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Meg Masters.jpg
Name Meg Masters
Actor Nicki Aycox
Dates  ???? - 2006 (while possessed; killed by Sam and Dean Winchester)
Location Andover, Massachusetts (originally)
Occupation Meatsuit
Episode(s) 1.11 Scarecrow
1.16 Shadow
1.21 Salvation
1.22 Devil's Trap
4.02 Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester

Meg Masters. Nice to finally talk to you when I'm not... you know... choking on my own blood. It's okay. Seriously, I'm just a college girl... sorry, was. I was walking home one night when I got jumped by all this smoke. Next thing you know I was prisoner in here. Now, I was awake. I had to watch while she murdered people.

– Meg Masters, 4.02 Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester


Meg Masters is a college student from Andover, Massachusetts. Her phone number is 312-555-0143 (312 is a central Chicago area code). She was possessed around October 2005, and is possessed for a year. She dies following the exorcism of the demon by Sam and Dean around November 2006.

The Demon


1.11 Scarecrow

Sam has left Dean and is traveling to find his father in California when he encounters Meg, who is also hitch-hiking. Their first encounter is brief, as she soon gets a lift with "shady van guy." She later turns up at the bus station and she and Sam bond over feeling trapped by their families' expectations. Meg tries to dissuade Sam when he leaves, concerned Dean is in trouble. At the end of the episode, Meg is again hitch-hiking. She gets the driver to pull over and then cuts his throat with a dagger, collecting his blood in a goblet. She swirls the blood with her finger, and after a Latin incantation, communicates with someone she calls "Father." It is revealed that she was well aware of who Sam was.

1.16 Shadow

The boys run into Meg in a bar in Chicago. Sam is immediately suspicious of this coincidence and follows her, finding she has a black altar set up in an abandoned warehouse, and is controlling the daevas. She again uses the goblet of blood to communicate with someone she reports to. The whole set-up is a ploy to lure John Winchester and the boys to Chicago, but she fails despite capturing Sam and Dean when her altar is destroyed and the daevas turn on her. She plummets from the building many stories down to the sidewalk. However at the end of the episode, she is seen alive and well, watching the Winchesters go their separate ways.

1.21 Salvation

Meg murders John Winchester's friends Pastor Jim and Caleb, in order to force him to hand over the Colt. She gets John to come to a warehouse in Lincoln, Nebraska on the corner of Wabash and Lake. He hands over a fake Colt, which is discovered when Meg's "brother" Tom shoots her with it and she doesn't die. She and Tom then capture John Winchester.

Meg Masters after having the demon exorcised from her body.

1.22 Devil's Trap

Meg calls Dean to reveal that she has their father. Later she tracks them down at Bobby Singer's place, but is captured under the devil's trap. Sam starts to exorcise her, while Dean interrogates her as to their dad's whereabouts. Bobby points out to them that she is actually a woman possessed by a demon, and that because of the injuries she sustained in Chicago, will die when the demon leaves her. The demon leaves, but the human, dying, Meg tells Sam and Dean where John is being held before she dies.

4.02 Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester

Lilith cast a spell that broke the first seal that held Lucifer captive and released the Witnessesghosts of people who died of supernatural causes, now forced to return and kill those who let them die. The spirit of Meg Masters returned and confronted Dean. She told him how she was a college student when she was possessed, and that she was "awake" during her possession, and witnessed much horror. She also told him how her disappearance had a terrible effect on her younger sister, who killed herself after Meg was found dead. When Bobby Singer works on a spell to put the Witnesses back to rest, Meg attacks along with Victor Henriksen, Ronald Resnick and two little girls Bobby failed to save. Sam and Dean are mostly able to hold her off, but realizing what Bobby is doing, Meg tries to rip his heart out. However, the spell is nearly complete and Dean is able to finish it, putting the Witnesses, including Meg, back to rest and saving Bobby.

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