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Name Joba
Actor Adam Lolacher
Dates  ???? – 2013 (killed by Dean Winchester)
Location Grantsburg, Wisconsin
Occupation Pureblood Werewolf
Episode(s) 9.12 Sharp Teeth


Joba was a pureblood werewolf and brother to Russ, he was also first cousin to Joy Meyers. Like Joy and Russ, he was a member of Reverend Jim Meyers' congregation, as well as an extremist faction of the Maw of Fenris.


9.12 Sharp Teeth

When Dean comes to visit the pack to confirm Garth's claim they are on the up and up, Joba (and Russ) take up a distrustful/antagonistic tone towards Dean, telling him the sooner he realizes things are fine, the sooner he can leave. After Sam finds Bess and Garth's apartment wrecked, he is knocked unconscious by Russ and Joba and taken to the Meyers where Garth and Bess are being held captive by Joy.

After Dean kills Russ, he uses his jacket to hid his scent from Joy and Joba, however once he enters the barn Joba pounces on Dean, jumping from the hayloft and knocking Dean's gun from his hand. A struggle then ensues between the two, where Dean eventually gets the upper hand and stabs Joba in the heart with a silver knife.