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Name Marlon
Actor Steven Yaffe
Dates  ???? - 2017 (killed by Donna Hanscum)
Location Oshkosh, Nebraska
Occupation Vampire
Diner Cashier
Episode(s) 13.11 Breakdown


Marlon was a vampire and cashier at Manny's Truck Stop Cafe in Oshkosh, Nebraska. Marlon was also under the employ of Agent Terrance Clegg, alerting him to people he believed no one would miss to be abducted and their body parts sold off to monsters via online auction.


13.11 Breakdown

As Wendy Hanscum goes to pay for her gas, she is unsettled by Marlon's interest in her. Soon after Wendy leaves, Marlon, closes up early and follows her.

While investigating Wendy's disappearance Dean and Officer Doug Stover learn of Marlon following Wendy. They enter the diner and question Marlon, who is uncooperative at first, until Dean becomes rough and begins banging his head against the counter. Marlon acquiesces and logs onto a website on the dark web where human body parts are auctioned off to hunters, telling the Winchesters he only alerts the people behind to travelers that no one will miss, claiming he had bills to pay. Taking Marlon into custody, they force him to take them to where the bodies are harvested. As Sam, Dean and Donna split up to search the space, Doug stays behind to keep an eye on Marlon. Hancuffed to a pipe, Marlon reveals to Doug that monsters are real, and that he is a vampire, showing his fangs before he breaks free of his restraints and attacking Doug. Marlon, however, does not kill Doug, but rather forces him to drink his blood, turning him into a vampire. Dean and Donna arrive to find Doug already turned, Dean assures Donna that Doug can be cured, before revealing they need Marlon's blood, Marlon appears in the doorway, telling Dean he shouldn't have been so rough. As Dean unsheths his machete, and prepares to fight, Donna kneecaps Marlon with a shotgun blast, knocking him to the floor. Approaching Marlon, Donna asks for Wendy's location, telling him she is going to kill him either way, it's his choice whether it is fast or slow.