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Name Miracle
Breed Otterhound
Owner Dean Winchester
Sam Winchester
Episode(s) 15.19 Inherit the Earth
15.20 Carry On


Miracle, named by Dean, was the last thing besides Sam, Dean, Jack, and Michael left on Earth before Chuck wiped all living things from the planet. He is later adopted by Dean and after Dean's death, by Sam.


15.19 Inherit the Earth

Stopping at a gas station, Dean finds a dog huddled away in a corner. Believing it to be a miracle that Chuck missed something, he dubs the dog "Miracle." When he shows a surprised Sam, and tells him he is bringing the dog with them back to the Bunker, Sam is shocked that Dean is letting a dog ride in the Impala. Dean replies that he's not giving Miracle shotgun, unless Sam wants to give it up.

After placing Miracle in the backseat, Miracle suddenly disintegrates like everyone else had while Chuck stands at a distance, smiling at what he did.

When Jack brings the world back, Miracle runs across the street in front of Sam, Dean, and Jack.

15.20 Carry On

Dean has adopted Miracle, who sleeps in his room in the Bunker. After Dean dies, Sam finds comfort in having Miracle and takes the dog with him as he leaves the Bunker on a werewolf hunt in Austin.