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Jus In Bello (April 2nd - 4th 2010) was a Convention for all Supernatural fans which took place in the eternal city of Rome, Italy. The name of the Convention refers to 3.12 Jus in Bello. The idea was born thanks to the commitment and co-operation of some professionals in different fields of, who mainly used to work as event organizers. This group of professionals had decided to adopt the project for fans and to run it pro bono to create the first ever Convention about Supernatural in Italy.

The Jus in Bello Convention took place at the Hilton Rome Airport Hotel, next to the Rome International Airport Fiumicino.

Guests included:

Samantha Smith (Mary Winchester), Charles Malik Whitfield (Special Agent Victor Henriksen) & Frederic Lehne (Azazel) had to cancel due to work commitments. Kevin Sorbo was added as a replacement.

Jason Manns & Steve Carlson also performed.

A special event titled "Roman Holiday" was available to a limited number of fans, granting a small group the opportunity to spend a few hours together with Misha Collins, Traci Dinwiddie and Richard Speight Jr., while discovering the beauty of Rome as only V.I.P. tourists can do.

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  • Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles' appearances:

Saturday: Jensen Ackles 10.15-11am, Jared Padalecki 11-11.45am; J2: 3.55pm-4.40pm /Sunday: J2 (second auction) 3.45pm

Twitters to watch

The twitter hashtag for this Con is #jibcon. You can also follow #jibcon related tweets on Tweet Chat, or @SuperWiki's list of people tweeting from the Con here.

Tweets with the #jibcon tag are archived here to make for easier reading.

In addition to @JusinbelloCon, guests with twitters were: Jim Beaver on @jumblejim, Misha Collins on @mishacollins, Traci Dinwiddie on @GrooveGoddess, Steve Carlson on @stevecarlson.









Jensen Ackles & Jason Manns singing “The Weight”:

Jason Manns concert



Promotional Videos


Traci Dinwiddie

Richard Speight Jr.

The Underwear Prank

Jim Beaver

Misha Collins


Jensen Ackles & Jason Manns singing "The Weight"

Jason Manns

Jake Abel



Misha Collins


Jim Beaver

Traci Dinwiddie

Richard Speight Jr.

Jake Abel