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Jeremy Carver

Jeremy Carver joined the team in season three as a writer and also worked as a story editor, gaining a co-producer credit in season five.

Carver left Supernatural at the end of season five to write and produce the U.S. version of Being Human with his wife Anna Fricke.

It was announced on April 4, 2012 that Jeremy would return to Supernatural as co-showrunner and executive producer with Bob Singer, as a replacement for Sera Gamble, who was leaving Supernatural to work on developing other projects (Source).

Jeremy does the commentary on 4.03 In the Beginning with Eric Kripke, and also features in the Mythologies Special feature of the Season 4 DVD.

In November 2014, it was announced that Carver would executive produce and write a pilot for NBC based on the 2000 sci-fi thriller Frequency. The movie featured a father and son who contact each other across time to solve a crime. There is no word what the commitment means for Carver's role on Supernatural Supernatural

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