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Name Krista
Actor Juno Ruddell
Dates  ???? – 2012 (killed by Crowley)
Occupation Prophet (future)
Episode(s) 8.07 A Little Slice of Kevin


Krista was intended to be a future Prophet.


8.07 A Little Slice of Kevin

Krista and 6 other future prophets have been kidnapped and taken to an abandoned factory by Crowley in the hopes of getting them to translate the demon tablet. After Dennis Adams complains and Crowley punishes him by injuring his organs, causing him to throw up blood, Krista decides to try and trick him. She takes the tablet and begins feigning trying to decipher it by reciting the beginning of the declaration of independence. Crowley simply turns the tablet right-side up in annoyance.

Later, Crowley is trying to get Kevin Tran to read the demon tablet. However, Kevin is stubbornly refusing to do so because he believes Crowley killed his mother. To prove he is serious about getting the tablet translated, Crowley telekinetically raises Krista into the air before clicking his fingers, killing her instantly.