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Jerry is the Production Designer on Supernatural.

Jerry Wanek
Jerry and Tula

Jerry Wanek, on the secret of the show's success back in Season OneS1Com:

Because Jared and Jensen have a great chemistry as brothers, what they bring to the table is what makes the show," he says. "After talking to Bob Singer, Eric, and Cyrus, I knew it was going to be a fun show as far as the look. I've done other shows that had great production values but didn't have great casts, and they didn't find an audience and nobody cared what anything looked like because we didn't believe the characters. I think it's a very tough job for these two young guys to pull this off, but they do it every week, and I'm very proud to be a part of that--it's very special.

Jerry Wanek about the mansion in the French Mistake, Supernatural Magazine

We wanted to be a little over the top with the style in that house, because we were playing more with the iconic spoiled actor than we were with any reality of Jared and Genevieve, so we found the biggest, most ostentatious mansion we could and then took it farther by having them have paintings of themselves and things like that. Jared and Genevieve had a really good sense of humor about it.

His name has appeared in a number of Supernatural episodes:

Director of