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Name Loki
Actor Richard Speight Jr.
Dates  ???? - 2018 (killed by Gabriel)
Location Central City, Colorado
Occupation Norse Trickster Demigod
Episode(s) 13.20 Unfinished Business


A regular at Valhalla, home of the Norse gods, Loki was not a god but a particularly mischievous Trickster (see above). Blood-brother to Odin, King of the Gods, Loki usually escaped serious retribution from his wildly cunning exploits. Often, however, the gods required he right his vicious pranks, including his theft of Idunn's Golden Apples of Immortality. Like his West African counterpart Anansi (see above), Loki possessed the ability to assume the form of various animals.

Pad of Definitions (2.15 Tall Tales), Official Website


Loki was a Norse demigod and a trickster, who drew the ire of his family and was chained to a rock in a cave, where a snake dripped venom onto his eye. Loki was freed by Gabriel, indebting Loki to the archangel. When Gabriel was looking to escape his family's squabbles, the two struck a deal wherein Gabriel would assume Loki's identity while the real Loki would go into hiding, on the one condition that Gabriel not involve himself with the archangels ever again.


2.15 Tall Tales

When Sam and Dean learn they are dealing with a trickster, Bobby tells them tricksters are more like demigods, naming Loki in Scandinavia and Anansi in West Africa as examples. He tells them tricksters are immortal and can create things out of thin air.

5.19 Hammer of the Gods

When the various gods meet to deal with the coming Judeo-Christian Apocalypse, it is revealed that the archangel Gabriel has been hiding on Earth as a trickster for millennia and is known to the group of pagan gods as Loki.

13.20 Unfinished Business

After learning Gabriel broke their deal by getting involved with Lucifer when he attacked the other gods at the Elysian Fields Hotel, Loki has his sons Fenrir Odensbane, Narfi, and Sleipnir, who had been partying with Gabriel and porn stars in Monte Carlo, bind and capture him. Loki then sells Gabriel off to the Prince of Hell Asmodeus.

Gabriel kills Loki.

Eight years later, after Gabriel is freed from Asmodeus, he begins killing Loki's sons off one by one until only Loki remains. While staying in a rundown motel in Central City, Colorado, Loki uses his powers to transform the room into a pristine penthouse, where he waits for Gabriel's arrival. While Sam and Gabriel are distracted with Sleipnir and his guards, Dean steals away with Loki's wooden sword to confront and kill the Trickster. Loki reveals to Dean that he sold Gabriel off as revenge for Gabriel's role in the death of Loki's father, Odin, at Lucifer's hand and that Gabriel had to pay for his brother's deeds due to breaking their agreed-upon terms. Dean tries to attack Gabriel, only to find he is an illusion that he cannot touch, but which can hurt Dean. When Sam arrives to the penthouse, he fires his weapon, only for Loki's illusion to dissipate.

In a nearby hallway, Loki waits for Gabriel, remarking he doesn't have his sword with him. Gabriel discards Sleipnir's sword and the two begin fighting hand to hand. Loki gets the upper-hand and begins beating down and berating Gabriel about his family issues and his spinelessness. As Loki is prepared to deliver a killing blow, Sam and Dean slide Loki's wooden sword to Gabriel and he surprises the Trickster, stabbing him in the chest and killing him.

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