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|image= [[Image:Mother of The Anti Christ.jpg|300px]]
|image= [[Image:Mother of The Anti Christ.jpg|300px]]
|name= Unknown
|name= Unknown
|actor= [http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0139936/ Ever Carradine]
|dates=September 1996 (conceived Jesse)<br>June 1997 (gave birth to Jesse)<br>2009 (re-emerged)  
|dates=September 1996 (conceived Jesse)<br>June 1997 (gave birth to Jesse)<br>2009 (re-emerged)  
|location= [[Hell]] (presumably)
|location= [[Hell]] (presumably)

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Name Unknown
Actor Ever Carradine
Dates September 1996 (conceived Jesse)
June 1997 (gave birth to Jesse)
2009 (re-emerged)
Location Hell (presumably)
Occupation Black-Eyed Demon
Episode(s) 5.06 I Believe The Children Are Our Future
"We had some great times together, didn't we? And then you stole something from us, hid it away. That was very, very naughty of you. So we watched, and we waited. And now...they told you where he is, didn't they? I think it's time we go and visit our son."
- Julia Wright!Demon (5.06 I Believe The Children Are Our Future).

This demon possessed Julia Wright and emaculately concieved and gave birth to Jesse Turner, an immensely powerful human/demon hybrid known as a Cambion (or the Antichrist).

The demon possessed Julia sometime in June 1997 and through means unknown; impregnated her with hellspawn. For the duration of the pregnancy the demon committed numerous acts of barbarism, all the while forcing Julia to watch during her lucid periods. This also had the unexpected consequence of Julia discovering the demon's vulnerability to salt. On March 29th 1998 the demon gave birth to the child and screamed in joy and agony, but the intense pain allowed Julia a moments control over her body and despite the demon pounding against her skull, she was able to ingest a bag of salt and force the demon out of her body.

The demon fled, leaving Julia to give the baby up for adoption. Twelve years later the demon learned of its child, Jesse's, location and repossessed Julia. It neutralised Sam and Dean and tried to convince Jesse to embrace his powers and join her. With some coaxing from Sam however, Jesse turned against the demon and commanded it to leave Julia in peace. The demon was last seen in its smoke form, escaping up the chimney of Jesse's house.


  • The demon is the first (and only) known creator of a Cambion in Supernatural canon.
  • It displays impressive telekinetic abilities.
  • It is implied to be a he by the way it addresses Julia during her repossession, and again when it compliments Jesse with having "[his] father's eyes".