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Name Metatron
Actor Curtis Armstrong
Dates Before humanity – 2016 (killed by Amara)
Occupation Angel (formerly)
Scribe of God
Petty thief
Episode(s) 8.21 The Great Escapist
8.22 Clip Show
8.23 Sacrifice
9.09 Holy Terror
9.10 Road Trip
9.18 Meta Fiction
9.22 Stairway to Heaven
9.23 Do You Believe in Miracles?
10.02 Reichenbach
10.10 The Hunter Games
10.17 Inside Man
10.18 Book of the Damned
11.06 Our Little World
11.20 Don't Call Me Shurley
11.21 All in the Family

What you brought to His Earth, all the mayhem, the murder. Just the raw, wild invention of God's naked apes -- it was mind-blowing. But really it was your storytelling. That is the true flower of free will. At least as you've mastered it so far. When you create stories, you become gods, of tiny, intricate dimensions unto themselves. So many worlds! I have read as much as it's possible for an angel to read, and I haven't caught up.

– Metatron, 8.21 The Great Escapist


Metatron was an angel who was mistakenly given the title of an archangel and the task as the Scribe of God to record the Word of God on a series of tablets for the benefit of humanity.

After God left Heaven, the archangels began to plot to take over the universe themselves. Realizing that they needed the tablets and him, Metatron fled to Earth where he lived amongst a Native American tribe in Colorado.[1] In return for the tribe telling him stories, Metatron gave them longevity. Becoming a hermit, Metatron had been entirely cut off from Heaven, with no knowledge of the Apocalypse or surrounding events and would spend all his time reading in Colorado until meeting Sam and Dean Winchester.


Metatron possessed a short, middle-aged man with black hair, whom he described as "nebbish." As an angel, he considered himself to be lovable and funny, claiming to have made God laugh on two occasions. Unlike most angels, Metatron appeared to have a sort of affection for humanity, especially their capability for storytelling, claiming that even as an angel he had yet to catch up to all the stories mankind has written. While Metatron showed a level of appreciation for humans, he had utter disdain for angels, especially the archangels to the point he had hidden a secret spell within the angel tablet that would eject and lock all the angels out of Heaven when performed. He blames the archangels and the rest of angelkind for running him out of Heaven and the chaos they inflicted on Earth out of grief in the wake of God's departure.

Like all angels, Metatron shared in many of the same abilities. As the Scribe of God, Metatron had additional powers such as the ability to bypass and erase any type of warding as well as being the only angel with first hand knowledge of the contents of the various tablets due to having taken the dictation of the Word of God. His powers would be boosted with the aid of the angel tablet, even allowing him to extinguish holy fire. However, he is rendered powerless when Castiel smashes the angel tablet and eventually extracts his grace.

As a human, Metatron initially showed excitement at experiencing the world as a human, from tasting food to the act of digestion and using the toilet, which he referred to as "sorcery" and quickly learned that he is lactose intolerant. While Metatron thought it would be easy living life as a human, his tune would change, claiming the indignities of making his rent, keeping his phone charged, and hemorrhoids had become too much for him. Nevertheless, when meeting with God face to face, Metatron showed his true compassion for humanity, claiming that despite their flaws and violent nature they were God's greatest creation and better than him because they do their best to give hope and happiness to each other and how they never give up no matter what, something he says even God does too easily.


7.21 Reading Is Fundamental

Metatron. He's an angel; he's the scribe of God. He took down dictation when creation was being formed.

Castiel, 7.21 Reading Is Fundamental

Metatron is briefly mentioned by Castiel while examining a stone tablet containing the Word of God; he notes that Metatron is an angel who kept records of Creation. Dean believes that the angel may be able to help them against the Leviathans, but this is the last they speak of him.

8.07 A Little Slice of Kevin

Metatron is mentioned again by Kevin Tran, a prophet, whilst reading the Word of God tablet dedicated to demons. He says that Metatron left a "personal note" on the tablet which reads as a farewell and apology to God for choosing to leave this world. It also reveals that there are more tablets than just the ones about Leviathans and demons, which are "for the defense of mankind." The note wrongly lists Metatron as an archangel.

8.21 The Great Escapist

Metatron's signature.
"I'm not one of them. I'm not an archangel. Really more run-of-the-mill. I worked in the secretarial pool before God chose me to take down the Word. Anyway, he... seemed very worried about his work, what would happen to it when he left, so he had me write down instructions. Then, he was gone. After that, the archangels took over. And they cried, and they wailed. They wanted their father back. I mean, we all did. But then... then they started to scheme. The archangels decided if they couldn't have Dad, they'd take over the universe themselves. But they couldn't do anything that big without the Word of God. So I began to realize, maybe they would realize... they needed me."

While reading Kevin's notes from his translation work on the demon tablet, Sam notices a recurring symbol which appears to be Metatron's signature. It is familiar to him from a course he took at Stanford on Native American art. Its a petroglyph from a tribe in Colorado called the Two Rivers tribe. As the tribe is supposed to be protected by the Messenger of God, Sam and Dean realize this is where they might find Metatron and travel to Route 34 in Colorado to have a look.

As they check into a hotel, Sam becomes more unwell, hearing noises, developing a fever, and having vivid memory flashbacks to his childhood. They find Metatron in a hotel room, surrounded by thousands of books. He is unaware of any of the events related to Heaven, or Lucifer and the Apocalypse and hasn't even heard of the Winchesters. He explains that he left Heaven to protect the tablets and himself from the archangels who want to use them to take over the universe. Metatron further explains that as Sam has passed two of the trials, he is starting to resonate with the tablets, and with Metatron, allowing him to sense both when he is in close proximity. Sam and Dean are angry at him for ignoring all the suffering wrought by Heaven and the angels and tell him about Kevin Tran who they believe is dead as a result.

Metatron decides to catch up on current events and as a result, decides to get involved. Even though Crowley has angel-warding protecting where he is keeping Kevin, as the Scribe of God, Metatron is able to simply erase it and he rescues Kevin as Crowley is strangling him to death. Metatron's rescue of Kevin leaves Crowley burned. Returning to the hotel, Metatron heals Kevin and talks to Dean about what happens next. He is willing to join them now, but suggests that perhaps closing the Gates of Hell might not be a good idea, asking Dean what he is willing to do to achieve it and to consider what will happen when the gates are closed. Kevin wakes up and reveals he has the second half of the demon tablet and the third trial and before Kevin can reveal it, Metatron does: Sam must cure a demon. Kevin confirms it and asks who Metatron is.

8.22 Clip Show

"Oh, you know, the trials -- God's little "pull in case of emergency." The Leviathans get out of control, you put them in Purgatory. Demons get a little too demonic, toss 'em into Hell. Angels get uppity, slam the pearly gates."

Metatron approaches Castiel to talk about the situation in Heaven. He's done some investigating and found many factions all at war trying to gain control -Naomi leads just one of them. Castiel feels responsible after all the destruction he wrought in Heaven. Metatron invites Castiel to join him for some crepes at a restaurant. He tells Castiel that he thinks they should close Heaven off from Earth - to force the angels to sort out their issues, and also to prevent any of their conflict from causing damage on Earth. He says that the angel tablet contains trials which when completed will close Heaven. As the Scribe of God, Metatron knows them without the tablet. Metatron says he's just a writer, but that Castiel is a warrior.

Castiel agrees to undertake the trials - even though Metatron warns that they will be more difficult than Cas can imagine. He then points out Jane, the young woman who has been their waitress. Metatron reveals the first trial is to kill her and cut out her heart becasue she is Nephilim and considered an abomination. That night, the two angels trail her to kill her, but she reveals her knowledge of what they are and begs them not to kill her. As she is an innocent woman, Castiel hesitates, but when she attacks him and Metatron, Castiel kills her with his angel blade while she attacks Metatron and completes the first trial.

8.23 Sacrifice

"God? Mm, pretty much like you'd expect. Larger-than-life, gruff, bit of a sexist. But fair -- eminently fair."

Metatron tells Castiel that the second trial is to obtain the bow of a Cupid. Metatron has ascertained that Dwight Charles - a bar tender - will be shot by a Cupid's arrow. He and Metatron start watching Dwight, but Naomi arrives and abducts Metatron.

As Naomi prepares to interrogate Metatron, he reveals the depth of his hatred for the angels. He describes how special he felt as God's scribe, and how bereft after God left. Metatron believed that in the wake of God's departure, he left paradise in their care, but the archangels in their grief couldn't leave that alone, forcing him to flee his home. Metatron questions how they could do that to him without expecting retribution.

Castiel turns to Dean for help. When they see a delivery woman arrive at the bar, they think she will be the one that Dwight falls in love with. However she is the Cupid, and she causes Dwight and his regular customer Rod to fall in love. Outside the bar, Dean and Castiel tell the Cupid they need her bow, which appears as a mark on her hand. She tells them how chaotic Heaven has become, and willingly helps them.

Back at the Bunker, Kevin has been examining the angel tablet, and calls Dean to tell him he cannot find any mention of the trials Castiel has undertaken. Just then Naomi arrives and having interrogated Metatron, she tells Dean and Castiel that Metatron's plan is to close Heaven - but also to expel all the angels. When she returns to Heaven, Metatron impales her head with her own torture implement, having escaped in Naomi's absence.

When Castiel finds Metatron, he extracts Castiel's grace from him, telling him its the final part of a spell that will achieve what Naomi described. He sends Cas back to Earth, and completes the spell, causing all the angels to fall to Earth.

9.01 I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here

Its revealed that at least most of the angels are angry at Castiel for his role in Metatron's plot and want revenge on him.

9.02 Devil May Care

Dean has Kevin start looking through the angel tablet for a way to reverse Metatron's spell.

9.03 I'm No Angel

As a result of Castiel's role in Metatron's plot, the angels are actively hunting him down. After capturing Castiel, a rogue reaper possessing April Kelly who is working for Bartholomew tortures him for information on Metatron's spell and how to reverse it. Castiel explains that he had no idea what Metatron intended and only knows that his grace was the final ingredient but suggests that as his grace was the key to Metatron's spell working, he himself might be the key to reversing it.

9.06 Heaven Can't Wait

Kevin finds a reference to fallen angels in the footnotes of the angel tablet and realizes that its possible that Metatron may have written about the spell in the tablet's footnotes. Kevin is able to translate the tablet into Elamite cuneiform and he and Sam bring it to Crowley for translation. After completing a deal with the two, Crowley translates it to learn that the spell is in fact there, but that Metatron made it irreversible.

9.09 Holy Terror

"Rebuild Heaven as the place God envisioned it, only with a handpicked few. No more anemic functionaries like Bartholomew. And no more stupid angels... Maybe some funny ones."

Metatron speaks to the angel in Sam's body, revealing that he knows the angel possessing Sam is not Ezekiel, but Gadreel. Metatron tells Gadreel he plans to rebuild Heaven and restore it to its former glory. He invites Gadreel to be his second in command, and restore his besmirched name. Gadreel agrees, but Metatron demands a demonstration of his loyalty. He wants those who could oppose him killed, and gives Gadreel a piece of paper with the first target. Gadreel takes on the challenge - and kills Kevin Tran.

9.10 Road Trip

"Not much for seizing the initiative, are we?"

Metatron continues to give Gadreel names of people to kill. Metatron has also "flipped a switch" in Heaven to prevent the continuation of Prophets after Kevin's death. Metatron also gave him that name of an angel who had abused Gadreel in prison. While at a bar, ironically with Gadreel's first vessel as the bartender, Gadreel arrives to give Metatron the tablets and is getting sick of killng humans and angels but Metatron gives him another which turns out to be a cellmate of Gadreel's in Heaven who he reluctantly kills. Metatron also tells Gadreel that his place isn't to question but to obey. Later Metatron is waiting at the bar again to a status update when Gadreel does not contact him. Gadreel does eventually arrive but in his angelic form and possesses his first vessel again. Metatron instantly assumes the Winchesters have set him back.

9.14 Captives

Bartholomew reveals to Castiel that he has been racing against Malachi to find Metatron, having successfully tracked him on Earth on three occasions in Washington, Michigan and Georgia through a massive ground operation.

Metatron laughs at the Winchester's attempt to trap him.

9.18 Meta Fiction

"What makes a story work? Is it the plot, the characters, the text? The subtext? And who gives a story meaning? Is it the writer? Or you? Tonight, I thought I would tell you a little story and let you decide."

Metatron has holed himself in a room with a typewriter, surrounded by Chuck's novels. He captures Castiel, bringing him to him under the illusion of a fictional scenario he created. In the illusion, the archangel Gabriel has returned to life to try and convince Castiel to lead the angels against Metatron. After Castiel breaks free from the illusion, Metatron tells him that he wants him to be the villain in his own story in which Metatron is the hero. Metatron then hears about his right hand man, Gadreel, being taken hostage by the Winchesters. Metatron proposes a trade, Castiel for Gadreel. When he arrives at the meeting place, he lets himself fall into a holy fire trap set by Sam and Dean to show that he can get out of it. He casually blows out the holy fire, pins Sam and Dean to the Impala, and erases the warding in the trunk. He then honors their deal by delivering Castiel to them, but reminds them that no matter what they come up with, they can't win against him, but he would enjoy watching their efforts to do so. Later, Metatron gets back to work and speaks to Gadreel who asks him if the Winchesters capturing him was part of Metatron's plan. Metatron explains that in a story, sometimes characters do surprising things but as long as he knows the ending, what happens on the journey is of little importance. He is later seen at his desk typing the last page on a story he wrote about Castiel gathering the angels under his wing to take the fight to Metatron.

9.22 Stairway to Heaven

"Well, that's an old writer's trick -- flipping the script. You start by building up a seemingly unbeatable enemy, like the death star, or a rival angel with a bigger army. That way, I look like the underdog. But then, oh, no! The competition gets greedy. He starts pushing things too much. With the help of my combustible double agents. And then, after a rousing speech, his true weakness is revealed. He's in love with humanity. And now... I'm inevitable."

Metatron tries on a trench coat similar to Castiel's and then meets with angelic faction leader Tyrus. Tyrus refuses to listen to Metatron's offer and points out that if Gadreel kills him, his faction will just join Castiel. He challenges Metatron to a round of bowling to see if he'll listen to the offer, but Metatron loses. As Metatron and Gadreel are leaving, Constantine arrives and blows himself up, killing Tyrus and injuring Gadreel. Metatron then contacts Castiel's faction and offers them all amnesty if they switch sides immediately, telling them about Castiel's fading grace and that he only cares about Sam and Dean. Metatron is pleased when Castiel's angels join him, revealing to a disgusted Gadreel that it was his plan all along and he planted the suicide bombers to draw all angels to his side. However, Gadreel is so disgusted by Metatron's actions, he switches sides.

Metatron's downfall.

9.23 Do You Believe in Miracles?

"Do you have any idea how much pan-cake makeup and soft lighting it took to get God to work a rope line? He hated it. And, you know, humans sense that. So they prayed harder and longer and fought more wars in his name. And for what?! So they could die of Malaria? Leukemia? And all the while, blaming themselves! 'Oh, if only I'd been more prayerful, God would have loved me! God would have saved me!' You know what?! God didn't even know their name! But I do. Because I've walked among them. And I can save them."

Metatron makes a broadcast to all the angels across "angel radio" stating that he is going to Earth and the portal to Heaven will be closed until his return. Metatron, taking on a scruffy homeless appearance, resurrects a young woman hit by a truck and heals a homeless man of his diabetes, earning him human followers who look to him as their new savior. When an angel reveals the truth, Metatron nearly attacks him until his new followers do it for him and kill the angel with Metatron's angel blade. That night, Dean arrives and faces against Metatron with the First Blade. Metatron is amused since the angel tablet grants him great powers and he knows that Castiel and Gadreel are failing in their mission to break his link to it. Metatron easily overpowers Dean and stabs him with his blade, mortally wounding him. At the same time, Castiel shatters the tablet, breaking Metatron's connection to it and removing his added powers. Metatron quickly flees when Sam swings an angel blade at him. Metatron goes to Heaven where he traps Castiel in a chair and taunts him about Dean's death and how the angels are just "sheep" who will follow Metatron wherever he leads them no matter what he's done to bring them under him and speaks down on humanity. As Metatron goes to kill Castiel, Castiel reveals that he broadcasted the whole conversation over "angel radio" and the angels storm the office and overpower Metatron. Rather than killing him for his actions, Castiel locks Metatron in Heaven's dungeon.

10.01 Black

Hannah mentions to Castiel that while angels are rebuilding and regaining a sense of order in Heaven, Metatron is still locked away, with his door having been made permanent.

10.02 Reichenbach

"Well... Everybody wants something. Question is, are you willing to pay for it? Are you willing to... I don't know -- let me out? Oh, come on. don't look so shocked. You knew what I'd ask for. And you wouldn't have come here if you weren't willing to pony up."

Hannah pays a visit to Metatron's prison cell, wanting to know if there was any of Castiel's grace left after he did the spell to expel all angels from Heaven. Metatron tells her there is a little bit left, and promises to give it to her, if she lets him out -- claiming that he has grown sick of Earth and will seek out a new planet in a new galaxy if he is set free. As Hannah contemplates the deal, Castiel shows up and refuses; telling Metatron that he has come to accept his own fate, and that the thought of him rotting in a prison cell until the end time is solace enough. But before Castiel leaves Metatron threatens that one day he will be free, whether it is a century or a few millenniums, and when he is free he will kill everyone.

10.10 The Hunter Games

"Ah. Well, information does happen to be a specialty. Got about two billion fun facts up here. Of course, whether I choose to cough one up or not is another matter."

Needing information on how to remove the Mark of Cain and with the demon tablet missing, Castiel has Ingrid bring Metatron to Earth to be questioned on how to remove it. Metatron is taken to the Men of Letters Bunker where he is questioned by Sam and Dean for information. Metatron eventually reveals that there is a way, but they need the First Blade to do it.

After Crowley refuses to give up the Blade until a way is discovered to remove the Mark, Dean goes to Metatron for the rest of the spell. However, Metatron reveals that with each tidbit of information he gives, he wants something in return and there will be a lot of that. Metatron taunts Dean into giving into the Mark's power, stating that each time he does, he falls further under its influence, resulting in Dean severely beating him. Eventually Dean turns an angel blade on Metatron and starts cutting him, seriously wounding Metatron. Before Dean can kill Metatron, Sam and Castiel break in and restrain him. Rather than risk Metatron's life further, Castiel takes him back to Heaven with Metatron telling them that next time he will choose death over helping. However, while ranting at Dean, Metatron leaves one possible clue that Dean mulls over: "the river ends at the source."

10.17 Inside Man

"No, no! No! Your Grace! I wasn't lying about that. There's still some left. I'll take you to it."

As Dean gets worse, Sam gets desperate enough to try to get information from Metatron once again. Castiel reluctantly agrees to help, but Hannah refuses to let him take Metatron as he'd want his freedom in exchange for information and is too dangerous to be let free. With help from Bobby Singer, Castiel breaks Metatron out and takes him to Earth where he removes his grace with an angel blade. Now human, Metatron is left vulnerable and Sam shoots him in the leg to make a point. When Castiel threatens his life, Metatron finally breaks down and admits he knows of no cure to the Mark of Cain and was making things up before to buy himself some time until he could screw them over. While Sam doesn't believe him, Castiel is able to tell that Metatron is telling the truth. As he is no longer useful, Sam goes to kill him, but Metatron desperately reveals that he wasn't lying about there being some of Castiel's grace left and offers it in exchange for his life. Castiel reluctantly agrees and puts Metatron in his car to find it.

Metatron learns the hard way he is lactose intolerant.

10.18 Book of the Damned

"How many more rogue angels are there out there? And, what are you gonna do once you’re done with all that? Go back to Heaven? Please. The angel formerly known as Hannah has restored order up top. Smoothest it’s run since God cut the ribbon on the pearly gates."

Continuing on their road trip to the location of Castiel's grace, Metatron is ruminating on his new found humanity like his new found enjoyment of music and food -- much to Castiel annoyance, which is compounded with the fact that each of the safe houses Metatron has lead them to did not contain Castiel's grace. After stopping at a diner so Metatron can eat, the two come across a cupid who believes that the two of them have corrupted Heaven and attempts to kill them for it. Metatron attempts to run away, but his leg wound causes him to fall. Vulnerable, the cupid advances on him, but Castiel is able to tackle him to the ground. In the ensuing tussle, the cupid gets the upper hand, and is about to deliver a killing blow to Castiel when Metatron saves Castiel by stabbing the cupid in the back, killing him.

Soon after the fight, Metatron takes Castiel to a library, and find a clue to the location of Castiel's grace. As the two of them search the books in the library, Metatron demands to know the truth about what Castiel thinks he is going to do once he gets his grace back and there are no more rouge angels on the Earth for him to capture. When Castiel has no answer for him, Metatron uses his blood to draw an Enochian spell which incapacitates Castiel, allowing Metatron to get what he came for -- the demon tablet. When Castiel realizes that the riddles are quotes from books, and quickly surmises that his grace is in a copy of Don Quixote. However, Castiel is able to reach the book before Metatron, much to Metatron's dismay, and regain his grace. As Castiel takes in his grace, Metatron makes a hasty escape with the demon tablet in tow.

11.02 Form and Void

Efram and Jonah interrogate Castiel for information on Metatron's whereabouts, not believing that Metatron tricked him and escaped despite it being the truth. They even try to hack his brain for the information they want leading to a scuffle that leaves the two angels and Hannah dead.

11.03 The Bad Seed

Believing that Metatron may know something about the Darkness and how to stop her, the Winchesters and Castiel search for clues to his location, trying to find him through Castiel's car which he had stolen to escape. However, there's no sign of Metatron having an accident or even getting a ticket which Castiel finds surprising as he didn't believe Metatron, as a former angel and shut-in, would be a good driver.

11.06 Our Little World

"Hey! Do you have any idea how much stuff I had to steal and then pawn to pay for that?!"

While watching a news clip of a violent crime, Castiel spots that the videographer is Metatron from his reflection in a car's mirror.

Metatron films the aftermath of a shooting, stealing the man's wallet and money only to discover that he is still alive. Metatron bemoans how he used to be able to heal such wounds with ease, though he can't anymore and wouldn't anyway. As Metatron tells the man that he's "not that guy" anymore and can't save him, Castiel appears behind him and tells Metatron that he can save the guy. Castiel heals the man's wound as Metatron video tapes, explaining that he found Metatron the same way he finds his crimes, by scanning the police radio and then getting to the scene of the crime before the cops. Seeing Metatron recording him, Castiel knocks the camera out of his hand and breaks it, to Metatron's annoyance. As a police car arrives, Castiel grabs Metatron and drags him away.

Castiel takes Metatron to an old warehouse where he is disgusted by what Metatron is doing for money. Metatron points out that Castiel only tried to live as a human for around a month but Metatron is human forever, he tells Castiel that he was nothing when Castiel took his grace, on the run from angels without money but he managed to build his own business. Metatron claims that religion and literature are dead so he has caught up with the times, telling him that reality is the new literature of the era and he's out on the streets every night capturing it, seeing himself as reality's author. An annoyed Castiel starts to ask Metatron about the Darkness, but Metatron misunderstands what he wants and believes he wants the demon tablet. Metatron tries to claim that he hid it where Castiel and the Winchesters will never find it, but Castiel pulls the demon tablet out of his coat and tells Metatron he found it under his mattress after searching his apartment. Castiel asks Metatron about the Darkness, but while Metatron admits he knows something, he refuses to tell Castiel. When Castiel threatens him, Metatron calls him broken, scarred deep and paralyzed by trauma and fear. Telling Metatron it's not fear, Castiel attacks Metatron, beating him badly and demanding answers about the Darkness. Metatron simply continues to taunt Castiel about how everyone uses him enraging Castiel into further attacking and leaving Metatron badly beaten. Castiel nearly beats Metatron to death, but when Metatron asks Castiel to finish the job, he stops himself. Castiel realizes Metatron wants to die and asks him about what he said about being happy as a human and building a life for himself. Metatron admits he lied and can't stand a human life anymore. Castiel refuses to kill Metatron, telling him that Metatron was right about Castiel being tired of having his strings pulled and he won't let the former angel manipulate him into letting Metatron off easy. Castiel asks Metatron again about the Darkness and Metatron reveals the truth about it: the Darkness is God's sister that he had to give up in order to create the world.

After getting what he needs from Metatron, Castiel lets him go to the Winchesters' annoyance. Castiel explains that Metatron isn't going anywhere as if he draws any sort of attention, the angels will destroy him. Castiel tells the Winchesters that Metatron is now human "and a pitiable one at that" who is no longer seen as a threat to them.

Chuck reveals his true visage to Metatron.

11.20 Don't Call Me Shurley

"No, look. I know I'm a disappointment, but you're wrong about humanity. They are your greatest creation because they're better than you are. Yeah, sure, they're weak and they cheat and steal and... destroy and disappoint. But they also give and create and they sing and dance and love. And above all, they never give up. But you do."

Metatron is desperately searching for food inside a dumpster. When he finds a burger, he kindly gives it to a stray dog, forcing himself to continue digging. Suddenly after giving up on finding food and prolonging his human life, he and the dog are summoned to a bar, where he finds Chuck Shurley, the author of the Supernatural books which he deems not even close to cracking the top 10,000 best books he's ever read. When Chuck offers him a pair of sunglasses, Metatron is awe-struck when he witnesses Chuck reveal himself to be God, prompting Metatron to take back everything he said.

God, or preferably "Chuck", requests Metatron for help in completing his auto-biography. Metatron is initially delighted, but soon realizes that Chuck intends to finish this book regardless if the world is destroyed by The Darkness, due to having grown disappointed in all of his creations. Furthermore, Metatron is disappointed when Chuck tells him that the only reason he chose him as his scribe was because he was closest to the door. However, Metarton doesn't care as Chuck chose him nonetheless.

It is thanks to Metatron's persistent pleas and demands that Chuck eventually accepts his former role as God and goes off to help Sam and Dean Winchester deal with a rabid situation, as well as revealing himself to them for the first time. Metatron looks through the new autobiography and looks at Chuck with shock and sadness.

Metatron is killed by Amara.

11.21 All in the Family

"He meant well. Spare the universe."

Watching a news report on Amara's fog, Metatron spots the Winchesters meeting with God and calls Dean. Metatron tells Dean they need to meet as he has something they need to see. After they arrive, Metatron shows the Winchesters God's autobiography and explains its more like a suicide note: God intends to sacrifice Himself to Amara to save the universe.

After Dean unsuccessfully attempts to talk God out of his plan, Metatron travels to the Bunker and convinces the Winchesters to let him in. Metatron offers his help in battling Amara, explaining that he'd been by God's side for "eons" and if he can do anything to help save God and humanity, he will. After Metatron reminds them of his level of knowledge, the Winchesters agree to let Metatron help them and explain that they plan to rescue Lucifer so he can work with God to stop Amara.

With the help of Donatello Redfield, Sam and Metatron locate Lucifer. After Lucifer agrees to help them fight Amara above all other concerns Metatron recites a spell that frees the injured archangel, but Lucifer is unable to teleport them out. Donatello senses Amara coming and Metatron tells Sam to leave while he stays behind to hold off Amara. Metatron cuts himself and creates a blood sigil moments before Amara's arrival. Metatron attempts to banish Amara, to no affect, and tells Amara that God meant well and asks her to spare the universe. Amara tells Metatron "spare this" before surrounding him in darkness and imploding Metatron into nothingness.

After hearing of Metatron's death from Sam, Dean comments on his shock that Metatron sacrificed himself for them.

13.07 War of the Worlds

While meeting with Dumah, Castiel wonders if Jack was captured and sitting in Metatron's old cell. Dumah reveals that they don't have him and that if they did he would be put to work, creating more angels as they are going extinct.

13.19 Funeralia

Naomi is revealed to be alive, telling Castiel that her drill was incapable of killing her. After Metatron attacked, she had a few reliable angels spread the word of her death. She had been recovering from drill-induced amnesia for the past five years. Despite not remembering everything, she remained in Heaven to prevent it from crumbling.

14.08 Byzantium

Castiel tells Sam and Dean that all of Heaven's gates have been opened, including the ones sealed by Metatron. It was later revealed that the gates were reopened by the Cosmic Entity who came to drag Jack's soul into the Empty.

15.08 Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven

"The Almighty guards his secret fear, but it is always there. […] Fear of what. I do not know. This he shares only with his favorite."

While deciphering the demon tablet to find out if God has any weaknesses, Donatello is able to find annotations by Metatron giving his personal observations. In the annotations, Metatron states that God has a fear, but only told this to his favorite, who at the time was Michael.

Metatron in Lore

Metatron is an archangel in Judaism. He is considered the highest of the angels, and serves as the celestial scribe. Mentioned briefly in the Talmud, he appears primarily in medieval Jewish mystical text. In the Zohar, he is identified as the angel that led the people of Israel through the wilderness after their exodus from Egypt.[2]

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