Mary Lew

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Mary lew Southern comfort 167.jpg
Name Mary Lew
Actor Chilton Crane
Location Kearney, Missouri
Episode(s) 8.06 Southern Comfort


Mary Lew was the victim of possession by the spectre of Vance Collins. She was compelled by the spectre to kill her husband Chester Lew for taking another girl to the prom in high school.


8.06 Southern Comfort

Mary approaches her husband, Chester Lew, as he is working under his car. When he asks her to grab him a beer, Mary tells him to have Sara Alcott get it for him, before kicking out the jack and caused the car to crush and kill Chester.

At a hospital, Sam and Dean question Mary about what happened. She tells him after coming home from the grocery store she saw her son, Scott in the driveway and then was overcome with a feeling of uncontrollable rage, which then vanished after Scott was killed. They ask her about Sara Alcott, and she tells them she was the women Chester took to the prom instead her as she begins to cry, also telling the Winchesters how she and Chester were together for 37 years.