Jenny Klein (character)

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Name Jenny Klein
Actor Cindy Busby
Dates  ???? - 2013 (killed by Crowley)
Location Prosperity, Indiana
Occupation Personal assistant
Episode(s) 7.05 Shut Up, Dr. Phil
8.22 Clip Show


Jenny is the personal assistant to Don Stark who is a property developer and a witch.


7.05 Shut Up, Dr. Phil

Sam and Dean suspect that Don's wife Maggie Stark is a witch who is killing people connected to her husband. After meeting Jenny, they think she and Don are having an affair and that Maggie will target her.

Jenny has been baking coconut cupcakes for Don, but when she takes a bite out of one she sees a beating heart in the center and starts to cough up blood. She's still coughing when Dean and Sam break down her door and start searching frantically for the magical coin that must be nearby. Sam finds the coin hidden in the kitchen and shoots it with his gun just in time to dissipate the spell and save Jennifer. Afterwards, Jennifer is in shock, and they tell her that she needs to end things with Don and leave town. Jennifer is confused, and Dean and Sam are surprised to learn that she and Don were never involved.

8.22 Clip Show

Jenny is found dead by Sam and Dean in her apartment burned alive in the oven.

Jenny Klein's corpse is found by Sam and Dean.