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Name La Tunda
Actor Juliene Joyner
Dates  ???? – 1972 (killed by Mary Campbell)
Occupation Monster
Episode(s) 1.02 Teach Your Children Well

Her name is La Tunda. According to lore, she was a real woman once. A controlling and abusive mother who kept her children trapped in her home deep in the woods until one day they tried to escape by hobbling her. She caught them and she punished them for their disobedience by... chopping them up and using their remains to feed her flower garden. The children's remains imbued La Tunda's flowers with dark magic and an insatiable thirst for blood, so they transformed La Tunda into a monster to keep them fed. Now, she preys on other disobedient children like her own and listens for them in the woods. Then she lures them in with a familiar face before dragging them into her lair to feed on them... slowly, painfully, and over months.

Latika Dar, 1.02 Teach Your Children Well


La Tunda was once a human, and an abusive controlling woman who lived in the woods with her children. When her children tried to escape her abuse, she punished them by chopping them up and burying them in her flower garden. Doing this imbued the flowers with dark magic, which transformed La Tunda into a monster that would seek out disobedient children to feed her flowers.

La Tunda's vines envelop her victim.


Powers and abilities

  • Shapeshifting – In order to lure her victims to her, La Tunda could take on the appearance of a familiar face to get her victims close enough to drag them to her lair for feeding.
  • Vines – La Tunda could produce vines from her body that could both ensnare her victims, as well as feed off them once they were dragged to her lair.


  • Heart – La Tunda's heart was her only weakness, piercing it with magic as powerful as hers is the only method of killing her.
  • Magic – Lore stated that the only thing that could stop La Tunda was magic as strong as hers, or turning her own magic against her.


1.02 Teach Your Children Well

La Tunda in Lore