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The Supernatural Wiki, as well as Wattpad are bringing Carry On My Wayward Cocktails, a celebration of all things Supernatural, to San Diego Comic-Con 2016.

On Thursday July 21, join us at the Analog Bar at 7:30PM in the Gaslamp for a Bunker Banquet, drinks including purple nurples, and a Hunter's swag bag full of exclusive custom goodies.

There are a range of ticket packages available - and you don't need an SDCC registration or badge to attend! TICKETS ON SALE NOW.

In support of Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster's 'Wayward Daughters' campaign, profits will go to Random Acts' Dreams 2 Acts to support a facility for the Free High School of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

Rules and regulations

Following the massacre at the the queer nightclub Pulse in Orlando, which occurred during the weekend of Salute to Supernatural Phoenix 2016, Richard made a speech in place of his usual "Rules and Regulations". You can watch it here.

“Here’s the Rule. This is the only Rule. The Rule and Regulation that you learn here, that you take out of this room, is Acceptance, is Kindness, is Understanding.

We are not different, you and I. You and Jared, you and Jensen. We just simply have a different job. And that is what this is all about. We all know there was a tragedy in Florida last night. And we would be remiss if we did not comment on it, and acknowledge it, and mourn with the nation about what is currently going on. I’m not going to comment on why. We don’t know the why. I’m not going to comment on the how, we don’t know that either. But what I do know is that those acts of violence are driven by a loss of sense of self. A loss of sense of acceptance, a loss of sense of kindness, and as a people it is our job to fix that, by paying it forward, by doing the right thing to each other, all the time, every day, every time. And I don’t care if you are a stranger or a family member. You have to do it the right way every time.

So this is the Rule. You are going to take the acceptance that you find in the Supernatural Family, and you are going to push it out into other avenues of your life. You are going to be nicer than you think you should be. You are going to be kinder than you have to be. You are going to be better than anyone thinks you can be because we know you can. We know about you. And that’s how we are going to solve this problem. We can legislate until we’re blue in the face. But if we can’t fix humanity, you can’t make humans choose do the right thing. Let’s do it, starting here <in your heart> and we’ll push it out there. It may sound cheesy, but it’s the right answer.

So that’s what we’re going to do, and it starts with the Supernatural Family. And it goes to the internet, and it goes to the other pages we go to, and it goes to Pinterest and it goes to Instagram, and it goes to twitter; you are not going to be angry, you are not going to be bitching, you are not going to complain, everything you post on social media will be friendly. If you don’t have something nice to say – put the phone down.

We are going to be nice to each other. We are going to be kind, we are going to be supportive, and it doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, who you marry, who you love, what you job is, what your problems are or what your gifts are. We are all the same. And until we realize that, we will never, ever, ever fully be able to heal. And I say the Supernatural family is the exact institution that can start the healing process.
So that is the Rule. And that is the Regulation. And that is what we are going to do."

Social Media Accounts

For a guide to the social media accounts for the cast, crew and people associated with Supernatural, as well as major media and fansites see our Social Media Directory.

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Supernatural Cast & Crew

  • Please be aware if you don't instruct couriers you will cover customs/duty on shipments the studio can't accept delivery.

Supernatural Films Inc.
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Burnaby, B.C.
V3N 5C8

The writing team of Supernatural

c/o Holly Ollis
Warner Bros Television
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You can contact via the following addresses :

  • Jensen Ackles, c/o Management 360, 9111 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90210
  • Jared Padalecki, c/o Industry Entertainment, 955 S. Carrillo Dr., 3rd Floor, LA, CA 90048
  • Misha Collins, c/o 1920 N. Hillhurst #170 Los Angeles, CA 90027
  • Mark Sheppard, c/o 14431 Ventura Blvd #606, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
  • Richard Speight, Jr., c/o Thruline Entertainment, 9250 Wilshire Blvd., Ground Floor, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Danneel and Jensen posted this picture with their daughter JJ and dogs Icarus and Oscar to protest the killing of dogs in Yulin, China


For all the Supernatural news as it happens follow us on Twitter @SuperWiki.

  • Andrew Dabb will be at the helm of Supernatural in Season 12, after Jeremy Carver has left to run a new series Frequency which will air on the CW. Alongside Dabb will be Bob Singer, who has been co-showrunner since the beginning.
Also leaving are Robbie Thompson, known for his meta episodes particularly 10.05 Fan Fiction and for creating Charlie Bradbury, has left the Show after five seasons. He is currently writing a number of titles for Marvel, including Silk, Spidey and Venom: Space Knight and also has a show in development with TNT.
Writer Jenny Klein has also moved on to moved on to write for Marvel's Jessica Jones. Jenny started as the writers' assistant on Supernatural in March 2008. In season nine she was promoted to staff writer and executive story editor.
  • Posting has commenced in this years Supernatural/J2 Big Bang challenge where stories of greater then 20,000 words are illustrated by fan artists. The best talent in fanfiction and art available for you to enjoy!
  • Over the last decade it is estimated Supernatural was responsible for over $500 million dollars of direct expenditure in the Canadian economy.


  • In the 2016 Teen Choice Awards Supernatural has been nominated for Choice TV Show: Sci-Fi/Fantasy , Jared for Choice TV Actor in a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show, Misha Collins for Choice Scene Stealer and Jared and Misha for Choice TV Chemistry. You can vote here. Awards will be presented on 31st July.



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Osric Chau glammed up for the Leo Awards, accompanied by Briana Buckmaster. Osric won for Best Supporting Performance in a Dramatic Series for the series "Blood and Water"

Fandom Projects

  • Supernatural Fleet is a new fandom organisation established to provide support to fans.
  • Posting of great art and accompanying stories is underway for the SPN Reverse Bang Challenge.
  • Fandom statistics - how many fics did we write in 2015? by destinationtoast
  • Destiel - a documentary exploring the appeal and power of the Destiel ship
  • “You Pissed Off My Sandwich: Recipes for the Winchester Warrior” is a cookbook of Supernatural inspired recipes. Order your copy here

Cast & Crew Projects

  • Ex -EP and writer Adam Glass is now show runner on the CBS show Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders and has a new comic series - Rough Riders- out with After Shock Comics