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Behind the scenes during the filming of 1.07 Hook Man.

J2 or Jsquared or Padackles is a fandom term used to refer to Jared and Jensen. It can simply be used as a shorthand term for the actors, or specifically in real person slash to indicate the pairing Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki. J2 is often referred to as the "juggernaut" ship or pairing within the Supernatural fandom, meaning that overall, it seems to be the most popular pairing or ship in the entire Supernatural fandom, surpassing all other ships and couples in popularity.

Can be used in combination with other actors eg J2M refers to Jared, Jensen and Misha, J2M2 refers to Jared, Jensen, Misha and Mark Sheppard.

More information: Real Person Slash

The term was used by Misha in the episode 6.15 The French Mistake.

It also is used by Tin Hats who believe Jensen and Jared are in a relationship and their wives and children are a cover for their big gay love.

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