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For the character's history in Supernatural see Millie Winchester (Supernatural)

Millie Promo Poster 22.jpg
Name Millie Winchester
Actor Bianca Kajlich
Location Lawrence, Kansas
Occupation Mechanic
Episode(s) 1.01 Pilot (The Winchesters)
1.02 Teach Your Children Well
1.04 Masters of War


Millie Winchester is the wife of Henry Winchester and mother of John Winchester. Sometime after Henry went missing in 1957, Millie, having always wanted to be a mechanic and own her own shop like her father, opened Winchesters Garage.


1.01 Pilot (The Winchesters)

Millie is relieved that John has returned home, but is worried what he will do with his life now. John shares with her a letter from his father, that he was handed by a mysterious man. It reveals that Henry was a member of the Men of Letters and that he is dead. Millie reveals she knew about the Men of Letters. She is dismayed when John says he wants to get involved in hunting, but accepts it on the proviso that he promises to always come home.

1.02 Teach Your Children Well

Millie is furious that John disappeared again and didn't contact her. She's been looking through the few items of Henry's that John found at the Clubhouse, and fears losing John the way she lost Henry. John is angry and storms off. Following Samuel's trail, Mary, John, Latika and Carlos investigate disappearances at a commune.

Ada visits Millie knowing John has stormed of angry after arguing with her. She tells Mary that she worked with Henry, and knew about the Men of Letters. Ada gives Millie the address and phone number of the place where John and the others are staying, for peace of mind. She also takes a piece of jasmine that Henry planted near the garage for protection.

The creature - La Tunda- disguises itself as Millie and visits John telling him his father never believed in him. The creature captures John and takes him to her lair where the other victims are. Mary, Latika and Carlos eventually rescue him and kill the creature. At home, John and Millie reconcile and she tells him she'll never let her leave without saying she loves him.

1.04 Masters of War

Millie joins Mary and Latika as they travel to the vetran's hospital to find the amphora belonging to Mars Neto. Having heard an orderly say that Jimmy's body had disappeared from the morgue, they head to his room and start searching but find nothing. Climbing onto a dresser, Mary lifts a ceiling tile and finds the amphora. She hands it to Latika who is taken with its antiquity and beauty. Millie however breaks here from her reverie as she smashes it to the ground. In the jungle illusion, Neto is weakened enough that John is able to kill him.

Later that night Millie comforts John after she finds her son crouched, fully clothed, under the shower sobbing.

1.07 Reflections

After finding notes on the Ostium written by Henry, the Monster Club calls upon Millie to help decipher his handwriting. Using a seance, they later summon Henry's ghost who instructs them on where to find a piece of the Ostium's power source and says a final goodbye to his family.

1.08 Hang On to Your Life

Millie tends to the injured Samuel, becoming annoyed by his dismissiveness towards her husband due to Henry being a Man of Letters. After Loki's defeat, Millie takes the broken Ostium home with her to try to repair it.

1.10 Suspicious Minds

Millie returns home to find Kyle Reed dead and John covered in his blood after the Akrida frame John for his murder.

1.11 You've Got a Friend

After John's arrest, Millie works with his friends to protect him from the Akrida. When John is forced to go on the run, Millie promises to work with Betty Donelon to find proof to clear her son's name.

1.12 The Tears of a Clown

Following the defeat of Limbo the Clown, Millie arrives with the news that she and Betty found a witness who has cleared John of Kyle's murder and that Ada's back with news. Millie accompanies them back to the clubhouse where Ada reveals the magic that she got from Rowena and they discover that the planetary alignment that the Akrida Queen is going to use to open her portal has already begun.

1.13 Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye

Millie joins Samuel and the Monster Club in trying to stop the Akrida invasion. As the men distract Joan Hopkins and the Akrida, Mary, Millie and Lata attempt to use the Ostium, successfully repaired by Millie, in reverse to bring Dean back from where Joan banished him to. Millie is the first to notice that the Ostium has brought back the Impala instead which can kill Joan as it's not of their world.

After the destruction of the Akrida, Dean emerges from Joan's portal with Mary and introduces himself as a hunter from another universe who discovered the threat of the Akrida while detouring through the Multiverse on his way through Heaven. However, Dean doesn't reveal to the group that he's actually John and Mary's son and Millie and Samuel's grandson.

Later, Millie encourages John to leave town with Mary to figure out their futures together, telling them to send postcards back home.