Lesley DeHaan

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Lesley as an extra in 2.18 Hollywood Babylon

Lesley DeHaan was an assistant production coordinator on Supernatural from Seasons 1-5. She appeared, as did many of the crew in the spoof episode 2.18 Hollywood Babylon. She also makes an appearance in the Gag Reel on the Season 5 DVD.

Lesley was known to Supernatural fandom under the pseudonym "vancouvernights". Following the beginning of the Supernatural Postcard Campaigns in 2007, she made contact with the Spn Postcards and sent pictures of the postcards from the production office and commented to say how thrilled the cast and crew were with the postcards. She continued to provide photos of the postcards through to the end of Season 5.

She joined Twitter in 2009 as @vancouvernights, providing tidbits of interest from the Supernatural set. She helped organise a prank on Misha with fans at Asylum Europe: No Rest for the Wicked 2010.

In June 2010, she announced she was leaving Supernatural to work on a new series - The Killings - and revealed her "true identity".