MediaWest*Con 2008

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MediaWest*Con 2008, the 28th MediaWest Convention since its invention, takes place Memorial Day Weekend in Lansing, Michigan (May 23 - 26)

Supernatural Programming at Media West*Con 28

FRIDAY 1-2pm, Ballroom A: Supernatural: What would we like to see in Season 4? 6-7pm, Ballroom B: Sam Winchester, a character study 7-8pm, Ballroom B: Supernatural H/C Stories: Share lists and sites for Wee!, college, series, AU, RPF

SATURDAY 12-1pm, University 3: Dean Winchester--general discussion/character study 7-8pm, University 4: Jensen Ackles: It's all about the ackting. And the frackles. 8-9pm, University 4: John Winchester: Good father or bad?

SUNDAY 10-11am, Ballroom C: Supernatural: The fine moral line they walk 12-1pm, University 3: Supernatural Season 3 retrospective 3-4pm, University 4: Bobby Singer 4-5pm, Ballroom B: Supernatural: Rubela--should the show take an antibiotic?