Lydia Crawford

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Name Lydia Crawford
Actor Meganne Young
Dates  ???? - October 2018 (killed by Michael)
Location Duluth, Minnesota
Occupation Vampire
Episode(s) 14.02 Gods and Monsters


Lydia Crawford was a vampire who was a part of a nest that fed on animal blood, and who was abducted by Michael for his monster experiments.


14.02 Gods and Monsters

Lydia is the only vampire from her nest to escape Michael's experiments. After she goes to the morgue to identify the bodies of her nest members, she is tracked down by Sam, Bobby, and Mary, who threaten her for information regarding Michael. She explains what Michael was doing to the vampires, and in exchange for her life she gives them the location of the abandoned church where he was conducting his experiments.

As Lydia packs a bag to leave, Michael appears sitting in her kitchen. She attempts to tell Michael she didn't reveal anything, but he assures her he knows she did, explaining that she was bait to trap the hunters. He says that once the trap is sprung the bait is no longer needed and proceeds to smite Lydia.