Michael (Apocalypse World)

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Name Michael
Actor Christian Keyes
Dates Before humanity
Location Apocalypse World
Occupation Archangel
Episode(s) 13.02 The Rising Son


With the Apocalypse having gone forward, Michael emerged as victor, having killed Lucifer at some point in the past over Abilene, Texas. Having conquered the Earth, Michael has not brought paradise to the world, but continued to fight various battles and wars against humans and demons, ravaging the planet and turning it into a post-Apocalyptic wasteland.


Possessing an unknown man, Michael appears in a dark trench coat.

Powers and abilities



13.02 The Rising Son

After Lucifer kills a squad of angels, Michael arrives, crashing to the earth like a comet. Exiting the crater, he's surprised to find Lucifer, whom Michael has killed in this world. As the two exchange words, Michael insinuates he wants to fight, and is quickly sucker punched by Lucifer. Michael is able to overpower Lucifer, taking his arm and twisting it back until it is about to break off. When Lucifer asks if Michael is going to kill him, Michael tells him he may have use for him.

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