Joe and Ryan Silver

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Name Joe and Ryan Silver
Actor Travis Turner (Joe)
Griffin Parsons (Ryan)
Dates  ???? - 2011 (killed by demons)
Location Merlin, Oregon
Occupation Jefferson Starships
Episode(s) 6.19 Mommy Dearest


Joe and Ryan are the sons of Dr. Silver of Grant's Pass, Oregon. They are captured by Eve's monsters after their father treats Ed Bright, who Eve turned into a hybrid monster.


6.19 Mommy Dearest

After Dean rescues Castiel, Bobby and Sam from monsters disguised as police officers, he and Sam find the two boys being held in a prison cell. The older boy, Joe, says that Ryan hasn't spoken since they were taken, and that the monsters said they would were "food." Sam and Dean test them to make sure they are human, and then drive them to an uncle in Merlin, Oregon, about 15 miles away. Unfortunately, they failed to detect that Eve had transformed Ryan into a monster, and, after Sam and Dean leave, young Ryan attacks and converts Joe. They then kill their uncle.

Sam, Dean, Castiel, and Bobby track Eve to a diner, but she captures them. She reveals she has been trying to create better monsters—what Dean calls the Jefferson Starships, which he points out have been self-destructing. But Eve says she has created the perfect monster, one that will be undetected, and Sam and Dean have just helped release it into the world in the form of young Ryan Silver. After this revelation, she asks Sam and Dean to help her find Crowley, who has been capturing and killing her monsters. If they do, she won't use Joe and Ryan Silver to turn everyone in the world into hybrid monsters. They refuse, and when she threatens to turn them, Dean taunts her into biting him. Eve staggers back—Dean has phoenix ash in his blood—and Eve then dies.

After killing Eve, they return to the home of Joe and Ryan Silver's uncle, where they find everyone dead. There is evidence that demons killed Joe and Ryan, and the reasons for demons killing them is unknown to all except Castiel.