provides a very important backdrop to each episode. Whether they stay in a motel, squat, stay at Bobby's, or sleep in the car, we are reminded of their nomadic existence. The sets are always excellent, with wonderful attention to detail, the work of Production Designer Jerry Wanek and Art Director John Marcynuk.

The motels in particular have become a signature of the show, with each one having a different theme, and the set detail often contains in-jokes that only the most dedicated fan will get. Jensen said of the motel rooms: "Jerry Wanek's just a crazy guy, and likes to use his talents when he gets the ability to, and the motel rooms are his passion. source."

This entry also lists places the boys travel to in each episode.

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Episode Accommodation/ Motel name Motel Location & Other Locations Trivia Picture
4.01 Lazarus Rising The Astoria

(room 207)

Pontiac, Illinois This is a rather "seedy" motel featuring leopard-skin-patterned wallpaper. The tiger print also appeared in Andy's van in 2.05 Simon Said and in 6.21

The song playing in the background in this scene is by the Republic Tigers.

Eye of the Tiger?
4.02 Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester Bobby's house Sioux Falls, South Dakota Sam slept on the sofa and Dean slept on the floor next to Sam.
Bobby's sofa
4.03 In the Beginning Willow Tree Motel Location of Will Tree Motel unknown

Later: Lawrence, Kansas

This is the first episode to use The Floor Plan. The same floor plan appears in a number of rooms over the coming seasons. Sometimes it's turned upside down.

Prop re-use: Curtains from 3.07, Bedding from 1.12, 1.14, and 2.14

Floor plan also seen in 4.08, 4.12, 4.14, 4.19, 5.06, 5.14, 5.17

Willow Tree Motel
The Floorplan
4.04 Metamorphosis Willow Tree Motel

Rainbow Trout Motel

Carthage, Missouri This room has a "hunting" theme. The Deer's Head makes another appearance.

Prop re-use: Headboard from 2.09, 2.11, 2.14, and 3.10

Rainbow Trout Motel
4.05 Monster Movie None (probably The Bavarian Inn) Canonsburg, Pennsylvania
4.06 Yellow Fever Blue Bird Hotel

(initially the 4th floor, until Dean insists they move to the 1st)

Rock Ridge, Colorado This room has a lot of earthy tones. It is also designed to create a "trapped" feeling -- lots of vertical and criss-crossed lines.

Prop re-use: Bedspreads from 7.15

Starburst clock also seen in 1.05, 1.13, 1.14, and 3.10

Lamp seen again in 7.05

Blue Bird Hotel
4.07 It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester Moonlight Motel

(room 126)

unknown This room features a fabulous color combination of purple, red, and green. The room divider has a lock and key design.

Prop re-use: Headboard used in 2.04 and 2.13

The actual City Center Motor Hotel is used for the exterior. This hotel exterior also appeared in 2.07 , 3.03, and 8.02

Moonlight Motel
4.08 Wishful Thinking Tall Totem Lodge Concrete, Washington This room has Native American influences crossed with a Wild West-type theme. It features a large totem in the corner of the room.

Prop re-use: Wagon Wheel light fitting also seen in 7.11 and in Rufus's Cabin

Tall Totem Lodge
4.09 I Know What You Did Last Summer Blue Rose Motel

(room 5)

Abandoned house (in flashback)

unknown This motel has the same name as the one in 2.10 Hunted, though it is a completely different motel. However, the blue rose seen outside the window is the same.

Prop re-use: Headboard used in 1.09, 1.12, and 2.03

The Blue Rose Motel
the blue rose outside the window
4.10 Heaven and Hell Unknown Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Union, Kentucky

4.11 Family Remains The Impala Stratton, Nebraska The arm rest makes a nice pillow.
Sleepy Sammy
4.12 Criss Angel Is a Douchebag Hotel Patricia Sioux City, Iowa Another room with earthy tones. It also has a geometric room divider.
Hotel Patricia
Room divider
4.13 After School Special None Indiana
4.14 Sex and Violence Unnamed motel

Lion's Pride Motel

(room 109)

Bedford, Iowa The first motel appears briefly and has distinctive flocked wallpaper.

The second room, The Lion's Pride, features distinctive red, black, and gold coloring. There's a lion motif used in the room divider and in the wall paper.

Prop re-use: Lamp also seen in 2.08

Unnamed motel
Lion's Pride Motel
4.15 Death Takes a Holiday The Broken Saddle Motel

(room 208)

Greybull, Wyoming A rustic-stylized motel featuring pressed tin on the walls and distressed wooden faux doors.

Prop re-use: Headboard used in 1.18, 2.12, and 3.15

The Broken Saddle Motel
4.16 On the Head of a Pin Unnamed motel Cheyenne, Wyoming Horse themed room, featuring horses on the bedspread, a horse picture above the bed, and a horseshoe room divider.
Unnamed motel
4.17 It's a Terrible Life Dean's "Fake" Apartment Ohio A modern apartment, featuring a mini gym, modern gadgets, and a golf trophy (might even be one of Jensen's)
Dean's "fake" apartment
4.18 The Monster at the End of This Book Unnamed motel

The Toreador

Kripke's Hollow The first unnamed room features a mix of decor. There are matching bedspreads and curtains, a 50's style table and chair setting, and wall paper last seen in the disco style room from 1.19

Prop re-use: Headboard from 2.02 and 3.03

Telephone also seen in 4.03 and 3.08

Wallpaper from 1.19

The Toreador has a bull fighting theme. Bulls are featured in the room divider. The motel is referred to as "The Red" motel in the episode.

Prop re-use: Wallpaper seen (turned the other way) in 2.10

Unnamed motel
The Toreador
4.19 Jump the Shark The Impala

Kesley Manor

Windom, Minnesota The boys are seen waking up in the Impala.

The second motel, Kesley Manor, is named in honor of director, Kim Manners. The room card features his picture. The paddle and float room divider have his initials on them - KM.

Kesley Manor
4.20 The Rapture Unnamed Motel Pontiac, Illinois This room is most notable for its rather garish pink and brown bedspreads. It also feature a floral wallpaper design that has also appeared in episode 5.08
Unnamed Motel
4.21 When the Levee Breaks Bobby's house, Bobby's Panic Room

Unnamed motel

(room 623, The honeymoon suite)

Sioux Falls, South Dakota Sam gets to enjoy the accommodation delights that Bobby's Panic Room has to offer.

Later, we see the honeymoon suite of an unnamed hotel. This room is a little classier than usual for the boys. It's stylish and features floral wall paper and a geometric styled room divider.

The exclusive Panic Room
The Honeymoon Suite
4.22 Lucifer Rising None Ilchester, Maryland