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LTran7.jpgLinda tran.jpg
Name Linda Tran
Actor Khaira Ledeyo (7.21 & 7.22)

Lauren Tom (8.02, 8.07 & 9.04)

Episode(s) 7.21 Reading Is Fundamental
7.22 There Will Be Blood
8.02 What's Up, Tiger Mommy?
8.07 A Little Slice of Kevin
9.14 Captives

He's my son. It's my job to keep him safe for as long as I can.

– Linda Tran, 9.14 Captives


Linda Tran is the mother of Kevin Tran. Her husband, Kevin's father, died when Kevin was a baby. Kevin never knew who his father was and it's later revealed he was a US Air Force pilot through his signet ring. After Kevin got turned into a prophet, Linda was briefly used by Dick Roman as leverage against Kevin and then released when he complied with Dick's demands. Linda spent a year without her son, but was eventually reunited with him thanks to the Winchesters and went on the run with him after being briefly possessed by Crowley. After an attempt to strike back at Crowley with the help of a witch, Linda and Kevin were protected separately by Garth at Kevin's insistence until Crowley captured her to find Kevin.

Though Crowley claimed he killed Linda, he actually kept her prisoner in a Castle Storage unit in Wichita, Kansas with other important prisoners. After nearly a year of captivity, Linda was rescued by Sam and Dean after they figured out her location with the help of the ghost of a woman named Candy who had been held captive with her who communicated with Kevin in the Veil. Linda got the satisfaction of killing the demon, Del that held her captive for so long and was reunited with Kevin's ghost after he was murdered by Gadreel under Metatron's orders. Despite the risks, Linda chose to take Kevin with her to protect him until Heaven was reopened and he could move on as it's her job to protect her son.


7.21 Reading Is Fundamental

Linda Tran calls the police after Kevin disappears. A detective named Collins visits her to reassure her that they will find her missing son.

Kevin returns, accompanied by two angels. However, they cannot protect themselves as Collins effortlessly kills them both, saying that "Leviathan beats angel." He then greets Kevin as he morphs into the form of the Leviathan Edgar.

7.22 There Will Be Blood

Dick Roman has both Kevin and his mother hostage. He threatens to harm Mrs. Tran if Kevin does not translate the Word of God. After Kevin translates the tablet, he orders Edgar to let her go which he does with an order that she is not to talk about what happened.

8.02 What's Up, Tiger Mommy?

Kevin insists on checking up on his mother, who he hasn't seen in a year. At the time, Linda is visiting with her friend Eunice sadly discussing the disappearance of Kevin who Eunice insists Linda keep out hope for. With the Winchesters, he finds her house surrounded by demons. After killing two of them, Sam and Dean find that Eunice is possessed as well and kill her in front of a shocked Linda. They then offer to find a safe house for Linda to hide out in, but she insists on accompanying them in the search for the Word of God.

Kevin and his mom get anti-possession symbols tattooed on them to prevent demon possession, although Linda admits it's not her first tattoo which appears to shock Kevin.

The demon Crowley possessing Linda Tran.

While tracking down the tablet, Linda proves of use at a pawn shop, using her knowledge of tax law to blackmail the owner into giving them the information they need, which helps them track down Beau, who invites them to Plutus’ auction of mystical artifacts.

At the auction, Crowley shows up, and Linda punches him for kidnapping Kevin, impressing Sam and Dean. When Plutus grabs Kevin and adds him to the auction, Linda wins the auction by offering her soul which Sam warns won't kill her, but will make her wish she was dead, knowing from his own soulless experience.

After the auction, Samandriel tries to convince her to let the angels guard Kevin, but she refuses as the last time angels tried, they were killed and Kevin got kidnapped. She is then possessed by Crowley after Beau burns off her tattoo.

Possessing her body, Crowley pretends to seal her deal and then teams up with Beau to kill Plutus and his guards and take the Word of God. In the fight that follows, Dean nearly kills Crowley and Linda with Ruby's knife, but Crowley flees her body first, leaving her in shock and completely unresponsive. Sam and Dean believe she will recover as she is a strong woman, but Kevin tricks them and flees with her. He leaves a note asking Sam and Dean not to follow them.

8.07 A Little Slice of Kevin

Linda has recovered from her possession and is now living on the run with Kevin, something she isn't satisfied with. After dumping holy water on Kevin to make sure he is not possessed, Linda reveals that she has hired a witch named Delta Mendota off of Craigslist to gather the ingredients for the "demon bomb" spell Kevin used to escape Crowley, planning to use it to strike against the demons. She hires Delta as the ingredients need to be gathered from all over the world. When Delta arrives, Linda squirts her with holy water to make sure she isn't possessed and dissuades Kevin from his interest in her. Linda is furious to discover that Delta has only brought enough ingredients for one bomb, not the arsenal she wants and that she wants to be paid first. Linda sends Kevin to get her purse and is shocked to learn that Delta has broken the salt line in the backroom and alerted the demons to their position as she doesn't like working for Linda and wanted to work with someone with more influence, such as Crowley. Crowley shows up and captures Kevin and leaves a demon to kill Linda. However, Linda squirts him with holy water from a super-soaker and overpowers him.

Desperate to rescue Kevin, Linda calls Sam for help and meets him, Dean and Castiel. She brings with her Kevin's notes on how to create the demon bomb, the ingredients and the demon she overpowered in the trunk of her car bound by a devil's trap. With this, they are able to create a demon bomb and track Crowley to a warehouse in Atlantic, Iowa. Once there, Sam handcuffs Linda to her steering wheel over her protests so she can't come with them and possibly be taken as a hostage.

After the group rescues Kevin who has had one of his fingers cut off, Linda and Kevin talk to Sam who tells them that he has called Garth to look after them and that Castiel believes he can fix Kevin's cut off finger. He also chides Linda for calling in a witch, telling her it’s what got her and Kevin in this mess in the first place.

8.08 Hunteri Heroici

Dean, Sam, and Castiel are refueling the Impala when Sam gets a call from Linda. She tells him that she and Kevin are on Garth's safe-houseboat and that Kevin is having difficulties translating the half of the demon tablet they retrieved from Crowley. He tells her to call if they find anything.

8.10 Torn and Frayed

When Dean and Castiel visit Kevin, Dean notes that Linda is not there and asks what happened to her. Kevin reveals that he sent her elsewhere so he could be alone to study the tablet, something that shocks Dean.

8.14 Trial and Error

While talking to Sam, Kevin tells him that while he kicked his mom out of the houseboat to be alone, he does still talk to her on the phone, but all she does is cry, something that bothers him greatly.

8.19 Taxi Driver

Kevin Tran is confronted by Crowley telling him he tortured Linda and killed her to get his address off of her smartphone.

8.23 Sacrifice

After Kevin is rescued, he mentions to Castiel and Dean that his mother is dead, indicating that at least he believes her to be dead.

9.02 Devil May Care

When Kevin Tran confronts Crowley in the Men of Letters Bunker's dungeon about the murder of his mother, Crowley places doubts into Kevin's mind as to whether he actually did kill her, pointing out that Kevin never actually saw her body. Crowley claims that she wishes she were dead and claims that he will lead Kevin to her if he frees him. Kevin doesn't but decides to go and look for her on his own. Dean stops him, telling him that if Linda is still alive, she is dead in all the ways that matters.

Kevin and Linda.

9.10 Road Trip

Dean sees Kevin's smartphone, and while looking at it a photo of Linda and Kevin shows up on the screen.

9.14 Captives

Sam and Dean go after Linda after learning that she is still alive from the ghost of Kevin who learned it from another ghost named Candy, who when she was alive was imprisoned with Linda. Sam and Dean finally locate Linda in Witchita, Kansas in a Castle Storage locker where she has been trapped and tortured by a demon working for Crowley named Del. Sam finds Linda, but gets trapped with her. After Sam frees her from her chains, Linda uses her knowledge of electronics from helping Kevin with his school projects to help them escape the locker and is upset to learn that Kevin is dead. After Sam and Dean capture Del, they give Linda Ruby's knife and she kills Del in revenge for his torture of her. Linda then demands to be taken to Kevin.

At the Bunker, Linda is tearfully reunited with Kevin's ghost. Despite Dean's warnings that things could go badly, Linda decides to take Kevin home with her, declaring that as his mother, its her job to protect him. Kevin likewise wants to look after her. Linda takes her husband's signet ring, which anchored Kevin's spirit to Earth, and leaves with her son's ghost.