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Name Lisa Braeden
Actor Cindy Sampson
Location Battle Creek, Michigan
Episode(s) 3.02 The Kids Are Alright
3.10 Dream a Little Dream of Me
5.22 Swan Song
6.01 Exile on Main St.
6.02 Two and a Half Men
6.03 The Third Man
6.05 Live Free or Twihard
6.06 You Can't Handle the Truth
6.14 Mannequin 3: The Reckoning
6.21 Let It Bleed
6.22 The Man Who Knew Too Much‎

Dean, if there's some rule that says this all has to be either/or, how about we break it? Me and Ben will be here, and you come when you can. Just come in one piece, okay?

– Lisa Braeden, 6.02 Two and a Half Men


Lisa Braeden met Dean Winchester around 1999 while he was on a solo road trip, away from John and Sam. At the time, Lisa was a yoga instructor. In describing the weekend to Sam, Dean describes it as a "bendy weekend" and refers to Lisa as Gumby Girl. According to her friends, Lisa described Dean as "The Dean, Best Night of My Life Dean."[1]

She comes to represent to Dean a life he wants[2]:

Dean: I have no illusions. I know the life that I live. I know how it's going to end for me. Whatever. I’m okay with that. But I wanted you to know, that when I do picture myself happy, it’s with you. And the kid.

Dean visits her as he considers consenting to becoming Michael's vessel, assuring her that she and Ben will be safe.

As Sam prepares to sacrifice himself to Lucifer to stop the Apocalypse, he urges Dean to seek out Lisa after his death. Dean does this, and lives with Lisa and Ben for a year. He has a monogamous relationship with Lisa, and takes on a paternal role with Ben. After Sam returns, Dean is torn over whether to stay or leave. At Lisa's suggestion, he goes off hunting with Sam, but continues the relationship with Lisa. This ends after Dean returns to visit after being infected with vampire blood, and shoves Ben.

Ben tries to engineer a reunion between Dean and Lisa when she starts dating a doctor called Matt, but to no avail.

After Crowley kidnaps the Braedens, and Lisa is nearly killed, Dean gets Castiel to wipe their memories of him.

Lisa has a sister[3], who is presumably the mother of Lisa's niece[4], who was born sometime in 2010 or early 2011.


3.02 The Kids Are Alright

With less than a year to live, Dean revisits Lisa when he is in her area investigating some suspicious deaths. She has a son, Ben who is eight. With a love of classic rock and a cocky attitude, he reminds Dean of himself, although Lisa assures him that he is not Ben's father. Ben is one of the children taken by a changeling, and is eventually rescued by Sam and Dean. After returning him home, Lisa indicates she'd like Dean to stay, even temporarily, but he regretfully declines.

3.10 Dream a Little Dream of Me

When Sam and Dean take African Dream Root in order to confront Jeremy Frost inside Dean's subconscious, they encounter a scene involving Lisa in Dean's mind. She asks Dean to join her for an idyllic picnic.

5.17 99 Problems

When Dean is preparing to acquiesce to the angels' demands that he become Michael's vessel in order to end the Apocalypse, he visits Lisa, who has moved to a new home.

He implies that before he says "Yes" to Michael, he will insist on conditions to ensure they are protected. While she invites him to at least stay for a beer, and urges him not to do anything rash, he once again regretfully declines and leaves.

5.22 Swan Song

As they head to confront Lucifer, Sam asks Dean that if the plan works, Dean is not to try and save him, but must try and live a normal life.

Dean: So then what am I supposed to do?

Sam: You go find Lisa. You pray to God she’s dumb enough to take you in. You have barbecues, and go to football games. You go live some normal apple pie life Dean. Promise me!

After Sam is lost to Lucifer's Cage, in Chuck's words, "every part of Dean wants to die, or find a way to bring Sam back", but he decides to keep his promise to Sam. He heads to Lisa's place, and on the verge of breaking down, he asks to come in for a beer. She comforts him as he cries. Sometime later, Dean is having dinner with Lisa and Ben. Lisa asks if Dean's okay, and he - taking a sip of a large scotch says quietly that he is.

6.01 Exile on Main St.

According to Dean, he is surprised Lisa took him in after the events in Stull Cemetery when he was grief stricken and drinking too much, and while he then spent months trying to work out how to save Sam. He has been living with Lisa and Ben for a year when a djinn attacks. Dean takes Lisa and Ben to Bobby's for safety. He says that he regrets how he came into their lives. Lisa tells him he's been a great parent to Ben, and that its been the best year of her life. Lisa appears to know a great deal about the Apocalypse, referring to Dean as "the guy that basically just saved the world", and looking shocked when she sees a living, breathing Sam. She also suspects that Dean is tracking something when he is in their garage gathering weapons. She confronts him about it, and agrees to take Ben out while Dean looks around.

6.02 Two and a Half Men

After the attack by the djinn, Dean has moved Lisa and Ben to a new house. Dean is hyper-vigilant to danger and doesn't want Ben or Lisa to leave the house. While moving in, Dean finds Ben handling one of the shotguns from the Impala. He is angry, and when Ben says that he would like to learn how to shoot, Dean insists that he will never allow Ben to shoot a gun. Dean does not want Ben to be raised in the same way that John raised Sam and Dean. When Sam asks for his help on a case, Dean is conflicted about leaving, but Lisa shows him she can handle a gun, and promises to salt the windows and doors. Dean leaves after she threatens, exasperated but smiling, to shoot him if he continues to hesitate. After he returns, Lisa asks Dean about what he wants she recognizes how much hunting is who he is. Dean is torn: he wants to be with Lisa and Ben, but is worried that he is starting to behave like his father, and he also wants to hunt. Lisa suggests a compromise, saying that he doesn't have to choose one and give up the other. He can leave to hunt, and return to her when he can.

6.03 The Third Man

Dean has an erotic dream involving Lisa that is interrupted by the sound of passing traffic. He was sleeping in the Impala on the side of the road on his way to the Campbell Compound to meet Sam. He then diverts to Easter, PA when Sam tells him about a case there.

6.05 Live Free or Twihard

Shortly after Dean is turned into a vampire, he goes to his house to see Lisa. She wakes up to see him standing over their bed. He thanks her and Ben for everything, and his behavior worries Lisa, who tries to get him to explain what's going on. He throws her against the wall and is overwhelmed by the sound of her heartbeat. He turns and tries to leave when his fangs extend, but Ben comes out of his room and, though Dean warns him away, he advances. Dean throws him against the wall of the hallway and shouts at him before leaving. Lisa pulls Ben to her in fear as Dean goes. After Dean is cured of vampirism, he tries to call Lisa and explain what happened, but she doesn't answer.

6.06 You Can't Handle the Truth

Lisa calls Dean while he is suffering from Veritas' curse. As a result, she tells him a number of hard truths. First of all, she's sick of him burying his emotions and drinking too much. Then she tells him that she's happy Sam's alive, but that she knew their relationship was over the minute he showed up again. She thinks Sam and Dean's relationship is unhealthy and that Dean can never be happy while Sam is in his life.

Dean: Hey, you knew what you signed up for.

Lisa: Yeah, but I didn't expect Sam to come back. And I'm glad he's okay, I am, but the minute he walked through that door, I knew it was over. You two have the most unhealthy, tangled up, crazy thing that I've ever seen, and as long as he's in your life, you're never gonna be happy.

Just before hanging up on Dean, she says that she and Ben can no longer be involved in his life as a hunter.

Lisa: I'm not saying don't be close to Sam. I'm close to my sister. But if she got killed? I wouldn't bring her back from the dead.
Dean: Okay, Lisa. I'm not gonna lie. Okay, me and Sam, we've got issues, no doubt. But you and Ben -

Lisa: Me and Ben can't be in this with you. I'm sorry.

6.14 Mannequin 3: The Reckoning

Dean gets a couple of calls from Lisa's cell, but he refuses to answer them until Sam urges him to deal with it. Ben tells Dean that Lisa is locked in her room, depressed, and Dean needs to come at once. Again, on Sam's urging, Dean goes. When he arrives, Lisa is dressed for a date - Ben set them up because he wanted to derail Lisa's third date with a doctor named Matthew. Lisa says she's dating Matt and trying to get over Dean. She says she called Dean six times, but he never called back. She says she wants him, but can't deal with the life he lives.

Dean then goes to speak to Ben who is in his room playing Plants vs. Zombies. Dean explains to Ben that he fears that if he stayed around, Ben would end up like him. Ben is still upset and accuses Dean of abandoning his family. Dean leaves, remembering the times he's had with Lisa and Ben as he heads back to Sam.

6.21 Let It Bleed

Ben is in his room listening to music and reading while Lisa is downstairs with Matt. Two demons break into the house, killing Matt and grabbing Lisa. Ben quickly calls Dean, who tells him to jump out of his window to escape. Ben is too late and the demons burst through his door. Dean calls Ben's name but there isn't an answer. Instead, Crowley picks up the phone. He tells Dean that he's keeping Lisa and Ben until he's certain Sam and Dean have backed off, which would give him the opportunity to find a way to open a door to Purgatory. Crowley hangs up and Dean and Sam decide to try find Lisa and Ben.

Lisa - possessed by a demon - threatens to slit Ben's throat.

Knowing that Castiel is working with Crowley, they assume he's aware of Lisa and Ben's kidnapping and summon Balthazar for help. He eventually leads them to the building in which Lisa and Ben are being held. Meanwhile, Castiel confronts Crowley, revealing that he was unaware of Lisa and Ben's abduction. He tells Crowley not to harm them.

When they enter the building Balthazar directed them to, Sam is knocked unconscious by demons and Dean finds Lisa and Ben tied to a post. He cuts them free with Ruby's knife, but Lisa grabs it from him and holds the knife to Ben's throat - she's possessed by a demon. Dean throws holy water on her. As he's exorcising the demon, she stabs herself in the stomach. Ben freezes and Dean slaps him, helping Ben pull himself together. Dean carries Lisa as they make their way out the building while Ben, armed with a shotgun, follows, shooting a demon before it can get too close. They hear Sam and after freeing him, he hot-wires a car so that they can rush Lisa to the hospital.

In the hospital, Lisa is unconscious and Dean and Ben sit next to her bed. When Dean tries to apologize for what happened, Ben leaves. Castiel appears and, without being asked, heals Lisa. Dean asks Castiel for a favor - to wipe Lisa and Ben's memories. Ben greets Lisa as she wakes up, telling her she's in the hospital because they were in a car crash. Dean walks in and neither of them recognize him. He tells them he's the guy who hit them and apologizes, saying he's glad their lives can get back to normal now. Lisa says that she and Ben are okay, and that's what's important. Dean tells Ben to take care of his mom and then leaves.

Sam doesn't approve of Dean having Lisa and Ben's memories wiped, but Dean tells Sam to never mention them to him again.

Where Lisa and Ben live

When Dean reconnects with Lisa in she is living in the town where he first met her - Cicero, Indiana.[1]. Two years later when he visits her again to say goodbye as the Apocalypse is about to begin, she is living in a different house, although presumably still in Cicero.[5] It is to this house that Dean returns following Sam's sacrifice.[6]

Just over a year later, Dean, Lisa and Ben are still in Cicero, in a new house. Sid, their neighbor comments that they moved in about a year ago.[7] Following the attack of the djinn, Dean insists they move[4]. According to an address seen on a letter Dean writes to Ben, the address of this house is 213 Weinbach Ave, Battle Creek, MI 49014.[8] Battle Creek, MI 49014 is a valid address, but there is no Weinbach Avenue in Battle Creek.

Lisa's phone number in 6.14 Mannequin 3: The Reckoning is shown to be +16165550231. The 616 area code covers part of western Michigan, whereas Battle Creek would likely be in the 269 area code.[9]

The letter that Dean gives Dr. Robert.
Dean's phone display when Ben calls using Lisa's phone.


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