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Name Jofiel
Actor Graeme Duffy
Dates Before humanity – 2016 (killed by Lucifer)
Location Heaven
Occupation Angel
Episode(s) 11.18 Hell's Angel


Jofiel was an angel of Heaven, whose job it was to check on the personal Heavens of the souls.


11.18 Hell's Angel

As Jofiel is doing is rounds, checking that everyone is in their own Heaven. Lucifer appears before him. Panicked, Jofiel looks around for any other angels, but Lucifer attempts to calm him by telling him he comes in peace and wants to lend a hand to the fight. Not believing him, Jofiel turns away and screams for his brothers, prompting Lucifer to snap his fingers in disintegrate Jofiel into black smoke.


Jofiel in Lore

Jophiel is one of the many names for the archangel of wisdom, understanding and judgment.