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Leviathan!Dean driving the fake Impala.

Oh, those are nice wheels. I tell you what, when this is over I'm stealing those rims.

Dean Winchester, 7.06 Slash Fiction

Frank Devereaux tells Dean and Sam that Leviathan!Dean and Leviathan!Sam are driving a '67 Impala that is identical to their own, and he advises them to drive something else.

The '67 Impala that the Leviathans drive is identical in appearance to the Winchesters' Impala in almost every way. The differences lie in the custom rims on the wheels of the Leviathan!Impala and, of course, the license plates. The Leviathan!Impala has Illinois plates: E62 3015. When Dean first sees the Leviathans driving their Impala, he tells Sam that he plans on stealing their custom rims.