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8-11josie sands.jpg
Name Josie Sands
Actor Alaina Huffman
Dates  ???? – 2014 (killed by Abaddon)
Occupation Men of Letters
Episode(s) 8.12 As Time Goes By
8.22 Clip Show
9.02 Devil May Care
9.17 Mother's Little Helper

I could be more useful to you. People underestimate a woman.

– Josie Sands, 9.17 Mother's Little Helper


Josie Sands is a young woman in training to become initiated to the Men of Letters. After taping Father Max Thompson's efforts to cure a demon, Josie became known to Abaddon who she encounters while investigating possible demonic possession at a convent in Milton, Illinois. Josie volunteers to be possessed to spare Henry Winchester and Abaddon uses her to find out more about the Men of Letters. Using Josie, Abaddon destroys the Men of Letters and travels to 2013 where she is trapped in Josie's body, cut up and buried. After being put back together and escaping, Abaddon is forced to flee Josie after being incinerated in holy fire by Sam. However, she simply gets a demon to restore Josie's body for her to possess once again as she launches a crusade to take over Hell. Abaddon continues to possess Josie until she gets killed by Dean Winchester in 2014.


Josie filming Father Max Thompson and Father Simon about to "cure" a demon.

8.12 As Time Goes By

Abaddon, using Josie as a meatsuit, slaughters the Men of Letters in the Illinois chapter. Henry Winchester manages to open a portal to 2013, but Abaddon manages to follow him. Upon arrival, Henry tries to reach out to Josie to convince her to fight back, but Abaddon says that Josie is "indisposed." Josie's meatsuit is eventually dismembered with Abaddon still inside of her, tied to her body after Henry shoots her head with a devil's trap bullet. Dean says that he and Sam are planning to dismember her and bury each piece under cement, making Abaddon wish she was dead.

8.22 Clip Show

Sam and Dean discover a film made by Josie in the bunker's' archives of a new type of exorcism performed by two priests, Father Max Thompson and Father Simon aimed at curing a demon and making it human again. Their first attempt fails and the demon escapes while the old woman it was possessing dies horribly.

After finding out how to cure a demon, Sam and Dean put Abaddon, still possessing Josie, back together but leave off her hands. Abaddon reveals that she killed Father Thompson herself because it had become known that he was developing a way to cure a demon. She killed him and found out about Josie from him, then found her and used her to infiltrate and purge the Men of Letters. When Sam and Dean leave the room after getting a call from Crowley, she manages use her powers to move her dismembered hand and remove the devil's trap bullet from the roof of her mouth and escape.

8.23 Sacrifice

Abaddon arrives at the church in Josie's reconstructed meatsuit to kill Sam and Crowley. She flings Sam out the window and starts pounding on Crowley to talk about a regime change. However, Sam manages to soak her with holy oil and light her on fire, forcing Abaddon to dispossess Josie's body.

9.02 Devil May Care

Abaddon has a demon perform a ritual that restores Josie's badly burned corpse, allowing her to take Josie as her meatsuit once again. However, it is unclear whether Josie was resurrected as well or if just her body was healed of its burns.

Josie and Henry Winchester.

9.17 Mother's Little Helper

In 1958, Josie and Henry Winchester are sent on a field mission before their initiation to investigate possible demonic possession at a convent in Milton, Illinois. Josie poses as a nun and is disgruntled due to not liking nuns because of her previous Catholic School education. She comforts Henry about his doubts about being a member of the Men of Letters. While investigating the dead nun's room, Josie recognizes a symbol on the wall as meaning the Knights of Hell and asks Henry what it is. Later, tracking the four demons responsible, Josie and Henry burst in on them as they prepare their next victims and perform an exorcism. While two of the demons are exorcised, one proves to be immune and knocks out Henry. The demon reveals herself to be Abaddon, the demon responsible for stealing souls. When Abaddon goes to possess Henry to learn about and infiltrate the Men of Letters, Josie volunteers herself instead to spare his life. Abaddon recognizes that it's because Josie is in love with Henry who Abaddon tells her only loves her as a sister. Abaddon accepts Josie's offer and possesses her. Abaddon pretends to still be Josie, telling Henry they defeated the demons while in reality she has ordered the remaining demon to play dead and continue their work. Henry leaves with Abaddon, unaware of the fact that she is not Josie.

In the present, Sam learns of what occurred with Henry and Josie from Julia Wilkinson who witnessed it all and knew Henry and Josie's true identities as members of the Men of Letters. He heads over to St. Bonaventure to kill Sister Agnes and her demon minion, freeing the souls they had stolen recently.

9.21 King of the Damned

Dean is able to kill Abaddon with the First Blade, which burns out Josie's body in the process. Even after Abaddon is dead, Dean, driven by bloodlust caused by the Mark of Cain, continuously stabs Josie's meatsuit with the blade until Sam yells at him to stop.