Larry Ganem

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Name Larry Ganem
Actor George Touliatos
Byron Noble (Young Larry Ganem)
Dates March 23, 1926 - 2013 (killed in by Abaddon)
Location Lebanon, Kansas
Occupation Men of Letters
Episode(s) 8.12 As Time Goes By


Larry Ganem was present on August 12, 1958 when Abaddon slaughtered the Men of Letters in Normal, Illinois. He was blinded and nearly killed in the attack but gave the Key to the Bunker containin the key to the Bunker to Henry Winchester to protect. He arranged for a message to be left for anyone who came to find out what happened. He had the body of "Albert Magnus" buried with the other dead, and mentioned in the news coverage. This was a cover name used by the group when they went undercover. On the gravestones of the dead, each had the Aquarian Star, except for Larry's grave which had the Haitian symbol for speaking to the dead. Inside Larry's grave was the body of a World War I soldier - Captain Thomas J. Carey III. Larry assumed his identity and moved to Lebanon, Kansas.


A young Larry Ganem after being blinded by Abaddon.

8.12 As Time Goes By

After Sam, Dean and Henry Winchester work out the message left by the Men of Letters, Sam visits Larry, who tells him that Abaddon must not get possession of the Box Henry has with him. Larry tells him it contains the key to a great store of supernatural information "every object, scroll, spell ever collected for thousands of years under one roof." He gives the coordinates of the place to Sam, telling him throw in the key and lock the door, so Abaddon, nor any other evil being can get it.

Larry's wife then reveals herself to be possessed by Abaddon. She kills Larry along with his wife and takes Sam hostage.