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Screencap of Dean and John from 1.16 Shadow
Screencap of Dean and Demon!John from 1.22 Devil's Trap

John/Dean slash fanfiction pairs the characters John Winchester and Dean Winchester's relationship.

You might also be interested in John/Sam.

Brief overview

John/Dean stories had been written prior to the airing of Devil's Trap but the pairing became more popular after, probably due to the chemistry between Dean and the possessed John.

Writers tend to focus on Dean's devotion and obedience to his father, combined with John's inability to express his emotions.

The John/Dean pairing is a lot less common than Sam/Dean, for several possible reasons.

  • There simply isn't as much canon. While the boys' relationship with John is an important theme of the show, he's made relatively few appearances.
  • The perceived power imbalance is difficult for some people to get past. For others, of course, it's a positive advantage.
  • John Winchester isn't necessarily the most popular character in Supernatural.

Dean has a lot of respect for his father and rarely ever questions his motives. As compared to his brother who feels that John has taken away their childhood innnocence. In some episodes, Dean seems to share the same view but when all is said and done, he beleives that John does what he feels is best for them.


See fic headers for warnings and ratings.


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Power dynamics in the John/Dean relationship by angstslashhope