Millie Winchester (Supernatural)

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For information on the character as she appears in The Winchesters, see Millie Winchester
Henry, Millie, and John Winchester from 11.23 Alpha and Omega


Millie Winchester is the mother of John Winchester and wife of Henry Winchester.


9.17 Mother's Little Helper

In 1958, while on assignment before their formal initiation into the Men of Letters, Henry Winchester questions to Josie Sands what would happen to John and Millie if something were to happen to him, and his fears of leaving John fatherless and Millie a widow. Josie simple tells him that they would be proud he "answered the call", telling Henry that Millie is lucky to have him in her life.

11.23 Alpha and Omega

A photo of Henry, John, and Millie can be seen on Lady Antonia Bevell's cork board detailing the Winchester's lives.