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Mark Pellegrino played Lucifer, introduced in the fifth season of Supernatural. He briefly portrayed Lucifer's vessel Nick, a widower whose wife and infant son had been brutally murdered in a home invasion. Starting in 12.13 Family Feud, Mark's role as Lucifer was expanded to him becoming a main cast member. Following the death of Lucifer in 13.23 Let the Good Times Roll, Mark began playing Lucifer's former vessel Nick as a main character starting in 14.01 Stranger in a Strange Land. Mark returns as Lucifer in the series's penultimate episode 15.19 Inherit the Earth, where he's credited as a Special Guest Star.


Full name: Mark Ross Pellegrino
Born: April 9, 1965 in Los Angeles, California, USA
Spouse: Tracy Pellegrino -- née Bell (married October 30, 2008)
Children: Two step-children Misha and Tess Aziz


Mark Pellegrino has been acting since 1987 and has 127 acting credits on IMDb including The Big Lebowski, Dexter, Lost and the North American version ofBeing Human.

Mark and his wife Tracy teach acting when they can. He has been teaching for 17 years. Watch at 38:18.

Mark's Supernatural debut was 5.01 Sympathy for the Devil in 2009, however he was no stranger to some of the SPN family. He had previously worked with Misha Collins in Moving Alan in 2003 and with Rachel Miner in an episode of Without a Trace. He has also worked with Curtis Armstrong in The Closer.


Mark in Fandom


In 2016, when Travis Aaron Wade began attending Creation Cons, multiple underaged fans accused Travis of sexual harassment and/or inappropriate behavior. At the time, fans claim that Mark P defended Travis (He claims he was "defending due process", not Travis,) against the claims. Travis was dis-invited from the cons, and Mark P perceived this, and how fans responded to Mark's defense against it, as cyberbullying by Supernatural fans.

Mark P has had his own problems with accusations by fans since, not for sexual harassment, but for his political stance and rhetoric on Twitter. Mark P's perspective can be read here in a 2017 article. He states in his own words, "So, for my controversial views, I’ve been attacked in a generalized way since the beginning of my entrance onto the social media platform. Go figure. The focused hatred, however, started two years ago with my insertion into the social media lynching of Travis Aaron Wade." He goes on to call Travis "a pretty decent dude" and say that the accusations and removal of Travis from Creation Cons was giving in to "mob rule."

He goes on to say that he is being cyberbullied by SPN fans for: "1) For believing that Affirmative Action (legal race-based preferences) was racist legislation and that legal preferences or denigrations of any person for any reason whatsoever was contrary to the object of legal equality, I was labeled a racist;
2) For criticizing BLM (Black Lives Matter) for their several endorsements of violence, segregation, and subversion of due process, I was labeled a racist;
3) For defending due process and NOT equating accusation with convictions, I was a labeled sexist;
4) For criticizing violence within an ideology (an ideology which victimizes its own adherents most), I was smeared as an Islamophobe;
5) I was labeled a homophobe for no clear reason I can come up with other than my strict policy against legal preferences of any kind;
6) I was labelled a xenophobe for no clear reason either (I’m an open borders man)."

Mark P continues to defend these stances on his Twitter. He is a proud co-founder of The American Capitalist Party. The policies can be read in detail on his website, but they include abolishing public school systems in favor of private ones, abolishing Social Security, Affordable Health Care, and all government funded programs that come from tax payer dollars, "Expensive background checks to ensure the debarring of jihadists, criminals, and persons bearing communicable diseases" for incoming immigrants. His proposed policies also include completely legalizing: gay marriage, any stage of abortion, and all drugs, as long as no government funding or enforcement is provided (for example, a church would legally be allowed to deny a lesbian to wed or a doctor refuse to offer an abortion to a pregnant person, in order to "protect the rights of all non-criminal individuals — including those of irrational bigots").

As mentioned in that article, Mark P considers himself a victim of cyberbullying by fans in the Supernatural community, because of the above-listed accusations by fans who have argued with him on Twitter. Despite this ongoing controversy since 2016, Mark P has never been accused of sexual harassment, and thus he was never removed from conventions or the show itself as Travis was.

In January 2021, after the attack on the US capitol by libertarian Trump supporters, Mark P compared the leadership of the mob to the leadership of former Black Lives Matter movements with comments such as "Both sides have one goal... power. They both suck.", which led to a backlash among many SPN fans, resulting in a petition to have him removed from future Creation conventions, citing the offending tweet as well as Mark P's history of arguing on Twitter with young fans. It was followed by a counter petition by a supporter of Mark P's, citing his kindness towards other fans.

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