Maggie Briggs

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Name Maggie Briggs
Actor Jennifer Shirley
Dates  ???? – 1720s (killed by Isaiah Pickett)
1720s – 2010 (spirit laid to rest Gary Frankel)
Location Housatonic, Massachusetts
Occupation Poltergeist
Episode(s) 5.12 Swap Meat


The ghost of a woman who was supposedly a witch and hung for it by Isaiah Pickett in the 1720s. However, according to Gary Frankel (disguised as Sam), she was actually carrying his illegitimate child and he killed her and hid her corpse in the basement to hide it.


5.12 Swap Meat

When Sam and Dean get a call from one of their old childhood babysitters, Donna, regarding a possible haunting. Donna explains that the problems started after they moved into their new home with simple bumps, knocks, scratching on the walls and objects breaking. Eventually the poltergeist graduated to attacking Donna's daughter Katie, carving the words “Murdered Chylde” into her skin.

Sam and Dean begin researching the house Donna and her family moved into, learning about the story of Isaiah Pickett and Maggie Briggs the supposed witch who was hung in his backyard. However, Gary Frankel, who has taken possession of Sam's body learns that, Maggie Briggs was never hung for witchcraft, but rather she was carrying Pickett's illegitimate child, so he killed her and buried her in the basement of his then home.

When they arrive at the home, Dean and Gary/Sam enter the basement and find willow moss, which is only known to grow on the graves of witches. As Dean begins to dig the grave, Gary/Sam is suddenly thrown into the wall, as Dean goes to help him, he too then thrown into the wall. As Maggie Briggs begins to approach Dean, she suddenly burns up as she rushed towards him; her bones having been salted and burned by Gary/Sam.

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