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Name Lucifer
Actor Kirsten Kilburn (4.22; mouthpiece)
Bellamy Young (5.01)
Adrianne Palicki (5.03)
Mark Pellegrino (5.03, 5.10, 5.19, 5.22, 7.01, 7.02, 7.15, 7.17, 11.09, 11.10, 11.18,12.12, 12.13, 12.15, 12.17, 12.19, 12.21, 12.22, 12.23, Season 13, 15.19)
Jared Padalecki (5.04, 5.22, 15.05)
Matt Cohen (11.04)
Misha Collins (11.10, 11.11, 11.14, 11.15, 11.18, 11.21 & 11.22)
Emma Johnson (12.02)
Rick Springfield (12.02, 12.03 & 12.07)
Michael Querin (12.08)
David Chisum (12.08)
Keith Szarabajka (14.17; mouthpiece)
Dates Pre-Creation – 2018 (killed by Dean Winchester)
2020 (resurrected by God and killed by Michael)
Location The Empty
Occupation Archangel (Fallen)
Episode(s) See below

Dear old Dad... He finally apologized for abandoning me and whats the very next thing He does?! He ditches me... And you, too, by the way, and rides off into the sunset with auntie Amara.... He needed my help... and He'd say anything to get it... His words, your words, they mean nothing... Don't you get it? This is all meaningless! Heaven. Hell... This world... If it ever meant anything that moment is passed... Nothing down here but a bunch of hopeless distraction addicts... So filled with emptiness, so desperate to fill up the void... They don't mind being served another stale rerun of a rerun of a rerun... You know what my plan is? I don't have one! I'm just going to keep on smashing Daddy's already broken toys, and making you watch!

– Lucifer, 12.07 Rock Never Dies



God created the archangels: Michael, Lucifer, Raphael, and Gabriel. Lucifer, the second of the archangels created, was the most favored of God and formed an especially strong bond with his older brother Michael.[1][2] Together they battled and defeated God's sister, the Darkness, eventually tricking and entrapping her. Rather than destroying the Darkness and causing a disruption in the Cosmic Balance, God created a Mark to serve as both the lock and key to her prison, and gave it to His most trusted lieutenant -- Lucifer. The Mark would eventually begin to assert a will of its own and corrupt Lucifer.[3]

Sometime after the arrival of humanity, Lucifer began to argue with his brothers and with God because of his contempt for humans, which was further amplified by the Mark. The arguments became so heated and bitter that Gabriel chose to leave Heaven rather than watch the fighting escalate. According to Lucifer, God commanded His angels to venerate man, but Lucifer refused and was cast out of Heaven. As an act of defiance, Lucifer twisted a human soul to create the first demon, Lilith. After Lilith was created, he went on to create the Princes of Hell: Azazel, Ramiel, Dagon and Asmodeus. Lucifer eventually passed the Mark on to Cain, who was ordered by Lucifer to create the Knights of Hell from some of the first fallen humans hand-picked by Lucifer.

After passing the Mark, Lucifer was confined against his will in a Cage by God. The Cage could open only if sixty-six of the six hundred seals on the Cage were broken. During his confinement demons multiplied, and some began to worship Lucifer as their creator. Some angels also continued to venerate him as their leader. Prior to his imprisonment, Lucifer had custody of the angel tablet and placed it in one of the special crypts that he had created to store his prized artifacts on Earth.

In 1972, Azazel possessed a priest at St. Mary's Convent and slaughtered eight nuns in the chapel. This sacrifice enabled him, via a nun killed on the chapel's altar, to speak to the imprisoned Lucifer whose Cage was beneath the convent. Lucifer told Azazel that Lilith was needed to break the seals that held him captive in his Cage, and that Azazel had to find a very "special child."[4] Lucifer was freed when the last seal was broken inadvertently by Sam Winchester when he killed Lilith.[5] Once freed, Lucifer, with the help of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, caused chaos and natural disasters in his attempt to destroy humanity. After Lucifer's defeat, a group of traditionalist angels, led by Raphael, hoped to release both Lucifer and Michael to complete the Apocalypse as prophesied.[6]

When the Darkness was freed from her imprisonment, her release reverberated through the universe, even reaching the deepest pit of Hell where Lucifer's Cage resided -- cracking the Cage and allowing Lucifer to reach out and influence Sam Winchester as well as formulate a plan of escape with the witch Rowena.


Lucifer is freed from his confinement.

Lucifer's true form is unknown, but the angel Uriel had described Lucifer as one of the strongest and most "beautiful" of the angelic host. This description laid highly in contrast to what Sam Winchester and Rowena experienced when Lucifer showed them his real face. Merely mentioning Lucifer showing her his face before crushing her skull broke Rowena's typical tough façade, and replaced it with fear. While Sam mentioned that thinking of Lucifer's true face still kept him up at night, and was something he couldn't even speak to his brother, Dean about, as he would not understand.

On the earthly plane Lucifer had initially manifested as a pillar of intense white light that reached far into the sky as he was released from the Cage. But later when Sam Winchester exorcised him out of President Jefferson Rooney, Lucifer's essence took on the appearance of swirling blue/white smoke before he was banished away. Unlike other angels, or even his brethren archangels, Lucifer's eyes in his angelic form and while occupying a vessel did not glow blue, rather only his irises would burn red. When Lucifer was awoken in the Empty, a black viscous film covered him giving Lucifer a skeletal appearance. By the time Nick was able to summon Lucifer to Earth, Lucifer had regained his angelic form, albeit with his angelic essence shimmering through the inky viscidness of the Empty clinging to his being.

In contrast to other angels, such as Castiel, who was described as giving off colors. Lucifer had what was stated to be a "dark" and "toxic" aura of energy by the prophet Donatello Redfield. With one angel from Apocalypse World remarking that there was a creature that smelled of Hell in its presence, due to not realizing who Lucifer was.

When Chuck pulled Lucifer from the Empty, he was given his own body that took the form of his first vessel, Nick. Due to being an empty shell created to hold his essence, and his son Jack absorbing any and all celestial energies, Lucifer's body would explode into ash upon being killed by Michael, leaving no trace of the archangel behind.


Lucifer smirks after he decimated the pagan gods.

Lucifer claimed that he never lied, because he did not have to. He promised his vessels Nick and Sam Winchester that he would be honest with them and never trick them, however when he tells Nick why he was cast out of Heaven he tells him it was because he loved God too much, neglecting to tell him how he created the first demons. He also tells both that he sympathized with them, as they were victims like himself. Lucifer went to some lengths to get Sam's acceptance, sparing Dean's life on one occasion, and allowing Sam to exact revenge against some of the demons that controlled many events in his life. It was later revealed that Lucifer also had Nick's family murdered by the demon Abraxas, specifically so that Lucifer could manipulate Nick into giving him his consent in case Sam Winchester refused him upon his release, making Lucifer the true reason that Nick's family was killed.[7]

A prideful angel, and not known for his patience, Lucifer did, however, show concern for his fellow angels, though it was the archangels he loved most. After he captured Castiel, he admired the lesser angel's loyalty in refusing to reveal the presence of his friends. He invited Castiel to join him, and when Castiel refused, Lucifer respected his decision. Lucifer was remorseful when forced to kill Gabriel, and disappointed when Michael berated him. When preparing to fight his older sibling in their pre-destined battle, Lucifer pleaded with Michael to "walk off the chessboard," but Michael was determined to fulfill his destiny and serve God. Even so, when Castiel Molotov'd Michael with holy oil, Lucifer was outraged by the attack on his brother and obliterated Castiel.

Gabriel appeared to be Lucifer’s staunchest critic amongst the archangels, describing Lucifer’s actions during the Apocalypse as "one big temper tantrum." Death and Crowley made similar observations, dismissing Lucifer as " ...a petulant child with daddy issues." and "...a bratty child having a tantrum." Nonetheless, Lucifer saw himself as a tragic figure who was punished for being right, dismissing humanity as a defective and savage race even as Gabriel argued that he preferred humanity because they at least tried to do better. Lucifer refused to accept any blame for his actions, which as Michael observed, was nothing new, while Lucifer also suggested that God intentionally made him the Devil. Even when Lucifer tried to change for the benefit of his son, his attempt was soundly rejected by Gabriel, who called Lucifer nothing but a "cancer" and incapable of change, words that elicited a single tear from Lucifer.

Much like Gabriel, Lucifer had what could be considered a sarcastic and snarky sense of humor, that belied his casual cruelty and arrogance. Such as when he asked Gabriel if he "caught" anything "slumming" it with the pagan gods. Lucifer was also highly barbarous and indifferent to those that served him, despite claiming to be the victim, Lucifer had absolutely no qualms about killing anyone or anything that got in his way. Evidence of this is exemplified where he had an entire town killed, and ordered his demon soldiers to kill themselves to raise Death, as well as when he went on a rampage and brutally slaughtered all the pagan gods (except Kali, who was rescued). Lucifer was also more than willing to smite or disintegrate any angels that had a chance of obstructing his plans.

After his rescue from Amara, and meeting God again; Lucifer's personality became even more pettish, locking himself in Sam's room at one point after he didn't get his way. After reconciling with God however, Lucifer would become more friendly towards the Winchesters and his father, even rushing Amara in an attempt to save Chuck when he was under attack.[8] However, once Chuck left with Amara to work out their family issues, Lucifer felt abandoned once again and began to take out his anger on humanity, forgoing an Apocalypse, instead wishing to spite God by "breaking his toys" in an act of pure nihilism.

Lucifer screams in rage after losing Jack's trust.

While Lucifer was considered one of the strongest and fiercest of the angels, there were few things in existence he appeared to fear, the only two known things were the shedim and being locked away in the Cage again. After being trapped in Apocalypse World and the majority of the his grace taken by that universe's Michael for a spell to open a rift. Lucifer began dealing with human emotions for the first time in his existence, and admitted to his wanting to be accepted by God and the angels and his worry about being a father, and failing at that. Lucifer then appeared to go through an existential crisis when he was granted rulership over the angels in Heaven, and attempted to be the "new God" and help humanity, his attempts ended in failure, before abandoning his post after realizing Heaven and Hell didn't matter to him, and entering a state of despondence at his place in the universe, even reaching a point where he begged Gabriel to put him out of his misery when an archangel blade was held to his chest.

Once Lucifer finally met his son, Jack Kline, he genuinely appeared to want to change and be the father Jack wanted him to be. Lucifer's attempts at change were short lived, and once Jack learned of his enjoyment in the brutal murder of Maggie, disowned his father as a "monster," angering Lucifer who showed his true colors to his son after his rejection, stealing Jack's grace and telling his child he only needed his power. With Jack's grace supercharging him, Lucifer took to his old arrogance, first telling Jack and Sam that he would let one of them live, and give them one week to attempt to stop him from dismantling the universe and remaking it in his image, as he believed it was his time to be worshipped and loved. His arrogance proved to be his downfall, as when he faced off against Dean Winchester (who was being powered by the Michael of Apocalypse World), rather than killing him with an archangel blade, he attempted to smite both Dean and Michael, but was caught off-guard when Dean (with an assist from Sam) was able to stab and kill him with an archangel blade.

When Chuck resurrected Lucifer in an attempt to retrieve His death book from the Winchesters, Lucifer's resentment towards his Father appeared to disappear after becoming the favored son once more. However, while he was more than happy to kill Michael and the Winchesters on Chuck's orders, he appeared to still hold some affection for his son, going so far as to make an offer for Jack to abandon his friends and join with him and Chuck, telling Jack it was the only way for him to survive.


Lucifer has taken on a number of different vessels. With Nick and Sam Winchester, Lucifer was up front about who he was and his plans in gaining their consent. After God and Amara took their leave of Earth, however, Lucifer in his anger begins using whatever means he can to get people to become vessels.

  • Nick - Lucifer's first and final vessel. Being a "Plan B" vessel, Nick's body was not strong enough to sustain Lucifer, gradually burning out and decaying over the course of his possession, held together only through Lucifer's copious consumption of demon blood. Whether Nick died after Lucifer's possession is not known. It was revealed Nick's body was located by Crowley, repaired, upgraded and warded to make a permanent vessel and prison for Lucifer. With the help of a demon, Drexel, Lucifer was able regain full control from Crowley. Nick remained Lucifer's vessel until Lucifer was killed by Dean Winchester. It was soon revealed that Nick somehow survived Lucifer's death and was staying at the Men of Letters Bunker, where Sam theorized that when an archangel blade is used to kill an archangel, the vessel is somehow spared. Nick later learned from the demon Abraxas that as a part of Lucifer's plan for the Apocalypse, Nick was chosen to be broken by the demons in order for Lucifer to have a vessel ready in case Sam Winchester did not consent to being a vessel.
  • Sam Winchester - Lucifer's true vessel, which was to be used to battle Michael in the Apocalypse. Sam, however, was steadfast in denying Lucifer consent to possess his body until he concocted a plan to wrestle control from Lucifer and jump into the Cage. Sam was unable to initially regain control from Lucifer after possession; but in Stull Cemetery, while witnessing Lucifer beating Dean to a bloody pulp, Sam mustered the strength to wrestle control and jump into the Cage, inadvertently dragging Michael and Adam Milligan with him.
  • Castiel - When the Darkness was released and Sam began having violent visions of his time in Hell, he came to the conclusion that God was sending him signs that they needed to see Lucifer to understand how to stop Amara. In reality, the visions came from Lucifer himself, who was able to reach through the cracks that the Darkness' release caused in the Cage and make contact with Sam and Rowena. When Lucifer's attempted to coax Sam into agreeing to be his vessel failed, Lucifer began beating on Dean and Castiel in an attempt to force Sam to agree. When he was about to kill Castiel, Castiel consented to being his vessel, believing he was the only one that could stop Amara. While Jimmy Novak's body was a stronger vessel than Nick, Lucifer's possession still brought a toll on it, and it would have eventually burned out. During the final confrontation with the Darkness Lucifer was forcefully ripped out of the vessel by Amara.
  • Unnamed vessels - After Amara ripped Lucifer from Castiel's vessel, a weakened Lucifer attempted to find a new host. He first took possession of a random man before burning through an entire family (father, mother, teenage daughter, and teenage son).
  • Vince Vincente - After skipping through a series of random and unsuitable hosts, Lucifer found a suitable vessel in Vince Vincente, an aging rocker. Promising he would be with his deceased partner and be able to save his sister, Vince agreed to become Lucifer's vessel. As Vince Vincente, Lucifer began to enjoy life as a rock star, believing it the closest thing to being God on earth due to the adulation. However, as strong as Vince's body was, it soon began to deteriorate. When Lucifer recruited Rowena to repair Vince's body, she betrayed him, acting instead to accelerate the body's decomposition and banish him to the bottom of the ocean. Lucifer was, however, able to restore his vessel after coming across one of his fossilized feathers as a short-term fix. When his confrontation with the Winchesters, Crowley, and Castiel necessitated his exit, Vince's body immediately rotted away after Lucifer vacated it.
  • Wallace Parker - A CEO and billionaire philanthropist, Wallace Parker was Lucifer's first vessel after Vince Vincente. As Lucifer had decided to use powerful figures rather than average people as vessels. However, Parker, like other vessels, proved unsuitable and quickly burned out.
  • Archbishop of St. Louis - After Wallace Parker burned out as a vessel, Lucifer jumped to one of Wallace's close friends, the archbishop of St. Louis. Soon after taking possession, a priest realized the archbishop was possessed when he witnessed crosses being inverted in the archbishop's presence. Believing this to indicate a demonic possession, the priest and the rest of the staff attempted an exorcism, which only led to Lucifer brutally slaughtering everyone before leaving the archbishop's decaying body.
  • President Jefferson Rooney - Lucifer was able to appeal to President Rooney's devoutly religious views by promising to bring a true era of spirituality to America if he became his vessel. Lucifer continued Rooney's sexual relationship with the president's mistress, Kelly Kline, and was given the idea to sire a child during one of these dalliances. Lucifer was soon found out due to Crowley's connections to the White House / Washington D.C., and in a confrontation in a motel room, Sam was able to force him out of President Rooney's body with the help of a Hyperbolic Pulse Generator from the British Men of Letters. Unbeknownst to everyone in the room, however, Crowley was able to pervert Rowena's spell that would have sent Lucifer back to the Cage, causing it to send him to his "palace," where Crowley had prepared Lucifer's original vessel, Nick, to contain him.


  • In Supernatural, he has been referred to as: the Adversary, the Serpent, Satan, the Devil and the Morning Star. According to Lucifer, the name "the Devil" was a man-given title; humans gave him this title / name for his bad reputation. Lucifer tells Nick that the title doesn't fit and that he was cast down for loving God too much. The name of his first vessel, Nick, is also a common term for the Devil.
  • In fandom, Lucifer is sometimes referred to as "Lucy" or "Luci." In the episode 5.19 Hammer of the Gods, Gabriel greets Lucifer as "Lucy" although this was a play on his name referring to the show I Love Lucy. Balthazar also refers to him as "Lucy" in a conversation with Sam during 6.11 Appointment in Samarra. Sam's hallucination of Lucifer refers to himself as "Luci" in 7.15 Repo Man. In religion he is known as "The Morning Star" after he fell and was sent directly to perdition. The demon Casey mentioned that Lucifer means "light bringer" in 3.04 Sin City.
  • Asmodeus called him "Lou" in 13.07 War of the Worlds which is another shortened version of his name. Even Michael called him "Lu" in 13.22 Exodus.

Powers and abilities

Lucifer's eyes glow gold after taking Jack's grace for himself.
  • Apporting – Lucifer was able to teleport beings and objects with or to himself. Such as when he manifested the reaper Betty into the Men of Letters Bunker.
  • Astral Projection – Lucifer showed the ability to mentally project himself and send visions, even from the Cage.
  • Celestial energy – Lucifer was able to channel his considerable power into blasts of energy from his hands.
  • Demon creation – Lucifer was the first being to create a demon when he twisted the soul of Lilith.
  • Dreamwalking – Lucifer could enter any human's dreams, typically taking on the form of a loved one to speak with purposed vessels.
  • Exorcism – Lucifer was able to exorcise lower demons back to Hell with great ease.[9]
  • Healing – Lucifer could easily heal injuries and wounds inflicted upon him as well as others, though he rarely healed others.[10][11]
  • Immunity – Being an archangel, his immunity was greater than regular angels:
  • Premonition – He knew when and where Sam would say "yes" to him.[13]
  • Resurrection – Lucifer could resurrect the dead, though like healing, Lucifer rarely did so unless it served his own purposes.[14][15]
  • Smiting – Like all angels, Lucifer could smite lower beings. With the snap of his fingers, Lucifer could destroy anything at a subatomic level. Using this power, he has killed angels, demons, and humans alike. While super-charged, he believed himself strong enough to smite Dean Winchester and Apocalypse World Michael while Michael was using Dean as a vessel.[15]
  • Super strength – Lucifer appeared to be one of the stronger archangels, alongside Michael, and thus could easily overpower humans, demons, and lesser angels in combat.
  • Telekinesis – With a flick of his fingers, Lucifer could send people and objects flying across the room.
    • Biokinesis – Lucifer was also able to inflict bodily harm to others with a mere gesture.
  • Telelpathy – Lucifer was able to communicate through thought from vast distances.
  • Teleportation – Lucifer was able to teleport himself and others anywhere, even after the Fall.[2]
  • Time travel – Like all angels, Lucifer can bend time with general ease and be unaffected by the time travel.


  • Angel banishing sigil – Can banish Lucifer like all other angels.[16]
  • Angel blade – While in a weakened state, a standard angel blade appeared to affect Lucifer, though was not fatal. Being shot with a barrage of bullets forged from angel blades, also appeared to temporarily hold Lucifer at bay.
  • Angel suppressing sigil – Was able to suppress Lucifer and allow Castiel to take control of his vessel for a brief period of time.[12]
  • Angel trap – Combined with holy fire, an angel trap contained Lucifer temporarily.[12]
  • Archangel blade – Can kill an archangel in the hands of another archangel.[11] It was able to kill Lucifer in the hands of Dean Winchester when he was acting as a vessel for the Apocalypse World Michael.[15] However, it spared Lucifer's vessel Nick. After his resurrection, Lucifer was killed for a second time by his older brother Michael with an archangel blade supplied by Sam Winchester.[17]
  • Crucifix/Cross – Due to his toxic and dark aura / nature, Lucifer appeared to have an aversion to crucifixes. When Azazel made contact at with Lucifer at St. Mary's Convent, he inverted the large cross behind the alter for the contacting ritual. While possessing the Archbishop of St. Louis, Lucifer would cause crucifixes to become inverted in his presence, and while possessing President Jefferson Rooney, placing his hand on a cross on the spine of a Bible caused the cross to become temporarily burned into his palm.
  • The DarknessAmara was easily able to overpower and torture Lucifer.[18] Even in a weakened state, Amara was able to rip Lucifer from his vessel.[8]
  • Enochian warding sigils – Various wardings can keep Lucifer out of places, from sensing the location of someone, as well as imprison Lucifer.[5]
  • God – Stated to be the one being capable of stopping Lucifer and the Apocalypse.[19] Chuck was able to render Lucifer powerless without Lucifer even realizing it.[8]
  • Grace extraction – Extracting Lucifer's grace left him in a weakened state and on the edge of becoming human. Although a grace extractor was never used on Lucifer, his grace could still be stolen when an angel blade or an archangel blade was used to make a small incision on his neck.[20][14]
  • Hand of God – An indirect blast from a Hand of God caused Lucifer to bleed.[21] A direct blast may have been able to kill him.
  • Holy oil – A ring of holy fire was able trap Lucifer when combined with heavy warding.[12]
  • Hyperbolic Pulse Generator – Originally created as a more reliable method to exorcise demons, the device was able to eject Lucifer from his vessel, President Jefferson Rooney.[22]
  • Lance of Michael – A weapon specifically created by Michael to kill Lucifer slowly and painfully.[23]
  • Lucifer's Cage – The Cage nullified Lucifer's powers, keeping him trapped in Hell. Crowley would go on to replicate the various warding and spellwork that adorned the Cage and carved them into every molecule of Nick's body to serve as a physical cage for Lucifer, giving Crowley complete control over Lucifer.
  • Nephilim – As a Nephilim, Lucifer's son Jack Kline, on one occasion showed that he held the power to control Lucifer and compel his father to tell the truth. According to the lore, a Nephilim grows into its power and becomes stronger than the angel that sired it, meaning Jack would have had the power to effortlessly kill his father.
  • Spells – Certain spells can affect angels. Rowena was able to advance the decay of Lucifer's vessel, Vince Vincente, and banish Lucifer to the bottom of the ocean.
  • Strong-willed vessels – On two occasions, vessels were able to reassert their control from Lucifer. The first was Sam Winchester, when he wrestled control from the archangel to throw himself and Lucifer into the Cage. The second was Castiel, who regained enough control to prevent Lucifer from killing Sam, but was not strong enough to eject the archangel from the vessel.


Lucifer speaking through the body of a dead nun.

3.04 Sin City

Lucifer is first mentioned by the demon Casey. Casey claims that demons have a belief system just like humans, but while humans believe in God as a higher power, demons view Lucifer in the same regard. Casey tells Dean Winchester that Lucifer was once an angel, and that his name means "light-bringer." Casey also states that no demon has ever actually seen Lucifer, but they all believe that he will return.

Season 4

"You must find me a child... a very special child...."

Although for different reasons, both members of the Host of Heaven and demons are trying to break the 66 Seals so that Lucifer can be released. Castiel informs Dean that once he is freed, Lucifer will spread chaos, and Hell will follow him. Uriel describes Lucifer as a very powerful archangel who hated humanity and defended the angels by not bowing to it. Uriel wants Lucifer to rise to power again, and tries to recruit other angels to his cause, killing those who refuse. Anna Milton kills Uriel before he can kill Castiel. Zachariah tells Dean that he has a role in stopping the Apocalypse, but eventually reveals that their true plan was to allow Lucifer to be released so that the archangel Michael could kill Lucifer after the Apocalypse had begun.

Lucifer enters Nick, and manifests on Earth.

Demons want to free Lucifer so that he will lead them, and take over the Earth. Ruby tells Sam Winchester that, in an act of defiance, Lucifer created the first demon by corrupting a human soul: Lilith. The demons' plan is set in motion in 1972, when Azazel manages to speak to Lucifer through the door of the Cage, which opens at St. Mary's Convent, in Ilchester, Maryland.[4] According to Ruby, Lilith is the only one who can break the final seal and free Lucifer.

The truth is, Lilith herself is the seal, and her death breaks it. This is only revealed after Ruby manipulates Sam into killing Lilith, finally freeing Lucifer.[4]

5.01 Sympathy for the Devil

"You people misunderstand me. You call me 'Satan' and 'devil,' but... Do you know my crime? I loved God too much. And for that, he betrayed me—punished me. Just as he's punished you. After all, how could God stand idly by while that man broke into your home and butchered your family in their beds? There are only two rational answers, Nick—either he's sadistic, or he simply doesn't care. You're angry. You have every right to be angry. I am angry, too. That's why I want to find him—hold him accountable for his actions. Just because he created us doesn't mean he can toy with us, like playthings."
Lucifer meets Sam Winchester.

Lucifer is released from his Cage and immediately seeks out a suitable vessel to inhabit. He finds a widower named Nick, whose wife and child were butchered by a man that broke into their home. Lucifer causes Nick to hallucinate. Nick, lying in bed, finds himself covered in blood. He jumps up and turns on the light; the blood is gone, but his dead wife appears by the bed. Later, while boxing up his child's things, he hears crying over the baby monitor, and sees blood dripping from his child's crib. In a dream, Lucifer comes to Nick in the form of his wife, and asks his consent to act as a vessel. He promises to avenge the deaths of Nick's family if Nick will give in to him. Nick agrees. White light engulfs the room as he enters Nick's body.

5.03 Free to Be You and Me

"Sam. My heart breaks for you. The weight on your shoulders. What you've done. What you still have to do. It is more that anyone could bear. If there was some other way... but there isn't."

At the beginning of the episode, a sleeping Sam rolls over and sees his long-deceased girlfriend Jessica lying beside him. He embraces the illusion, and they discuss her death and Sam's fate. She says she is trying to protect him from himself. At the end of the episode, in a dream, they speak again. She tells him he cannot change and he insists that he can, that there is reason to hope. Her voice and form change. Sam turns around, and sitting beside him is Lucifer. Lucifer cannot come to Sam's location directly because of the runes that Castiel carved onto Sam's ribs, and Sam will not tell him where he is. Lucifer explains that Sam was present during his rising not only to kill Lilith, but to serve as his vessel. Nick is only acting as an improvised vessel for the time being; he is not strong enough, and can barely contain him. It is Sam that Lucifer needs. Sam threatens to kill himself, but Lucifer assures him that he would be resurrected. Lucifer shows Sam sympathy, but assures Sam that in the end, he will consent. He then vanishes.

Lucifer in his true vessel in the year 2014.

5.04 The End

"You know why God cast me down? Because I loved him. More than anything. And then God created... You. The little... hairless apes. And then he asked all of us to bow down before you—to love you, more than him. And I said, 'Father, I can't.' I said, 'These human beings are flawed, murderous.' And for that, God had Michael cast me into Hell. Now, tell me, does the punishment fit the crime? Especially, when I was right? Look at what six billion of you have done to this thing, and how many of you blame me for it."

Through a street preacher, Zachariah finds Dean and sends him five years into the future so that Dean can see the repercussions which will follow if he refuses to be Michael's vessel. In the year of 2014, Dean travels with the older version of himself, Future!Dean, and a battalion of other hunters, including Future!Castiel, to Detroit to confront the Devil. In this future, Sam consented to serve as a vessel, and the world is ending. Future!Dean tries to use the Colt on Lucifer, but he snaps Future!Dean's neck with his heel. Lucifer, wearing Sam, tells the Dean of the past that he does not want to destroy the world, but to rid it of an imperfection. He insists that he was unfairly cast out. Dean, however, dismisses Lucifer's claims, informing Lucifer that, for all his fine words, he is nothing more than a bigger version of the thing that Dean has been squashing all his life. Dean vows to return to the past and stop this, but Lucifer tells Dean that Sam will always consent to him in Detroit; no matter what they do, Sam will become his vessel. Zachariah then retrieves Dean and he returns to his current year.

5.10 Abandon All Hope...

"I was a son. A brother, like you, a younger brother, and I had an older brother who I loved. Idolized, in fact. And one day I went to him and I begged him to stand with me, and Michael—Michael turned on me. Called me a freak. A monster. And then he beat me down. All because I was different. Because I had a mind of my own."
Dean attempts to kill Lucifer with the Colt.

Lucifer is in Carthage, Missouri, on a mission to summon Death, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. He manages to trap Castiel inside a ring of holy oil and his demons trap Sam, Dean, Jo, and Ellen. Lucifer speaks to Castiel, asking him whether he came with the Winchesters. Castiel lies that he came alone, but Lucifer is not fooled, though he admires the other angel's loyalty. Castiel asks about his vessel, which is breaking down slowly. Lucifer invites Castiel to join him, reasoning that as two of Heaven's castoffs they are on the same side, and Heaven will hunt Castiel if they manage to defeat Lucifer. Castiel refuses. Meg approaches her father, asking what to do with the Winchesters, and Lucifer tells her to leave them be, and gives her a reassuring touch.

Lucifer begins conducting the ritual to free Death. The Winchesters locate him, and while Sam distracts him, Dean shoots him in the head with the Colt. He crumples to the ground, but after a few moments reawakens, and slowly gets to his feet. He flings Dean against a tree and continues work on the ritual. When Sam asks him about the missing townspeople, Lucifer reveals that the women and children are in the mass grave he has been filling in, and that all the men are possessed. He tries to convince an aghast Sam that it was necessary and insists that Sam should understand what he is doing, as someone who has always been out of place in his own family.

Lucifer completes the ritual by commanding the demons around him to sacrifice themselves. Castiel, who has managed to escape, takes Sam and Dean away. Lucifer sees, but does not interfere. He turns and greets Death.

Lucifer attacks the pagan gods.

5.19 Hammer of the Gods

"You know, I never understood you pagans, always fighting, always happy to sell out your own kind. No wonder you forfeited this planet to us. You are worse than humans. You're worse than demons. And yet you claim to be gods... And they call me prideful."

Lucifer arrives at the hotel where the pagan gods are gathered after getting a call from Mercury. His vessel is further degraded. He accuses Mercury of being a traitor and slaughters the other gods. He is about to kill Kali when Gabriel who has been posing as Loki for millennia and formed an attachment to Kali and the Winchesters in that guise, intervenes. He tells Lucifer that he has no legitimate grievance, he is only jealous that humanity replaced him in God's affections. Gabriel says he is not on Lucifer's side or Michael's but that he has come to agree with God, that humanity is better than them, noting that many of them try to overcome their flaws where the angels are content to repeat their mistakes. Gabriel then tries to stab Lucifer from behind, using an illusion to keep him distracted, but Lucifer sees through the charade and impales his brother with the angel blade. Lucifer stands over his brother's body, crying.

After their escape, Sam and Dean play a porn DVD Gabriel gave Dean. In it Gabriel tells them they may be able to re-imprison Lucifer, and that the keys capable of opening and then re-imprisoning him in Lucifer's Cage are the rings of Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. He says that Lucifer does not know about them.

5.22 Swan Song

"We're going to kill each other. And for what? One of Dad's tests. And we don't even know the answer. We're brothers. Let's just walk off the chessboard."
Lucifer doodling a Devil's Trident in the frosted window.

Sam and Dean track Lucifer to Detroit, Michigan, with the intention of tricking the Devil back into his cage. Lucifer waits for them in a dilapidated building with his demon subordinates. He has two of them escort Dean and Sam, prepared with demon blood, into his presence. Sam makes a show of bargaining, but Lucifer stops him, revealing that he knows about the rings, and Sam's plan. All the same, Sam moves forward, and says "yes" to Lucifer. The archangel abandons his vessel to enter Sam. For a moment, the two are incapacitated, giving Dean time to open the portal to Lucifer's Cage using the Horsemen's Rings. Sam appears to be in control, and attempts to throw himself into the portal, but Lucifer reveals that he controls Sam, and is only messing with Dean. He closes the gate, takes the Horsemen's rings, and teleports to another location.

He speaks to Sam, and allows Sam to speak, by looking in a mirror.

Lucifer: I've been waiting for you a long time [...] I'm not the bad guy here [...] I'm your real family [...] Who are you really angry with? Me? Or that face you see in the mirror?
Sam: I'm gonna rip you apart from the inside out!
Lucifer: Such anger, young Skywalker.

Lucifer then offers an olive branch to his host by killing the demon-possessed people from Sam's past who manipulated his life, moving him toward this moment.

The next day, Lucifer appears in Stull Cemetery, the place of his final confrontation with Michael. He tries to reason with Michael by questioning God's purpose, and blaming him for making him into Satan. He insists that he does not want to kill his brother, but will fight to the death if he must. Michael refuses to back down and is determined to be a "good son" to their Father. Before they can begin their battle, Dean arrives in the Impala and demands to speak with Sam, but Lucifer testily refuses. Michael orders Dean to leave but is unexpectedly banished when Castiel throws a molotov cocktail of holy oil at him.

Outraged that Castiel would strike his brother, Lucifer snaps his fingers and obliterates him. He then attacks Dean, prompting Bobby to shoot Lucifer several times without effect; Lucifer responds by telekinetically snapping Bobby's neck. The archangel continues to hit Dean, promising to break every one of his bones before killing him. As he raises his fist to strike, Lucifer catches sight of an old army toy stuck in the backseat ashtray of the Impala, which Sam put there in his childhood. Suddenly, Lucifer is overwhelmed as memories bring Sam to the surface, and his love for Dean allows Sam to momentarily take control of the Devil. Sam re-opens the portal. Before he can throw himself in, Michael arrives, arguing that he must fight Lucifer, that it is his destiny to do so, but Sam closes his eyes and falls backwards into the doorway. Michael grabs hold of him to stop him from falling, but is pulled in with his brother and the two plummet into the abyss together. The Cage closes behind them, leaving the red hot rings behind.

Season 6

Dean believes that the resurrected Sam might still being hosting Lucifer, which would explain his emotionless behavior. However, Castiel later dissuades him, saying, "If Lucifer escaped the cage, we would have felt it," indicating that something else is wrong with Sam. Later, through an extremely painful procedure, Castiel determines that when Sam was raised from Lucifer's Cage, his soul was somehow left behind. Castiel speculates that Lucifer and Michael are probably abusing his soul, as they see their imprisonment as Sam's fault. Castiel thinks that the restoration of Sam's badly damaged soul would cause irrevocable physical and mental harm. When Death returns Sam's soul, he erects a mental wall that prevents Sam from remembering his experiences in Hell.

Season 7

Lucifer does not physically appear, rather a hallucination of Lucifer manifests to torment Sam after the mental wall in Sam's mind is destroyed by Castiel, causing all the memories of the Cage to come flooding back to Sam.

8.17 Goodbye Stranger

It is revealed that Lucifer has a series of crypts buried around the world containing important things, including the angel tablet. Only those closest to him know their locations, including Azazel, so when Crowley goes after the tablet, he tortures Meg for the locations as she knew from her time with Azazel. Eventually Dean and Castiel find the tablet in an angel-proofed box in one of his crypts.

9.11 First Born

When Dean and Crowley try to hunt down the location of the First Blade, their location spell takes them to the residence of the demon Cain. After fighting off a small wave of demons that were able to track Dean and Crowley, Cain tells Dean that the First Blade will only work with the Mark of Cain. Cain then tells them the story of how he came to get the Mark, that it wasn't God that his brother Abel was speaking to, but rather Lucifer. Unable to watch his brother become the corrupted "pet" of Lucifer, Cain makes a deal: Abel's soul in Heaven for Cain's soul in Hell. Lucifer accepts, but only if Cain is the one to kill Abel. And with that the Knights of Hell were born.

11.04 Baby

"I never could fool you, could I?"

While driving to Quaker Valley, Oregon, to check out a possible case, believing Sam to be exhausted, Dean tells him to get in the back and get some rest. Suddenly Sam is awakened by Judy Collins's "Someday Soon" playing on the radio. He asks Dean what he's listening to, only to find the younger version of John Winchester in the driver's seat. Sam believes he's having another vision, which "John" tells him "I never could fool you, could I?" "John" says he is only here to deliver a message -- that the Darkness is coming and only the boys can stop it. Sam insists that there should be a way to stop the Darkness and that "John" needs to tell him, but "John" only answers, “God helps those who help themselves.” Sam asks "John" one last question before he wakes up: “Who are you?”

11.09 O Brother Where Art Thou?

"You see Sam, when the Darkness descended the impact on Hell was massive. The Cage was damaged. Through the fissures I was able to reach out. It wasn’t God inside your head Sam. It was me. So you see, he’s not with you. He’s never been with you. It was always... just... me. So I...I guess I am your only hope."
Lucifer is summoned.

After having a vision of being face-to-face with Lucifer in the Cage, Sam convinces Dean to go along with his plan to visit Lucifer's Cage once more. They meet with Crowley under a bridge, who tells them there may be a way to communicate with Lucifer and protect Sam through the Book of the Damned. Crowley has his minions track Rowena down, and makes a deal with her to find a spell to let them to communicate with Lucifer without opening the Cage. When Rowena is able to decode the proper spell, Sam, Crowley, and Rowena journey to the furthest reaches of Hell; there in "limbo" Rowena successful performs the spell. As the holy fire around the warded cage rises higher and higher, Lucifer suddenly appears in the shadows with glowing red eyes. As he steps from the shadows, he appears in the form of Nick. After exchanging pleasantries with Crowley, he notices Sam. Sam tells him of the Darkness being released and presses Lucifer for information. Lucifer questions Sam about the whereabouts of God; Sam tells him he believes God has been communicating to him through visions, and the visions tell Sam to seek Lucifer. Lucifer tells Sam what he knows of the Darkness: that she is powerful, but lacks God's experience, and that obviously God wants him to help stop the Darkness like he did before. When Sam realizes that Lucifer is seeking to use him as a vessel to get topside, Sam outright refuses. Lucifer keeps pressing him that this is what God wants, but Sam still refuses. As Sam begins to walk away, the illuminated spell-work on the cage begins to fade; Sam turns and sees the fire around the cage is dying. As the flames extinguish a panicked Crowley asks what is happening, and is whisked away by Rowena.

Lucifer motions for Sam to come closer and suddenly Sam is in the cage with Lucifer. Sam, terrified, backs into the corner of the cage; as Lucifer approaches, he puts up his hands in a defensive motion. Sam takes a deep breath; his terror replaced by his stoic faith, telling Lucifer this is what God told him would happen, and he is going to have to go with it. However, it is then that Lucifer reveals to Sam that when the Darkness was released, the impact was massive enough it reached Hell and damaged the Cage, and through the fissures he was able to reach out and communicate with Sam by implanting visions of the Cage in his head. He tells Sam that God was never with him. Lucifer turns to look at Sam, smiling, satisfied. The fear has returned to Sam’s face. Sam shakes his head, in disbelief as a single tear rolls down his face.

11.10 The Devil in the Details

"Oh, don't get me wrong, I don't like you. I never liked you. You're... you're sort of prissy. But in this moment, when you stood toe to toe with me and won, I gotta say, you had balls kid... You were willing to do the hard thing, if it meant saving the world... That’s not you anymore. You’ve gone soft, Sammy."

Sam remains defiant after Lucifer reveals his machinations, telling him he is ready for the taunting and torture. But Lucifer tells Sam that, despite the suffering he could inflict, he doesn't want to hurt Sam. Instead Lucifer tells him he has an offer for Sam he can't refuse, and touches Sam's forehead, engulfing the two in light. The two are transported to a park, a memory from Sam's childhood, from when Sam was a teenager and made out with a classmate. When Sam questions Lucifer why they are there, Lucifer reveals it's to show who Sam used to be: bold, decisive, and a hero -- things Lucifer tells Sam he isn't anymore. Next Lucifer takes Sam to Stull Cemetery, where they witness the fight with Michael. Here, Lucifer tells Sam that while he doesn't like him, he respects him for being able to beat him. Finally Lucifer takes Sam to the moment he and Amelia Richardson learned that her husband, Don Richardson, was still alive. Lucifer admonishes Sam for not looking for Dean. Sam defends himself for his choice, but Lucifer brings up how Sam didn't close the Gates of Hell because of Dean, and how he would do anything to save Dean, no matter the consequences. Lucifer concludes their trip down memory lane by telling Sam in order to defeat the Darkness, he has to be ready to die and has to be prepared to see the ones he loves die, something which Lucifer doesn't believe is in Sam to do anymore.

Lucifer and Sam, in one of Sam's memories.

Back in the holding cell, Lucifer tries to get Sam to say yes, by reminding him that Gabriel and Raphael are dead, God is MIA, and Michael is in no shape to fight anything. Sam, steadfast, refuses Lucifer. This angers Lucifer, causing him to change his tactics and begin beating on Sam. In the waiting room, Dean is able to hear the fight going on, and runs to Sam with Castiel in tow. They arrive at the cage, and are zapped inside by Lucifer. Castiel produces an angel blade from his sleeve, but before he can attack, Lucifer tells them their fight needs ambiance and snaps his fingers which causes the song "Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel" to be piped in. He begins to dance a bit before Castiel finally attacks him. The two fight, while Dean rushes to Sam, to tell him they need to last five minutes against Lucifer. Sam and Dean join the fight, however their punches have no effect on Lucifer, who easily shrugs them off. Lucifer grabs Dean by the throat and threatens Sam to say "yes" or watch Dean die. Before Sam can do anything Castiel rushes Lucifer, freeing Dean. As Lucifer beats on Castiel in the corner, he asks him for any last words and disappears in flash of white light.

Later, in the waiting room, while Crowley and Rowena are having a moment together, Castiel appears in the room. His body language slowly starts to change and he proclaims himself to be Lucifer. Shocked, Crowley wishes to know how it's possible, as Rowena completed the spell. Before Lucifer was going to strike Castiel down, Castiel asked if he really could beat the Darkness; when Lucifer said he could, Castiel consented to being possessed, anchoring Lucifer, causing Rowena's spell to not work. As Crowley tries to flee, Lucifer flings him to the wall and approaches Rowena. He removes the witchcatcher from her neck and tells her she deserves a reward for her help in freeing him. As Lucifer closes in seemingly to kiss Rowena, he asks her if anyone else is capable of opening the Cage. When Rowena tells him only she is capable, he snaps her neck, twisting it around her body. Lucifer sighs and takes a seat in front of Crowley, telling him they need to chat.

Lucifer blows up the angel Nithael.

11.11 Into the Mystic

"Well, I'm not looking for a fight. In fact, I am your only hope at beating the Darkness. I heard you, uh... Heard you kids had your big shot at the title, and you missed it. You don't need to be afraid, brother. I am out of that awful, awful cage. And I'm here to save you all. Lucifer ex Machina."

The newly-freed Lucifer attempts to soak in his freedom by visiting a park and feeding some ducks. He takes a seat on a bench and looks around at the people in the park, when he notices an angel, Nithael, walking in the distance. He raises himself up and begins walking down a nature trail, eventually stopping to admire a tree and the beauty of nature as Nithael catches up to him with his angel blade drawn. As Nithael attempts to attack Lucifer, Lucifer halts him, telling him he comes in peace and that he is their only hope in stopping the Darkness after Heaven's failed attempt to smite her. He says he is here to save them all, "Lucifer ex machina." Nithael tells Lucifer that the Darkness cannot be destroyed, but he can, and goes for an attack. Lucifer snaps his fingers, blowing Nithael up, killing him.

When Dean needs to retrieve some gold blades from the Bunker, he is surprised to find "Castiel" rummaging through files. Lucifer tells Dean that he is looking for a spell to use on Amara, telling Dean he had a shot when she was weak, but failed to kill her. Dean admits to "Castiel" that he had two shots at killing Amara and failed. Lucifer tells Dean that they are connected by the Mark of Cain, but Dean tells him there is more to it. Lucifer questions if it is an attraction; Dean isn't sure how to label it, but tells him he is scared. Lucifer comforts Dean, telling him they will find a way to stop Amara. Before Dean leaves he has "Castiel" promise to keep what they talked about between them. Lucifer agrees, smirking as Dean leaves.

Lucifer holds court with his new "doggie" Crowley.

11.14 The Vessel

"Oh, it's just -- I don't need you anymore. I mean, Dean's the one with the link to Amara, why have I been trying to spare you? I mean maybe it's because you're like the girl who kept turning me down at the prom. I will touch your soul. Just because you asked so nicely, and I'll use your spell to blast through the warding and retrieve Dean and the uh, Hand of God, and then when Dean comes back and he finds this place decorated with your guts, I will tell him the truth, Sam. I'll just say, 'Dean' -- 'Dean… he knew the risks. He wouldn't take no for an answer.'"

An uninterested Lucifer is holding court with demons in Crowley's Lair, when the demon Simmons steps forward asking for some form of direction so they can track Amara down. She is interrupted by a caged Crowley. Lucifer, having broken Crowley and made him his "dog," wishes to hear what he has to say. Some time later, demons arrive with a cache of weapons from Lucifer's Crypts, of which the meager amount of weaponry annoys Lucifer. As he speaks with Crowley, he reveals that he knows Crowley is only faking loyalty and is just waiting for the opportunity to regain the throne. While they talk, they are interrupted by a phone call from Dean, which forces him to put on his "Cas voice."

At the Bunker, Lucifer tells Sam and Dean that the Hand of God may be just what they need to stop the Darkness and tells them he can take them back to 1944 to retrieve it from the sub. While Sam protests the risks of time travel, Dean insists it's their best plan. Lucifer assures Sam he won't leave Dean's side before they depart. Due to the sub being warded against all supernatural interference, Lucifer is not able to make it past the hull and has to leave Dean alone in the sub. Lucifer informs Sam about what happened. Sam realizes there may be a way to break through the warding with a spell, only to realize that the spell would require the power of an archangel.

Sometime later, Sam finds "Castiel" preparing the "spell of gathering." While Sam insists its a waste of time, "Castiel" tells him he is stronger than he thinks. Sam instead asks him to tap into his soul for power to make the trip back for Dean. This causes Lucifer to finally break and begin laughing, revealing his true self to Sam. He proceeds to pin Sam to the wall, questioning why he has sparing him, given he will never become his vessel again. He tells Sam he will touch his soul, and when he blows Sam's guts all over the Bunker he will tell Dean how much Sam insisted on it despite the danger. Lucifer then places his hand inside Sam, touching his soul. As Sam passes out from the pain, Castiel is able to wrestle control to keep Lucifer from killing Sam. He tells Sam he can't eject Lucifer, because he is the only one that can retrieve Dean. Lucifer regains control and travels back to 1944 to get Dean. Once back at the Bunker with the Hand of God, Sam warns Dean that it's not Cas, leading to Lucifer pinning Dean to the wall. As he picks up the Hand of God, he is dismayed to find that it has been "kicked" due to Delphine using it to destroy the German destroyer. Dean taunts Lucifer, causing him to advance on Dean, however Sam had drawn an angel banishing sigil with his blood and activates it before Lucifer can get to Dean.

11.15 Beyond the Mat

"You really thought you could double-cross me? Me? You know I invented the double-cross. Like literally. Of course, I couldn’t have orchestrated all of this without the lovely, talented Simmons here. She, um, she hates you, B-T-Dubs."

Lucifer is in Crowley's Lair directing the various demons on finding leads on another Hand of God artifact. He notices Crowley off to the side scrubbing the floor with a tooth brush. He asks him if he has anything to add; when Crowley doesn't Lucifer tells him to return to his task, only using his tongue to lick the floor instead.

Crowley makes his escape with the help of Simmons, and makes his way to his lock-up. Lucifer reveals that his escape was a ruse and he had Simmons break him out so he could get his hands on the Rod of Aaron. Lucifer first threatens the pain he will inflict on Crowley before turning his attention to the crate which holds the rod, only to find it is empty, and that Crowley is in possession of the weapon. Crowley uses the Rod of Aaron to smack Lucifer across the room and as he begins to absorb the power, he focuses his attack on Lucifer. Simmons, however, throws herself in front of the blast, protecting Lucifer. When Crowley attempts to blast Lucifer again, he finds that he has used all the rod's power and is sent flying back by Lucifer. Before Lucifer can finish Crowley off, he finds that he has escaped.

Lucifer assaults Crowley inside his and Castiel's vessel.

11.18 Hell's Angel

"I don't have to tell you people what a mess mankind is. The Salem Witch Trials... Third Reich... Twin Towers. And, sure, every once in a while, He'll send down a little plague to straighten them out, but it's nothing permanent. Humanity brought us Hiroshima and got a redo. I merely questioned His priorities, and I got the boot."

After sending his demons on a worldwide search for Crowley, Lucifer enters Heaven where he meets and kills Jofiel. He gathers the rest of the angels to talk them into trusting his aid in the coming battle with the Darkness, citing again that he was right about how bad humans were. The angels eventually agree to listen to his command, but an attack from the Darkness disturbs everyone in Heaven.

Later on, Sam, Dean, Crowley, and Rowena summon Lucifer to a church with the promise of giving him the Horn of Joshua. Sam ignites a ring of holy fire around the archangel once he arrives, as Dean uses an angel suppressing sigil to get Castiel to talk to them. Lucifer proves too powerful for the sigils to work, and they eventually fail. Desperate, Crowley decides to enter the vessel to try and speak with Castiel himself. Unfortunately, Castiel has lost most interest in the war, allowing Lucifer (in the form of Nick) to approach Crowley and attack him. Just as Lucifer is about to kill Crowley up against a wall, Sam and Dean exorcise Crowley, thus saving his life. Lucifer takes back control of the vessel and approaches the brothers, since the wardings have worn off.

He is interrupted in his torturing of Sam and Dean when Amara bursts in, looking for Rowena, who had been assisting the brothers. Having taken the Horn of Joshua, Lucifer attacks Amara with it. The weapon combined with Lucifer's powers prove too weak to even harm the Darkness. Amara brings Lucifer towards her and takes him elsewhere for a "nice long chat." Amara tells a bloodied Lucifer that she is going to use "God's favorite, his first son" as bait, brushing aside his suggestion that they could work together against God. She proceeds to torture the archangel, causing Lucifer to begin screaming in agony.

God heals Lucifer of his injuries.

11.21 All in the Family

"Want me to beg Daddy to come rescue his screw-up of a son? I'm no fan of Pops, but he did make all of... you know, everything. And that's something that you could never do, because all you ever wanted was nothing. It's not too inspiring, is it?... You're strong, Amara. You may defeat him. But you will never be him."

In an old grain silo, Lucifer continues to be tortured by Amara who knocks him out after his continued mockery of her. Amara then broadcasts a message to Dean, telling him she knows God is back and that if he comes into contact with Him, to let Him know that Lucifer is in bad shape as is his vessel, Castiel.

Dean distracts Amara, while Sam and Metatron locate Lucifer with the help of the new prophet Donatello Redfield. Lucifer mocks the group but agrees to help the Winchesters defeat Amara due to the torture she inflicted upon him. Lucifer also promises to set aside his differences with God as the conflict with Amara is a greater issue. Metatron frees Lucifer from his magical bindings, but Lucifer is unable to teleport them out. After Donatello senses Amara coming, he, Sam, and Lucifer flee in the Impala while Metatron stays behind, ultimately sacrificing himself to buy them time to get away.

As they make their way down the road, Amara appears in the middle of it and traps the group. Amara prepares to kill the three, but the Impala is unexpectedly teleported to the Men of Letters Bunker. There, God explains that He rescued them from Amara. Weak and leaning heavily on a door frame, Lucifer sees God for the first time since his imprisonment in the Cage and the two greet each other for the first time in millennia, commenting on how much the other has changed. God then waves His fingers and heals all of Lucifer's injuries from Amara's torture, stunning him.

11.22 We Happy Few

"No, you betrayed me. You gave me the Mark to lock her away, and when it changed me – when it did what the Mark inevitably does – you threw me away."
Lucifer is ripped out of his vessel.

Lucifer and God's reunion quickly devolves into bickering between father and son, with Chuck blocking Lucifer's powers as a safeguard. Incensed that God will not apologize to him, Lucifer storms off and locks himself inside Sam's room, telling Sam and Dean that he won't come out until God comes to him. Lucifer eventually agrees to have a sit-down with Chuck, but Chuck's passive aggressive apology to Lucifer does not defuse the situation as Lucifer accuses Him of betrayal. He tells Chuck that as soon as the Mark changed him, he was discarded. However, Chuck tells Lucifer that the Mark didn't change him, it only made him more of what was already there, e.g. his disdain for humanity. As the animosity between the two intensifies, Lucifer tells God He forsook him. Chuck admits He did, but tells Lucifer that He was supposed to love all creation equally, but Lucifer was always His favorite, which was the reason why he was given the Mark in the first place. He tells Lucifer that He hated Himself for Lucifer's corruption and chose to punish. Finally he tells Lucifer that He is sorry. With Lucifer and God having forgiven each other, the group formulates a plan of attack, with Lucifer heading off to Heaven to get the angels to help in the fight against the Darkness, going so far as to give control back to Castiel to try and win the angels over.

With a plan in place, the group meets in an abandoned power station to finally face off with Amara. As Amara is attacked by Rowena, Crowley and his demons, and the angels in Heaven, Lucifer waits inside the station listening to Amara's screams. As Amara enters the building, Lucifer charges up behind her with a yell and spears her through. As Amara cries out, Lucifer pulls the spear out, prompting Amara to fall, but before he can stab her again God stops Lucifer. As Amara gives up and prepares for Chuck to kill her, Chuck reveals that He is going to imprison her again; not wanting to be locked up again Amara fights back. Lucifer charges her from behind again, but Amara flings him hard against a support pillar across the room and forcefully rips him from his vessel, leaving Castiel unconscious.

11.23 Alpha and Omega

Following the battle with Amara, Dean checks on Lucifer only to find Castiel back in control of his vessel. Castiel tells Dean that Lucifer is gone from him and he doesn't know where the fallen archangel has gone.

12.01 Keep Calm and Carry On

Having survived Amara's attack on him, Lucifer reclaims his rule of Hell and begins searching for a new vessel. However, Lucifer has been severely weakened by Amara's attack on him and quickly burns through his vessels, using Jervis and another demon to clean them up afterwards. Crowley hunts Lucifer in hopes of killing him while he's weakened to regain control of Hell and solidify his control of it, but Lucifer burns through his current vessel before Crowley can track him down.

Lucifer bares his wings after being attacked by Crowley.

12.02 Mamma Mia

"You know, I got to say, Rowena, I took one look at you, and all I wanted was to snap your miserable neck again. And keep it snapped this time. But I think I've decided against it."

Lucifer finds a new potential vessel in aging rock star Vince Vincente. Much as he did with Nick, Lucifer creates hallucinations to convince the depressed musician to give him permission to possess his body. Vince does so after Lucifer makes Vince believe he'll be reunited with his late lover. Lucifer quickly gets comfortable in his new vessel, being interrupted only once by one of Vince's band mates. After Lucifer informs the rocker that he won't be going to rehearsal, telling him he has plans, the band mate grows annoyed but Lucifer knocks him out of the room. Lucifer then smugly reminds him that he told him he had plans.

Lucifer quickly travels to Crowley's Lair where he confronts the former King of Hell. He marches up to the demon and tells him to get off of his furniture but Crowley just mocks Lucifer for his choice in a new vessel. Crowley then offers Lucifer a deal, telling him that Lucifer would be better off running Heaven in God's absence and should allow Crowley to deal with the demons. Lucifer seems to consider it for a moment before reminding Crowley that he could smite him into oblivion. Before it escalates, Rowena appears and puts a paralysis spell on Lucifer's vessel. Lucifer assures Crowley that the spell won't hold him for long before Crowley splashes acid into Lucifer's face, wanting to damage his vessel so Rowena could exorcise him and send him back to the Cage. Lucifer overcomes the magic, however, showing off his wings before healing his vessel's injuries. Crowley flees in fear while Lucifer takes Rowena captive.

Lucifer returns from the bottom of the ocean.

12.03 The Foundry

"You got any beauty spells locked up in that witchy brain of yours? Huh? I thought this one would last a bit longer before going all Keith Richards on me. This vessel hopping's getting old. Just as I get used to limitations in one meatsack, I gotta cut bait and jump to the next flawed lump."

Lucifer pays Vince's sister Wendy a visit and heals her of her paralysis as part of the agreement he made to get Vince's permission. Seeing that his new vessel is already beginning to show signs of decay, he orders Rowena to cast a spell that will ensure he can keep using Vince, as he finds that the vessel suits him. However, during the ritual, Rowena instead speeds up Vince's degrading process, much to Lucifer's fury. He proclaims that Rowena can't destroy him; Rowena agrees, and sends both Lucifer and his rotting vessel to the bottom of the ocean.

12.07 Rock Never Dies

"Because it's fun. Because I can. And because being Lucifer? So much Judeo-Christian baggage. But Vince? He's famous. Everybody loves him... And I need love. I had a really jacked childhood."

Lucifer is drawn to a fossilized feather from his wings, which is in the possession of young wannabe satanists. Lucifer teleports to them, and uses the feather to temporarily heal his rotting vessel, which has deteriorated even more from his time in the ocean. One of the satanists recognizes him as Vince Vincente and Lucifer realizes that he could gain devotion using his vessel's fame. He travels to Los Angeles and quickly begins to boost Vincente's fame. He tests out the devotion of those close to Vince, even convincing a groupie to harm herself for him. When Lucifer is threatened by a music producer after he fails to properly portray Vince, he casually kills the producer and goes to a show his band is putting on for publicity. However, he notices that his vessel is beginning to decay again when he arrives.

Lucifer makes his escape.

Before the show, Lucifer tries to kill the rest of Vince's band but is interrupted by Castiel and Crowley. They ask why he's parading around as a rock star and he explains that it's fun, not having to deal with the baggage of being the devil. He easily overpowers and beats down both Castiel and Crowley before taking the stage in front of a cheering crowd, where Sam and Dean are waiting. Lucifer prepares to slaughter the crowd but Dean fires a gun, forcing the crowd out. Lucifer keeps the Winchesters inside, surprised to see them. When Dean tries to use binding handcuffs on him, he easily melts them off of his wrists. He stops another attack from Castiel before being questioned about why he is doing this after making up with God.

Lucifer explains that God apologized for abandoning him only to leave again immediately after. He felt that God used him to help defeat Amara but only for that purpose. Furious, Lucifer declares that there's no point in any of their actions anymore, that there is nothing of God's creation except people looking for distractions. He declares that he is going to just keep on smashing God's toys and making the Winchesters watch because he has nothing better to do. Vince's body begins to completely burn out, with Lucifer having overexerted himself inside of it. Lucifer doesn't mind though, saying he would just go "onward and upward" and he leaves the rock star's body for good. With Vincente dead, Sam points out that Lucifer was dangerous when he had a motive, but now he could be even more dangerous just having fun.

Lucifer possessing the archbishop of St. Louis.

12.08 LOTUS

"This isn't over, Sam!!!"

Lucifer jumps into billionaire Wallace Parker, but his vessel soon deteriorates, forcing him to take possession of the archbishop of St. Louis. When a young priest notices crosses becoming inverted in the archbishop's presence, he gathers the other priests and nuns to perform an exorcism on Lucifer, which does not work and forces Lucifer to slaughter everyone before his vessel burns out. Lucifer next finds his way to the President of the United States, Jefferson Rooney, and convinces him to become his vessel for the good of the country. After possessing the president, Lucifer speaks to the owner of his vessel in order to better understand how to properly portray him. A secret service agent notices Lucifer alone in the room talking to himself and confronts him. Seeing Lucifer's eyes flash red, Lucifer then kills the agent. After posing as the president and sitting in on briefings, Lucifer has intercourse for the first time with one of the presidential staff members, a woman named Kelly Kline.

President Lucifer.

While the two are speaking in bed after Lucifer's first time, Kelly gave Lucifer the idea to make a child when she tells him that he would make an amazing father. The two continue their secret relationship and eventually conceive a Nephilim which is sensed by Castiel as a massive surge of celestial energy more immense than what would be produced by any typical angel. Lucifer then has his secret service agents track and detain the Winchesters, telling them they are cult members trying to assassinate him. Crowley teleports to Kelly and brings her to the Winchesters so that they can convince the mother of Lucifer's child to lure him out of the compound to the motel room so that they can exorcise him. Kelly tells Lucifer that she does not want to keep his child and Lucifer begins to strangle her. Sam bursts in the room from the bathroom and activates the Hyperbolic Pulse Generator, beating Lucifer back. On Dean's signal, Rowena begins the spell to send Lucifer's essence back to the Cage. Eventually, the strain from the pulse generator forces Lucifer to vacate the president.

12.12 Stuck in the Middle (With You)

"♫ Oh, there was a gun that won the west, there was a man among the best. The fastest gun or man alive, a lightning bolt when he shot the Colt. Bang! Forty-five. ♫ Man. "

After saving Castiel's life, Crowley returns to his throne room where a voice begins mocking him about working with the Winchesters, and how they will eventually kill him like they have done to every demon before him. Crowley, on his throne, calls him a "dog" and tells him to shut his mouth. Lucifer replies that that's not his name, as his eyes glow red.

A comatose Nick is about to be repossessed by Lucifer.

12.13 Family Feud

"Thanks? I mean, all that effort. So you could've had me back in the cage, but no, you needed your sad, little revenge. How do you think this is going to end?"

Crowley tells Lucifer, who is imprisoned in a cell in his lair, that he had a dozen of his most loyal study the Cage at the molecular level to replicate the material and make the chains that bind him. He was also able to recover Nick's body, repaired it, and improved it to make it a suitable permanent vessel for Lucifer who tells him that it will not end well for Crowley. After realizing that Crowley has a son, he asks him for advice since he was also about to become a dad.

Lucifer later mentally contacts Dagon.

12.15 Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

"Ooh. I’m flattered. All this hard work, all that... grr! You get 'em, slugger! I'm still gonna peel off your skin and eat your soul."

Lucifer is threatening to destroy Crowley who is still gloating over how he was able to imprison him. Crowley is interrupted by a pair of demons who arrive to catch him up with soul deals. He places a gag on Lucifer to keep him quiet, but the act with the two demons turns out to be a ruse to discover what Crowley has been keeping from them. They are able to pickpocket Crowley and take the key to Lucifer's chains. They offer to release Lucifer if he complies to their demands. After the chains are removed, Lucifer betrays them and turns one of them into dust. He tells the other to understand that he has to get rid of all the witnesses, which he accepts by offering his life to Lucifer. Uncomfortable, Lucifer tells the demon that he "made it weird" before exploding him too.

After Crowley helps Sam and Dean deal with Ramsey, he finds Lucifer on his throne. Lucifer attacks Crowley and powers himself up, threatening to destroy him, but Crowley is able to deactivate Lucifer's powers and effectively torture him with a snap of his fingers. Crowley reveals that he was able to carve the spell-work from the Cage into every molecule of Nick's body so he can make him into his slave.

12.17 The British Invasion

"I say this – anyone who does not support this one true king, can be assured of suffering unendurable and everlasting agony... I don't hear applause."

Lucifer is seen mentally communicating with Dagon to check in on his son. After she tells him that he and "the container" are fine, he reminds her to keep it up and not to fail her again. He is seen giving Crowley submission by licking the floors because he tries to convince him that it's better than going back to the Cage with Michael, who is still catatonic. Crowley presents him to the rest of his hench-demons to earn their respect and show that he was able to tame the Devil, but Lucifer quietly tells them that he is the real king, not Crowley.

A demon named Drexel is seen looking for a way to deactivate the security system in Nick's body. He tells Lucifer that a demon named Spivak designed everything in Nick's body, but Crowley killed him to safeguard its secrets. Drexel tells Lucifer that he will try to disarm it as fast as he can, and Lucifer tells him to do it soon since he is going stir-crazy and he is about to become a father.

12.19 The Future

"Here's another promise for you – find my boy, or the torments I will visit upon you will be infinite. Promise. You make this right, Dagon. Make it right."

After Castiel escapes her grasp with Kelly Kline, Dagon tries to tell Lucifer that everything is fine, but he is able to sense that she is lying and demands that she tell him what happened. After she tells him how the angels, specifically Cas, retrieved Kelly, Lucifer screams which makes Dagon bend down in pain. He threatens to take back his promise to her of a place by his side, and to make her suffer for all eternity if she fails to retrieve Kelly and his son.

Lucifer basking in his newly gained freedom.

12.21 There's Something About Mary

"'Master strategist...' More like Kermit the Frog. Oh, my little Muppet! Crowley, what will I do without you?"

Drexel is still inspecting Nick's body to find a way to deactivate the security system, but Drexel hides behind the door when Crowley enters the cell. Crowley tells him that he is planning to use him as a weapon against his enemies, specifically Dr. Hess. He also tells Lucifer that Dagon was killed, his son is being protected by Cas, and Crowley also plans to raise his son as a soldier working for him instead of killing him. After he leaves, Drexel continues to inspect Nick's body, but he is surprised to see that it is beginning to power up in the opposite direction, giving Lucifer control over Crowley instead of vice versa.

Crowley comes back into the cell to mock Lucifer about his intentions to kill him, but Lucifer starts to show off his newfound puppet-like abilities over Crowley's meatsuit. Lucifer is able to remove the chains before Crowley tries to escape, and he is able to telekinetically throw him all over the throne room in front of all the other demons in the room. He powers up, possibly destroying the security system in Nick's body. He apparently kills Crowley in front of the other demons with an angel blade, but Crowley is able to take possession of a rat just before Lucifer stabs his meatsuit. He and Drexel tell them to throw his meatsuit away; they comply while the rat follows them out.

Lucifer is later seen with a change in attire, looking at a majestic mountainside, about to start his search for his son.

12.22 Who We Are

Dr. Hess shows Sam recent photos of Lucifer exiting the Needham Asylum. She tells him that Lucifer is tracking Kelly Kline and Castiel and that Sam needs her help, but he refuses and lets Jody shoot her in the head. Sam takes the photos with him before the compound is destroyed.

12.23 All Along the Watchtower

"Mature. Real mature! You guys? I really want to enjoy this. Really wanna savor just ripping you apart, gettin' all up in there, and gettin' all gooey. But, you know, little slugger's almost here and, uh... Well, I'm on the clock."

Sam, Dean, and Mary inspect the photos of Lucifer and confirm that he has returned and retrieved his old vessel, Nick. Sam calls Rowena to tell her that they need her help in sending Lucifer back to the Cage, but Lucifer answers her phone and tells Sam that he stomped Rowena's face "till the white meat showed". He tells Sam that he and Dean no longer matter since they can no longer imprison him before hanging up and leaving the phone on Rowena's incinerated body. Sam and Dean decide to track down Cas and Kelly before Lucifer gets to them, but Crowley appears. They berate Crowley for saving Lucifer, but he tells them that he saved him because he wanted to win and earn the demons' fear and respect. He offers to seal the Gates of Hell if they stop Lucifer. After they locate Kelly and Cas in North Cove, Washington, they leave Crowley behind in the Bunker while they go to stop Lucifer.

After they arrive, they discover that the golden energy of the Nephilim, Jack Kline, had seeped out and created a tear in the fabric of the universe which leads to Apocalypse World -- an Alternate Universe where Sam and Dean were never born and the world has become a battlefield for a never-ending war between angels and demons. They plan to imprison Lucifer in there to prevent him from getting to his son. When Lucifer arrives with plans to jump start the Apocalypse again as soon as he gets his son, Sam and Dean are able to lead him across the rift. Dean shows up with a high-intensity machine gun loaded with bullets cast from old angel blades given to him by an alternate version of Bobby, and fires at Lucifer like crazy. Unfortunately, the bullets do not kill him and he goes to attack Dean. Meanwhile, Sam and Crowley are working a spell to seal the rift, but it requires one more ingredient - a life. Crowley tells Lucifer how much he hates him and says goodbye to Sam and Dean before killing himself to complete the spell. Castiel barges through the rift to attack Lucifer and buy Sam and Dean time to leave before the rift closes. After passing through, Cas stabs Lucifer and somehow manages to escape, but the blade doesn't kill him and Lucifer passes through the rift and stabs Cas in the back, killing him with his own angel blade. Mary appears wearing her Enochian brass knuckles and goes to punch Lucifer and send him back through the rift. As she punches him, his grace pulses bright red and he drops Castiel's angel blade. As he is passing through the rift, he grabs Mary who barrels after him and becomes imprisoned with him. He screams at his defeat while staring at Mary with pure anger as the rift closed.

13.01 Lost and Found

"So, you thought you could run away from me? Really? Really, you do know I can fly, right?"

In Apocalypse World, Mary attempts to flee from Lucifer, but seemingly doesn't get far as Lucifer appears before her. He knocks Mary down with a back fist, reminding her that he can fly before picking her up by her collar. Mary questions if Lucifer is going to kill her, and as Lucifer tosses her aside to be impaled he stops her fall, pulling her back up and telling her he may have use for her.

13.02 The Rising Son

"Yeah, let me tell you a couple things, all right? You don't get to defy God and beat the Cage without having a modicum of intelligence, all right? A game plan, i.e., I don't want you dead because I need you alive. All right, look, yeah, in a perfect world, I would probably kill you and your plodding sons. But life isn't fair. Your sons have my boy. So I'm gonna exchange you for my son."

Mary sits down in the dirt of the post-Apocalyptic wasteland, resigned to the idea that no matter what, Lucifer will kill her. Lucifer, however, despite his annoyance at her slow pace, assures Mary that he will not. He tells her that he needs her as collateral to trade back to Sam and Dean for his son. Dismissing Mary's doubtfulness regarding his son, he tells her that she doesn't know what he cares about. While Lucifer is surveying the land, a fireball comes hurtling towards him and Mary. He ducks out of the way as it narrowly misses him and explodes into the earth. When the smoke clears he finds that Mary is gone.

Michael, Lucifer, and Mary.

Lucifer is soon able to track Mary down once again, saving her from being killed by a hunter by impaling him with his arm. He attempts to entreat her to see the win/win situation of working together to find a way out. When Mary tells him she doesn't want him to win, Lucifer snaps his fingers, causing Mary to double over in agonizing pain; after a few seconds he releases Mary and insists she continue with him.

As they are walking, Lucifer begins to mock Mary for being tired, telling her he doesn't want to hear another word from her for the rest of their journey. Suddenly a group of angels materializes. Claiming to smell a creature that "stinks of Hell" the commanding angel demands Lucifer identify himself; when he does the angel does not believe him, stating that Lucifer was killed by the archangel Michael, and orders his soldiers to smite Lucifer on his command. Lucifer, in disbelief that they would try and smite him, snaps his fingers and disintegrates the angels. This act appears to call the attention of Michael, who crashes to the earth like a comet. Upon stepping out of the crater, he tells Lucifer that he believes he is who he says he is. Lucifer mocks Michael, telling him he is nothing but a cheap knockoff of his Michael, prompting Michael to tell him that he ripped his Lucifer apart over Abilene. As Michael insinuates that he wishes to fight, Lucifer agrees and sucker punches him. The two exchange blows, with thunder clapping at each hit. Michael soon gets the upper hand and immobilizes Lucifer, twisting his arm till it nearly rips off. Lucifer, in a state of defeat, asks if Michael plans to kill him. Michael simply tells Lucifer he may need him.

13.07 War of the Worlds

"I got plenty of gripes with the old man. His self-righteous narcissism, His 'my way or the highway' quirk. I gotta hand it to Him. He had a couple of great seconds when He banged out the universe. Guy had creative chops. And optimism. I'll give Him that. And despite His pissiness and His massive lack of irony, He did give mankind a good time at bat and a chance to live in paradise. He ruled. He smote. He parted waters. Worshiped by creatures who made God in man's image. And then He got disappointed. Or worse, bored. Picked up all His toys and... left."
Lucifer, suspended in a gibbet cage, being tortured by Michael.

Suspended in a hanging cage, Lucifer ruminates on the nature of God, creation, and humanity. Snapping back to reality, Michael reveals that he'd tapped into Lucifer's temporal lobe, allowing him to glimpse the other Universe. He tells Lucifer he plans to take up residence there and lend his guiding hand to the world. Lucifer mocks Michael, pointing to the wasteland he has turned his own Earth into. Undeterred, Michael tells Lucifer he knows the thing he fears most is to be locked away, so when he crosses over, he will leave Lucifer to rot where he hangs. Lucifer insults Michael in reply; he retaliates by shifting the cage and making him fall back onto a few spikes protruding from the back, causing him to scream in agony.

Michael later has his soldiers take Lucifer down, while Michael calls Lucifer pathetic for believing he was God. Lucifer corrects him by saying he never claimed to be God or a god, but that he is everything that humanity thinks of him and worse, and congratulates him for ruling a dead world. Michael reveals that he plans on creating a new rift with the aid of his prophet, Kevin Tran, who reveals a possible spell that will open a rift which requires the grace of an archangel. Michael, unwilling to give up his grace, takes a large portion of Lucifer's.

Kevin performs the spell and creates a new rift, and in the aftermath of the shock wave Lucifer frees himself and makes his escape, with the rift sealing behind him. Lucifer finds himself in where he believes to be Cincinnati, Ohio. As he tries to ask passersby where he is, he is ignored, with one woman believing him to be homeless. When he confronts her, she gives him money, telling him not spend it on drugs. Lucifer tosses the bill away, tells her he is Lucifer, and snaps his fingers. Nothing happens and the woman laughs, telling him her ex-husband is Lucifer as she walks away. Confused, Lucifer walks down the street, attempting to kill people with his hand gestures to no avail.

Lucifer eventually makes it the playground where he comes across Castiel being attacked by angels. He moves to threaten the angel Dumah, who has Castiel at blade point. After flashing his eyes red, Dumah drops the blade and makes her escape with the other angels back to Heaven. Weakened from the loss of most of his grace, Lucifer begins coughing and takes a seat on a bench to gain his composure. Castiel approaches, wishing to know how he has returned. He notes that Lucifer has been weakened and moves to attack. Lucifer assures him he has enough strength, but that they need to talk.

The two end up at a bar where Lucifer explains all about Michael and his plans for their Earth. Castiel is disinterested in working with Lucifer, which causes Lucifer to give an impassioned speech about how they can save the world with his son and how Castiel can be redeemed in Heaven's eyes. Castiel, still skeptical, asks what's to stop Lucifer from killing him after he finds his son. Lucifer assures him that he does not want Michael to make it to their Earth, and that with God gone, they are all that's left. When Castiel suggests talking to Sam and Dean, Lucifer questions why, telling him all they will want to do is lock him back up. He tells Castiel that they need each other. Lucifer then changes the subject to his son, whom Castiel reveals is named Jack. He asks Castiel how he hid him so well, eventually figuring out that Castiel has lost him. Laughing, he asks Castiel if Jack hurt "them" before they are interrupted by the arrival of Asmodeus. Walking through the bar, Asmodeus kills the bartender with a snap of his fingers, causing Lucifer to flinch. Gaining his composure, Lucifer turns around and greets Asmodeus, mocking him as a stooge and runt. Realizing Lucifer is in a weakened state, Asmodeus uses his powers to send Lucifer and Castiel flying back into the bar.

At Needham Asylum, Lucifer and Castiel are being kept alive and imprisoned for the usefulness they will bring to Asmodeus' future plans.

13.12 Various & Sundry Villains

"Okay, let's face it Cassandra, the truths I say hurt 'cause they're hard to swallow so people call 'em lies. Go figure."

Held prisoner at the Needham Asylum alongside Castiel, Lucifer bemoans his lack of power and repeatedly attempts to convince Castiel to give him some of his grace so that Lucifer can power up again. Castiel refuses and Lucifer is repeatedly taunted by the demon Dipper, earning Lucifer rebukes from Castiel for his behavior. While held prisoner together, Castiel tells Lucifer about his son and what he is like. After getting mad, Lucifer discovers that rage enables him to use some of his powers. When Dipper returns, Lucifer is able to pull the demon into his cell bars with telekinesis, burn through the warding on both cells, and break a stick off in Dipper's neck. Castiel smites Dipper, allowing Castiel and Lucifer the chance to escape with Lucifer armed with Dipper's angel blade. As they turn to leave, they are confronted by four demons armed with angel blades and Castiel and Lucifer work together to defeat them.

Following the fight, Lucifer is left exhausted from his use of power in his weakened state and rests outside of the Needham Asylum despite Castiel's warnings that more demons will be coming. Lucifer once again attempts to convince Castiel to give him some of his grace, but Castiel refuses to trust him after Lucifer's betrayal while they were fighting against the Darkness. Lucifer attempts to take Castiel's grace by force, mildly wounding Castiel with a slash from his angel blade and promising to leave Castiel some of his grace. In response, Castiel impales Lucifer with his angel blade, stating that "this is me, learning from my mistakes." In pain, Lucifer's glowing red eyes flicker a few times before going out.

13.13 Devil's Bargain

"No. No, I always wanted to fit in, please a father I couldn't please. And now I'm gonna be a father. Probably screw it up like He did... I don't know why I said that. Stupid. I mean, it's like pretty soon, I'm not gonna feel anything, you know. I mean the more I do this, the stronger I get, the more me I become. Lucifer Prince of Darkness. King of Lies. I'm back, baby."
Lucifer consumes a portion of Jo's grace.

After his fight with Castiel, Lucifer escapes to Missouri, where he finds a cherub who has caused a man and woman to fall in love. Congratulating "Cupid", Lucifer takes the cherub to an alley where he siphons out the cherub's grace. Needing more, he asks the now-human cherub where he can find more angels, but is told that there are not many left. While the cherub begins to plead for his life, Lucifer warns him that he is only human now and accidents happen, before driving his fist through the cherub's chest, killing him. After burning through the cherub's grace, Lucifer begins going through withdrawal due to not being able to find any angels among the humans. His weakened state soon leads to hunger, and he tries panhandling for money to feed himself. However, his abrasive attitude does not yield results as the passersby ignore his "begging." A homeless man named Tim who had been panhandling next to Lucifer takes pity on him and offers to feed him.

As Lucifer goes to enter a restaurant, Tim takes him instead to the alley next to the building and begins going through the dumpster. Lucifer, confused as to why he doesn't buy food, is told by Tim that he is saving his money to get his leg fixed by Sister Jo. Lucifer assures him that nothing can be done to fix his leg and that faith healers are all fake. When Tim explains Sister Jo's abilities, it piques his interest and prompts him to pay a visit to her.

Lucifer witnesses a glow coming from Sister Jo's hands as she heals the injured and confirms she is an angel. Confronting her afterwards, he reveals he knows Sister Jo's true name, Anael. The two converse about Anael's business acumen before Lucifer produces an angel blade and tells her he needs to recharge his grace with hers. As he advances on her, Jo offers a proposition: rather than take all her grace and have to worry about finding more angels, he can take portions from her, allowing her to recharge and offer up more of her grace as needed. Lucifer accepts the deal, After consuming a portion of her grace Lucifer mentions the cherub he killed prior, which was reported on angel radio, prompting Jo to question if anyone knew Lucifer was going to visit her.

Lucifer sits upon Heaven's Throne.

Later that night in a motel, Lucifer takes more grace from Jo before the two collapse together on a bed. Lying there, they begin talking about feeling human; Jo enjoys the sensation while Lucifer says he doesn't like it. He admits that he always wanted to be accepted by God and is worried that he will screw up with his own son, Jack.

The next morning Lucifer lays on the bed reading a Bible, commenting on how wrong it is and that God had stolen all his best lines. When Jo gets caught by the Winchesters and Castiel and leads them to Lucifer, she tells Lucifer the Winchesters think he is still weak, and when Dean attempts to restrain him, Jo and Lucifer attack. As Lucifer begins to slowly kill the three, Arthur Ketch arrives and throws a demon bomb at Lucifer, forcing him to teleport away with Jo.

At the sandbox, Lucifer meets with the angel Dumah, who orders her subordinates to kill him. Lucifer warns her that even in his weakened state, she can't kill him. Instead Lucifer offers them a deal: in exchange for revealing how to create new angels and giving the angels their wings back, Lucifer wishes to be named "the undisputed and unquestioned ruler in Heaven." Dumah accepts Lucifer's offer. Upon being brought to Heaven Lucifer takes his seat on Heaven's throne, with Jo standing next to him while the angels kneel before him.

13.18 Bring 'em Back Alive

"Ready or not, world, New God is open for ‘bidnizz’. All right, children... I shall hear your prayers. [...] Unbelievable. Losers. Whining. I can't believe Pop put up with it as long as he did."

Sitting on the floor of Heaven's Throne Room, Lucifer is playing solitaire as Jo enters the room. Lucifer asks her where she has been and why she hasn't been pitching in. Jo demands to know why Lucifer isn't commanding the angels or trying to make Heaven better. Dumah soon enters to update Lucifer on the search for his son; she reveals they do not have the manpower to search the planet properly for Jack, however Lucifer flashes his red eyes and reiterates that Jack is a priority. As Dumah leaves, Lucifer objects to his treatment by Dumah, telling Jo if God had told the angels "Scour the Earth" they wouldn't question. However, Jo tells Lucifer that if he wants to be treated like God, he should try acting like Him.

Lucifer attempts to be "God" by listening to humanity's prayers.

Lucifer gets dressed in a tailored black suit, placing a pair of sunglasses on to complete the ensemble. He takes a seat on the throne and prepares to listen to the prayers of humanity. As Lucifer hears a chorus of prayers, a scowl comes across his face due to what he perceives as whining from humanity. As he continues listening, he picks up on an exorcism being performed and pops down to Earth as two priests attempt to remove what they believe to be Satan from a young women. Lucifer corrects the priests, telling them the girl is being possessed by a simple demon named Anthony, whom he exorcises and sends back to Hell. When the priests question who he is, he reveals himself as Lucifer, and that he is in charge of Heaven, which shocks the priests who scream "blasphemy" at him as they throw holy water in his face. Lucifer tries to calm them down, but quickly grows frustrated and snaps his fingers, disintegrating them.

Back in Heaven, Lucifer vents his frustration to Jo that the universe, humans, angels -- all are flawed beyond redemption and not worth his time. Jo asks if that means he is giving up. Lucifer replies that he is just going to refocus, look for Jack and remake the universe in his image, with people to worship him and love him. Jo asks why he hasn't helped create more angels, only for Lucifer to admit that he can't do it. Jo admonishes Lucifer, telling him it's not the angels or humans or God that are killing him, it's that he's afraid that his son will have nothing but contempt for him. She tells him if he can't create, he might as well be back in the Cage. Lucifer reaches out from his seat and grabs Jo by the throat. His eyes blaze red in anger as he squeezes harder, staring at Jo, who is struggling for breath. He suddenly lets go and Jo backs away towards the door leaving Lucifer alone.

13.19 Funeralia

Lucifer is shown to have abandoned his post as the ruler of Heaven when Castiel visits. Naomi explains to Castiel that to stabilize Heaven, the other angels thought that any archangel would do, but doesn't explain about Lucifer's rule beyond calling it a "long story."

13.21 Beat the Devil

"All this time, there was one thing that mattered. I had a son... You know, I used to be able to sense him. You know, feel him in the world. Ever since I’ve been down here I can’t--I can’t feel him. It’s like he dropped off the face of the Earth. Not that finding him would change anything. His bitch of a mother poisoned him against me, probably forever."

In order to power the portal to Apocalypse World, the Winchesters, Castiel, Gabriel, and Rowena decide to capture Lucifer with the added intention of ending his threat once and for all. As Lucifer drinks his sorrows away in a bar, he is ambushed by Gabriel and Rowena, both of whom he'd believed dead at his hands. Together, the two magically bind and subdue Lucifer.

Lucifer's grace slowly being drained to keep the rift open.

Lucifer is taken to the Bunker where Castiel slits his throat open with an angel blade to use Lucifer's grace to continuously power the spell. As the group crosses over into Apocalypse World, Lucifer is left in the Bunker with his grace draining into the spell bowl, guarded by Rowena. Lucifer takes pleasure in tormenting Rowena who ignores him until he taunts Rowena about killing her. Rowena snaps and goes off on Lucifer, revealing in the process that Lucifer's son is in the Apocalypse World. His purpose revitalized, Lucifer breaks free and attacks Rowena who magically repels him, inadvertently blasting Lucifer through the portal to Apocalypse World and leaving the portal without a power source to keep it open.

After having his throat ripped out by a vampire and dying, Sam suddenly awakens with Lucifer at his side. Lucifer reveals that he drained the grace of several of Michael's angels he encountered along the way and, after tracking Sam down, resurrected him. Lucifer shows that he is holding back a horde of ravening vampires and explains that he has resurrected Sam because he wants Sam's help in forming a relationship with his son. Lucifer further insists that the Winchesters need his help to defeat Michael and he will find Jack with or without Sam's help.

Later, Sam enters Jack and Mary Winchester's camp accompanied by Lucifer. As everyone stares at Lucifer in shock, Lucifer greets his son for the first time.

13.22 Exodus

"So I want you to think about this. Your Grandfather is God. Think about that -- Of all the powerful families in history... Forget the Tudors, Trumps, Jackson Five. We're numero uno."

Lucifer tells the group he brought Sam back before Dean tells Gabriel to kill him with the archangel blade, but this argument causes Jack to leave as Lucifer states they need his help before he submits to the binding cuffs. As Castiel escorts him, he greets Mary, receiving a punch to the face for his troubles. Jack returns and against everyone's protests, decides to talk to Lucifer who works at building a relationship with his son. On the road, Lucifer kills an attacking group of angels and reveals that he only pretended the handcuffs were working before melting them off. The Winchesters and Castiel attempt to keep Lucifer separate from Jack with little success, while Lucifer tells Jack his version of his history. While telling Jack about the family, Lucifer points out Gabriel to Jack who mentions they met. Gabriel tells his nephew not to trust what his father is saying since he merely plays the victim.

Lucifer sheds a tear after listening to Gabriel's rejection of him.

At night, Lucifer gets into an argument with Gabriel who compares Lucifer to a cancer that God felt he had to cut out by throwing it into the Cage to protect humanity. The confrontation leaves Lucifer emotional and he visibly sheds tears. With time running out before the rift closes, Lucifer aids Dean in repairing a bus to transport everyone to the rift. Though Jack tries to stay behind to kill Michael, Lucifer aids Sam in convincing Jack to return with them, causing Jack to call Lucifer his father which pleases the latter. Dean has Lucifer drive the bus so they will know what he is up to. Lucifer gets everyone to the rift as it is on the verge of closing, when the rift suddenly widens again, allowing the refugees to cross. As Lucifer attempts to cross over to be with Jack, he is held back to help set up a defense in case any angels arrive. When Michael shows up, Lucifer takes him on, but is easily beaten. Weakened, Lucifer tries to follow the Winchesters through, but is tossed to the ground by Sam and left behind with Michael as the rift closes.

Alone with Michael and Gabriel's corpse, Lucifer offers a deal to Michael where he will help Michael reach his universe. Once they arrive, Michael will be able to take over the universe while Lucifer gets Jack back. As a gesture of his sincerity, Lucifer provides Michael with the ritual to reopen the rift.

13.23 Let the Good Times Roll

"I can murder you both and end all life in the universe. Remake it in my image, better than Dad ever could. I'm thinkin' mmm... fire-breathing dragons, sassy talking robots. I might give humans another chance if they know their place and worship me, 'cause I've earned it. But hey, it'll probably take a few days to unravel the universe, Maybe, uh, 7, 10 days tops. So maybe, just maybe, one of you could stop me. Maybe."

Lucifer appears in the forest near the Men of Letters Bunker where Jack is berating himself over all the people he has hurt. Lucifer brushes off questions of how he has returned and states that he has returned for Jack. He tells Jack that Sam lied about his death, but that he does not to blame Sam for trapping him, considering the things he has done to him over the years. Lucifer suggests that he and Jack leave Earth together, but Jack asks that Lucifer resurrect Maggie first. Lucifer reluctantly returns to the Bunker and resurrects Maggie, departing with Jack afterwards.

Lucifer's death.

In the forest at night, Lucifer continues to entice Jack to join him in going out into the stars when Jack receives a prayer from Sam that they are in danger. Jack returns to the Bunker in time to save the Winchesters and severely tortures Michael. In the process, Michael reveals his deal with Lucifer. Having learned that Maggie saw her killer's glowing red eyes, Sam reveals Lucifer as Maggie's killer to Jack. Jack forces Lucifer to admit that he was spotted by Maggie while scouting out the Bunker causing Jack to turn on his father, effectively disowning him. Realizing he has lost Jack, Lucifer tells his son if he can't have him as his son, he only needs Jack's power. Lucifer produces an archangel blade from his sleeve and opens a slit in Jack's neck and absorbs the majority of his grace, leaving Jack temporarily powerless. As Lucifer teleports away with Jack, Sam grabs on and is teleported with them to a church.

Now more powerful than ever, Lucifer gloats over his plans to take over the universe and remake it as he wants. Jack tries to stop him from killing Sam, but Lucifer punches him and knocks him to the ground, telling him he can make more kids. Drawing his archangel blade and kicking it between Sam and Jack, Lucifer demands that they fight to the death, suggesting that he will let the victor survive and they will have seven to ten days to find a way to stop him before he destroys everything in the universe. Though Sam orders Jack to kill him, Jack chooses to commit suicide to allow Sam to continue fighting.

Lucifer's wings are singed onto the ground around his vessel.

As Jack starts stabbing himself, Dean arrives, now the vessel of Apocalypse World Michael, but with Dean in control. Lucifer, surprised that Dean let Michael possess him, learns that Dean and Michael have something in common; that they both want to "gut his ass." Dean is able to kick Lucifer across the church and the two engage in battle, throwing each other all over the church and fighting in mid-air. However, Lucifer proves to be the stronger and begins to beat Dean in mid-air, taunting that Dean gave it a good try and explains that he no longer needs a blade to kill him and Michael because of his bolstered grace. As Lucifer begins smiting Dean, Sam tosses Michael's archangel blade to him. Dean stabs Lucifer in the heart with the blade, causing him to drop Dean. Still floating in mid-air with a bright red light emanating from his vessel, fire pours from Lucifer's eyes and wound as he screams in horrific agony before dropping dead to the floor in a final flash of light, his vessel's corpse surrounded by his burned wings. Shortly afterwards, as the Winchesters and Jack celebrate Lucifer's death, Michael reneges on his deal with Dean by taking control of his meatsuit and disappears.

14.01 Stranger in a Strange Land

When Sam enters the Bunker's dungeon, he meets Lucifer's vessel Nick, still alive after Lucifer was killed. Nick pulls up his shirt and reveals the wound he sustained when Dean stabbed him with the archangel blade. As Sam dabs some hydrogen peroxide on the wound, he theorizes that when an archangel blade is used to kill an archangel, the vessel is somehow spared. Nick feels guilty for giving Lucifer his consent to possess him and notes that it's weird how Sam can still see Lucifer when he looks at him. Despite that, Sam and Nick are both glad that Lucifer is dead. Nick says that he only remembers bits and pieces from when he was possessed. He tells Sam that while he doesn't remember much about Dean, he remembers something about Michael's plans: how he said "he wanted to do it right this time."

14.02 Gods and Monsters

Nick continues to be haunted by flashbacks of what Lucifer did in his body and his aggressive behavior and occasional Lucifer-like mannerisms cause Castiel to suspect that Lucifer did more damage to Nick's psyche than had been previously realized.

Lucifer is awakened in the Empty by Nick's prayer.

14.07 Unhuman Nature

While at a hospital due to Jack's worsening condition, Castiel tells a nurse that Jack's father is dead because "he got stabbed in the heart and exploded." Later, Rowena is less than enthusiastic to help after being reminded that Jack is Lucifer's son, though she expresses pleasure at the fact that Lucifer is dead.

After Nick locates Frank Kellogg, who murdered his wife and son, he discovers that Kellogg was possessed by the demon Abraxas. Nick recognizes the name and remembers that Lucifer knew him personally. Later, after killing the beat cop, his distraught prayer to Lucifer causes something to awaken within the Empty -- a black skeletal figure with glowing red eyes.

14.11 Damaged Goods

During a confrontation with Nick, Abraxas is surprised to see him again, having remembered that Lucifer used him as a vessel. Nick tells him that Lucifer is dead, which he calmly finds interesting. After restraining everyone in the room, Abraxas reveals that he killed Nick's family on Lucifer's orders and that Lucifer planned the whole thing. According to Abraxas, Nick was chosen but was not special, telling Nick, "we threw a dart at the phone book."

14.12 Prophet and Loss

Nick, who has been telling the police that he was possessed by Lucifer, escapes from the hospital he was detained in while the four jurisdictions he crossed argue about where he should go. He retreats to his old house in Pike Creek, Delaware, where he is confronted by the ghost of his wife, Sarah. When she was killed, she became a ghost who was tethered to the house because of what happened to her and Teddy. Nick explains that he killed Frank Kellogg and the demon Abraxas to give her justice, but Sarah says that another reason that she remains trapped is because of Nick. She reveals that she was there when Nick consented to possession by Lucifer back in 2009. She tells Nick that she will only be at peace if he refuses Lucifer, but he doesn't and walks away, searching for the darkest part of the house in hopes of seeing Lucifer again.

Lucifer emerges from the Empty.

14.17 Game Night

"It won't be easy. You'll have to prove yourself. The Winchesters will be a problem. But you can use that. Twist it. Find a way to get to my son. His blood. You need his blood."

After learning that Nick injected Donatello Redfield with angel grace, Sam confronts him. Nick reveals that he has been working with demons to resurrect Lucifer, who is awake in the Empty. Using the angel grace, Nick was able to communicate with Lucifer through Donatello, allowing Lucifer to instruct Nick on how to resurrect him using Jack's blood.

After escaping Sam, Nick performs the spell, opening a portal to the Empty from which Lucifer emerges in the form of a black viscous winged skeletal being with glowing red eyes. As Lucifer reached out to possess Nick, the sudden arrival of Jack prevents Lucifer from reuniting with Nick, as Lucifer was sent back to the Empty before turned his attention to Nick, killing him.

15.05 Proverbs 17:3

"The Colt. Did you really think that would work? Poor, faithful Dean. We both knew it had to end this way."

Sam has a nightmare where he is possessed by Lucifer, who wears a white suit similar to the one Samifer wore in the alternate reality constructed by Zachariah. Dean shoots Lucifer through the back of the head with the Colt, but Lucifer heals the wound and burns Dean to death.

It's revealed that Chuck revived Lilith to aid in his plans for the Winchesters. They initially assume that Lucifer revived her until she corrects them. She explains to Dean that she had sacrificed herself to free Lucifer and start the Apocalypse and is now angry that her sacrifice was for nothing, something she blames the Winchesters for.

After learning that God intends for the Winchesters to end with one killing the other, Sam speculates that his nightmares, including the one with Lucifer, are in fact Sam seeing inside God's mind and experiencing Chuck's possible endings for them through a quantum link created when Sam shot Chuck with the Equalizer.

15.08 Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven

Donatello Redfield reads Metatron's annotations on the demon tablet and learns that God has a weakness, one that he entrusted with his favorite. Castiel said that the demon tablet was dictated after Lucifer was imprisoned in the Cage, meaning that the favorite at that time was Michael, who has also been imprisoned in the Cage for a decade. While Castiel is doubtful about seeking out Michael's help, Dean and Sam state their belief that both Lucifer and God were lying about the other archangel having gone insane. Michael is in fact shown to retain his sanity and is angry with Dean for abandoning Adam Milligan in the Cage while letting Lucifer roam free upon the earth.

While trying to convince Michael to turn against God, Castiel tells him that at least Lucifer was smart enough to know that God couldn't be trusted. After Castiel adds on that he guesses Lucifer was always the smart one out of the two, he is assaulted by the enraged Michael until he shows the unknowing archangel his most recent memories with Chuck, including when Amara tried to kill him, their encounter with the Apocalypse World version of Michael, and when Chuck killed Jack and announced the end of the story.

15.09 The Trap

Chuck reveals to the Winchesters and Castiel that the visions Sam had been seeing, including the one where Sam was possessed by Lucifer, were in fact God's memories of Sam and Dean from various alternate realities, meaning that the Lucifer Sam witnessed was an alternate reality Lucifer.

15.12 Galaxy Brain

Part of Chuck's video presentation to the Radio Shed clerk on Earth 2 is alternate Dean's failed attempt to kill alternate Lucifer with the Colt.

15.19 Inherit the Earth

"Mikey, Mikey, come on, man. I get the bitterness. For all you did for the old man, you got no better from Him than me. The son voted 'Most Likely to Suck' and that sucks! (…) Alright, well, that a good thing 'cause the man had no love to give -- not to you, not to me, not to... humanity. You see that now, right?"

After Dean gets a call from Castiel that he's outside, hurt and in need of help, he opens the Bunker door only to be greeted by Lucifer in the form of Nick. Though Dean closes the door on him, Lucifer appears in the middle of the war room and points out that the Winchesters never would've let him in if Lucifer had said who he really was. Lucifer explains that after God wiped out everyone in the world, the Cosmic Entity resurrected him with orders to find Chuck's Death Book and use it on his Father.

Lucifer insists that they're a team again, but Dean flatly refuses him. While Lucifer explained that the Entity resurrected him, due to the belief that Sam and Dean wouldn't be able to stop God alone, he produces a chained-up reaper named Betty. Confused, Sam demands to know Lucifer's point. In response, after ordering them to watch, Lucifer kills Betty with an angel blade. Dean is annoyed with Lucifer's actions, but Lucifer explains that Betty is the first reaper to die since Billie was killed and orders them to keep watching. Moments later, Betty awakens and Lucifer introduces her as the new Death. Betty headbutts Dean and frees herself before manifesting a new scythe and ring. Betty asks for Chuck's book and comments to Lucifer that the Winchesters are slower than they look when they hesitate, and she painstakingly explains that "Betty" can now read the book for them, so they take her to the Bunker's dungeon so she could read it in private.

Lucifer is killed by Michael.

As the group waits for Betty, Lucifer creates a house with playing cards, observed by a silent Jack, before Michael enters. Lucifer knocks over the cards and Michael demands to know if the Winchesters are seriously thinking about trusting his brother. Dean tells him that they aren't exactly trusting Lucifer and Lucifer insists that he gets his brother's bitterness since Michael got no better from God than Lucifer, despite everything that Michael did for their father. Michael insists that he did what he did because it was the right thing to do and not to gain their Father's love. Lucifer retorts by telling Michael that God had no love to give, not to him, not to Michael and not to humanity, and asks everyone whether or not they see it now.

The conversation is interrupted by Betty, who informs them that she has read the book and that she knows how God ends. As Betty begins to read the book, Lucifer snaps his fingers and turns her to ash, pulling the opened book to him, gleefully revealing that he has actually been working for God and taunts Michael that he's "sort of the new favorite now." Lucifer then flings the charging Winchesters with telekinesis and teleports away from the enraged Michael's charge. The two volley ripples of energy at each other with Lucifer dodging Michael's blast and knocking his brother to the ground with his own. With everyone incapacitated, Lucifer offers Jack the chance to join him and God on the winning team, stating that it's Jack's only chance as Jack is not strong enough to fight him now. Realizing that someone is behind him, Lucifer turned around to find Michael. His eyes glowing red, Lucifer taunts Michael that he never learns, but before he could do anything, Michael stabs Lucifer in the heart with an archangel blade, causing Lucifer to drop the open book as he explodes into fiery ashes, leaving no body behind and sending Lucifer back to the Empty.

After rendering God powerless, the Winchesters explain that they came up with a plan to use Michael after seeing how angry he was at God using Lucifer to get the book. As a result, they realized that Michael was desperate to be God's favorite again. In addition, the plan to turn Jack into a metaphysical supernova to kill Chuck and Amara had turned the young Nephilim into a power vacuum for life energy. When Michael and Lucifer fought, Jack absorbed the power coming off of them and was charged up greatly as a result, absorbing pulses of primordial creation even as Lucifer was killed.

Lucifer in Lore

  • According to A Dictionary of Angels, Lucifer is erroneously equated with the Devil (the fallen angel) due to a misreading of Isaiah 14:12: "How art thou fallen from Heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning," (Lucifer connotes star, and applies to the morning star - that is, Venus - instead of an angel) an apostrophe which applied to Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon. It should be pointed out that the authors of the books of the Old Testament knew nothing of fallen or evil angels, and do not mention them. The name "Lucifer" was applied to the Devil by St. Jerome and other Church Fathers. Milton in Paradise Lost applied the name to the demon of sinful pride. Dutch writer Vondel uses Lucifer in lieu of the Devil.
  • There is an angel called Samael in Judaic mythology (also known as "Sammael" and "Samil"), which means "poison of God" in Hebrew.
    • In Talmudic and post-Talmudic lore, Samael is an important archangel. He is considered in legend a member of the Heavenly host (with often grim and destructive duties), a fallen angel (equal to Satan), and the chief of the evil spirits. One of Samael's greatest roles in Jewish lore is that of the Angel of Death; in this capacity, he is a fallen angel but nevertheless remains one of the Lord's servants. As a good angel, Samael supposedly resides in the seventh heaven, although he is declared to be the chief angel of the fifth heaven.
  • In some traditions, Lucifer and Michael are considered twins. This is possibly due to the fact that Lucifer's story may derived from Shahar, the god of dawn in the Ugarit myth, who has a twin brother Shalim, the god of dusk.
  • According to Hebrew Mythology Lucifer and Satan are different entities. Some people hear “Lucifer” and “Satan” and just think those are the names of the Devil.
  • Lucifer in the original Hebrew was actually Helel (hay-LALE). In a Hebrew OT, it would read in the Hebrew “Helel”, not Lucifer. The reason why it is written as Lucifer is because the authors of the Vulgate and the KJV translated the name. There was some wisdom to the translation with the next line “son of the morning.” The definition of it is “brightness” but is also the latin word for the “morning star”. Only one time does the Bible mention the word Helel, or “Lucifer”. That is in Isaiah 14:12. There’s a reason for that. It mentions what Helel’s crime was, in which he was banished from God and sentenced to everlasting torture. It says Helel exalted himself above all of the other stars of God and tried to be the god of the congregation. Helel was Satan’s name before he committed his crime.
  • Satan in the Hebrew means “the opponent” or “adversary.” There’s a reason for that too. Satan is what he became after his crime. He was the morning star, and now he’s the adversary. Since the days of Adam, he has been known as Satan. People don’t trace back what is written in Revelation 20:2 back to the serpent written of in Genesis with Adam and Eve. “And he laid hold on the dragon, THAT OLD SERPENT, which is the devil and Satan and bound him for a thousand years.”
  • In Islamic tradition, Satan (Shaytan or Iblis) is a jinn who refused to bow before Adam as men were created after his race.
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