Krissy Chambers

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Name Krissy
Actor Madison McLaughlin
Occupation Hunter
Episode(s) 7.11 Adventures In Babysitting


Krissy Chambers is the teenage daughter of the hunter Lee. Her mother was killed in front of her by a supernatural creature. Trained in weapons and hunting skills, she has not yet been on a hunt with her father.


7.11 Adventures In Babysitting

Lee Chambers is a hunter pursuing what he thinks is a lone Vetala. He has tracked them to a truck stop, not knowing that there is a pair of them - Sally and Marlene. He is poisoned by Marlene, who is posing as a waitress, and she and Sally take him to feed on.

After her father doesn't contact her for five days, Krissy calls Bobby Singer as he had advised if anything happened. Sam answers Bobby's phone, and decides to help her, tracking her down from an address in Bobby's papers.

Krissy pretends to Sam she doesn't know her father is a hunter. Sam finds the material relating to the Vetala hunt hidden in Lee's wardrobe, and takes off to track him down. He leaves Dean's number with her.

After Sam doesn't call, Krissy calls Dean. When he arrives she insists on going with him, and tells him she has burned all her fathers papers relating to the hunt - but has memorized them.

In the car, Dean is in no mood to talk, but Krissy asks him how he knows things about the Vetala that Sam and Lee didn't. Dean reveals he hunted a pair when Sam was at Stanford. Krissy is surprised that Sam went to college, and Dean suggests she could too.

At the truck stop, they watch Sally take and trucker into his truck - and then Krissy notices Marlene getting in the cab and driving it away. They follow it, and then Dean cuffs her to the steering wheel and takes the precaution of confiscating her lock-pick. However she manages to pick the lock with a bobby pin.

Dean enters the building where Sam and Lee are being held, and he knocks down Marlene, but Sally manages to grab who has followed Dean. However, Krissy manages to stab and kill Sally with a silver knife. Krissy frees Sam, and hands him her knife which he uses to kill Marlene.

Sam and Dean visit Lee in hospital, and advise him to get out of hunting. Lee protests that he got into for his family, and Dean says he should get out for the same reason. Later, Krissy tells Dean that they are leaving the life.