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Jeremy Carver

Jeremy Carver joined Supernatural in season three as a writer and also worked as a story editor, gaining a co-producer credit in season five. Jeremy does the commentary on 4.03 In the Beginning with Eric Kripke, and also features in the Mythologies special feature of the Season 4 DVD.

Carver left Supernatural at the end of season five to write and produce the U.S. version of Being Human with his wife Anna Fricke.

Source It was announced on April 4], 2012 that Jeremy would return to Supernatural as co-showrunner and executive producer with Bob Singer, as a replacement for Sera Gamble, who was leaving Supernatural to work on developing other projects.

In November 2014, it was announced that Carver would executive produce and write a pilot for NBC based on the 2000 sci-fi thriller Frequency. The movie featured a father and son who contact each other across time to solve a crime. There is no word what the commitment means for Carver's role on Supernatural.

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