Kevin Tran (Apocalypse World)

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Name Kevin Tran
Actor Osric Chau
Dates December 2, 1995 (born)
Location Apocalypse World
Occupation Prophet
Episode(s) 13.07 War of the Worlds


A (slightly tweaked-out) prophet of the Lord, the Kevin Tran of the Apocalypse World serves under the archangel Michael. He rationalizes his servitude with the fact that as a prophet he is to serve God, but with no God around he must serve the ranking deity, Michael, without choice.


13.07 War of the Worlds

Kevin is brought to Michael with the news that he has devised a way to open a rift between the worlds, with the aid of the angel tablets. The key ingredient of the spell is archangel grace, and he points out that Michael refuses to donate any of his. Michael proceeds to extract a portion of Lucifer's grace and hands it over to Kevin.

As Kevin is preparing the spell at the altar, Lucifer questions what he is doing working with Michael, telling him how Michael is a monster. Kevin replies that he has no choice as he is a prophet who needs to serve the ranking deity, who is Michael now that God is gone. He then points out that Lucifer is "Satan" and the real monster, and explains that Michael plans on taking him to "paradise world" to meet women. As Michael arrives, Kevin begins performing the spell, reciting an Enochian incantation before pouring Lucifer's grace into the bowl. The spell turns out to be a success, opening a rift in the church. During the commotion Lucifer is able to escape through it, and it seals itself behind him. Kevin's enthusiasm that the spell worked is quickly cut short when an angry Michael orders him to "fix" it.

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