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Kings of Con by Stardust and Melancholy

Kings of Con is a webseries written by and starring Rob Benedict and Richard Speight, who also directed. Inspired by their experiences at Supernatural conventions, it is part improv, part scripted comedy. Supernatural actors and as well known stars including Michael Cudlitz and Bernie Kopell guest starred. It had 10 episodes, all around 10-15 minutes long.

The series was funded through an Indiegogo campaign in 2015 that raised $100,000 in less than 48 hours. When the campaign ended after one month $279,905 had been raised by 5,081 people. As promised, Matt Cohen ran naked down the street when the campaign reached $200,000. Watch it here. In a cosmic coincidence, a series called "Con Man" starring Alan Tudyk launched a Kickstarter fundraiser, just before "Kings Of Con." This is parodied in the final episode of Kings Of Con.

"Kings of Con" was the very first scripted series to be announced by Comic-Con HQ - a streaming service formed by Lionsgate in partnership with San Diego Comic Con. The Service launched on on May 7. Kings of Con received a lot of coverage at Comic-Con 2016, ahead of its debut on November 15, 2016.

There was also a post-episode show called "Kings of Conversation" hosted by Rob and Rich which featured interviews with guests from the show. They also featured fanart, and guests got to reenact prompts in the style as con photo-op poses. The house band was Louden Swain fronted not by Rob Benedict but by actor Jayden Lund (who appeared on Kings of Con as the Con Photographer), and known as "Jayden Swain".

The show received critical and popular acclaim. However Comic-Con HQ was not a success and folded in late 2017. The first season is available on the CW Seed.

As of August 2018, Rob and Rich have said they are still actively seeking a distributor for a possible second season. At Jus In Bello Italy 2019, Richard Speight said they had not found a home for the series, and it looked unlikely that there would be a second season.

At Salute to Supernatural Nashville 2021, Rob announced that he and Richard were writing a "Kings of Con" movie.


Watch Timothy Omundson and Michael Cudlitz announced as guest stars.