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Name Kate
Actor Brit Sheridan
Occupation Student
Episode(s) 8.04 Bitten


She began a relationship with Michael Wheeler. After Michael starts becoming a werewolf, she was there for him throughout the ordeal. She was turned by Michael's roommate, Brian, into a werewolf and in anger rips into Brian thus killing him. She leaves a video behind for Sam and Dean to watch and promises to them that she won't feed on humans but only animals.


8.04 Bitten

She met Michael Wheeler, while he and Brian Wilcox were filming, throughout his ordeal, of becoming a werewolf, she supported and tried to help him, however she began to develop a dislike for his roomate Brian, who also began to develop feelings for her, for antagonizing Michael. She watched as the two of them, now both werewolves, argued which eventually degraded into a fight.

She was turned by Brian after he stabbed her boyfriend Mike in a fight with a silver knife. Enraged, she uses her newly acquired werewolf powers to rip Brian apart. Kate spends her last moments before leaving a sheet over her boyfriend and leaving message for Sam and Dean asking them to give her a chance. She promises not to hurt anyone who is human and to only feed on animals. Sam and Dean ultimately decide not to kill her, and she is last seen walking away from a tractor trailer.