Lindsey (Free to Be You and Me)

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Lindsay meets Sam when he takes a job in the bar she works in. She is intrigued by him, but he reveals little about his past. Finally he discloses that he "made some mistakes, (I) did some stuff I'm not so proud of, and people got hurt." Lindsay assumes that Sam, like her, is a recovering addict.

Later some hunters find Sam at the bar, and ask for his help in hunting the demons in the area, but Sam refuses. After the hunters are attacked by demons, Sam confesses that he was the one who had started the Apocalypse as they had heard from the demons, but the hunters want him to drink a vial of demon blood and wipe out all the demons in the town. When Sam refuses they threaten to hurt Lindsay but Sam beats them up badly, and they leave.

There was a deleted scene after this where Sam and Lindsay have sex Source. This is why he is not initially startled when he wakes in bed to see a blonde woman (who turns out to be an illusion of Jess), next to him. A fragment of the sex scene aired in a promo =aired during the episode. }}