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Name Louise
Dates Age Unknown
Location  ???
Occupation Hotel Maid
Episode(s) 7.22 There Will Be Blood
7.23 Survival Of The Fittest


Louise is a maid at one of the hotels Sam and Dean stay at while in Hoople, ND as they attempt to get the Alpha Vampire's blood for a weapon to kill the Leviathans.


7.22 There Will Be Blood At the motel, after Emily. has left and warned the Alpha Vamp of the Winchesters, Louise comes into the room and see Bobby's ghost who is extremely angry, having seen Dick on the TV and trying but failing to oepn the safe where Dean has put his flask. Bobby suddenly realizes the combination is his birthday and asks Louise for help. When she runs away, he jumps into her body and, as he bleeds ectoplasm, says he only needs it for a little while. Bobby then opens the safe, grabs the flask, and heads on out to find Dick.